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List of Street Maps in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia
#Street Name
1Addis Street
2Agnew Close
3Alderdice Place
4Alford Street
5Allsop Close
6Alman Place
7Altham Street
8Andrews Street
9Anzac Drive
10Ardagh Avenue
11Arthur Street
12Aslett Drive
13Atbara Street
14Auckland Way
15Austral Street
16Avon Court
17Azamor Drive
18Baden Street
19Balfour Street
20Bannerman Street
21Bardoc Route
22Barton Street
23Bates Drive
24Bath Street
25Belgravia Place
26Belmont Avenue
27Bennetts Place
28Beresford Street
29Berry Close
30Beston Street
31Black Street
32Blackall Place
33Blue Spec Way
34Boomerang Crescent
35Boorara Road
36Borremei Mews
37Boulder Road
38Boundary Street
39Bourke Street
40Boxhall Route
41Boyle Street
42Bracklemann Drive
43Brennan Street
44Bridges Street
45Brimage Avenue
46Brimage Street
47Brinsden Road
48Britannia Place
49Broad Arrow Road
50Broadwood Street
51Brookman Street
52Brooks Street
53Brown Avenue
54Brownhill Road
55Bull Way
56Buller Street
57Bulong Road
58Burkett Drive
59Burns Street
60Burt Street
61Burton Place
62Butler Street
63Butterfly Street
64Cahill Road
65Campbell Street
66Carew Street
67Carlyle Court
68Carnegie Street
69Carr Court
70Carrington Street
71Carroll Place
72Cassidy Street
73Castle Street
74Cavalier Crescent
75Cemetery Street
76Chaffers Street
77Chamberlain Street
78Chapman Way
79Chapple Street
80Charles Street
81Charlotte Street
82Cheetham Street
83Clancy Street
84Clements Way
85Clive Street
86Close Way
87Coath Road
88Colgan Street
89Collier Place
90Collins Street
91Columbia Street
92Compton Court
93Congdon Street
94Conliffe Place
95Connolly Street
96Coombe Street
97Cotter Street
98Coventry Street
99Cox Street
100Craig Road
101Crowley Garden
102Cruesus Street
103Cummins Loop
104Cunningham Road
105Cutbush Drive
106Darcii Court
107Darcy Lane
108Dart Street
109Dart Street East
110Davidson Street
111Davies Street
112Davis Street
113Dayvhurts Drive
114De Baun Street
115De Bernales Street
116Dellar Street
117Dixon Court
118Doriemus Way
119Dorothea Street
120Downey Way
121Dugan Street
122Dwyer Street
123East Street
124Eccles Place
125Edgar Street
126Egan Street
127Elizabeth Street
128Elliott Place
129Elvey Street
130Emery Close
131Emin Street
132Epis Street
133Erin Court
134Eureka Street
135Evans Street
136Fabric Road
137Fairetha Place
138Fairlie Close
139Federal Road
140Fern Court
141Fimister Lane
142Fimiston Street
143Finnerty Lane
144Flanagan Parade
145Forrest Street
146Frank Street
147French Street
148Galbraith Street
149Gatacre Drive
150Gatacre Street
151Geere Court
152Geoffrey Stokes Parade
153George Street
154Gilberton Street
155Gladstone Street
156Glance Close
157Glen Place
158Gold Court
159Goldfields Highway
160Goongarri Way
161Gordon Street
162Gouge Street
163Graeme Street
164Gravis Street
165Great Eastern Highway
166Greenhill Road
167Gregory Street
168Gwalia Close
169Hainault Road
170Hamilton Street
171Hampden Street
172Hanbury Street
173Hannan Street
174Hardie Street
175Hare Street
176Harley Street
177Harris Place
178Hart Kerspien Drive
179Hartrey Lane
180Harvey Street
181Hastie Court
182Havelock Street
183Hawkins Street
184Hay Street
185Hefron Circuit
186Henderson Drive
187Heston Court
188Hewitt Street
189Hicks Road
190Hinemoa Street
191Hitchcock Street
192Hobart Street
193Hocking Street
194Holding Street
195Holmes Street
196Holroyd Way
197Hopetoun Street
198Hopkins Street
199Horsefield Place
200Hudson Place
201Hughes Street
202Hunter Street
203Hurtle Street
204Hutton Street
205Ivanhoe Street
206Jackson Street
207James Street
208Jarvis Place
209John Street
210Johnston Street
211Johnston Street East
212Jones Place
213Jordan Street
214Joyce Drive
215Jugan Place
216Kanowna Road
217Kapai Place
218Kate Street
219Keegan Street
220Keenan Street
221Kenneally Place
222Keogh Lane
223Keogh Way
224Killarney Street
225Killington Crescent
226Kinclaven Way
227King Street
228Kingsmill Street
229Kingston Court
230Kirwan Court
231Kitchener Road
232Kookynie Close
233Krygger Street
234Kunanalling Avenue
235Kurnalpi Close
236Kybo Street
237Kyle Place
238Lane Street
239Langford Street
240Langley Place
241Launceston Street
242Leake Street
243Leslie Place
244Leviathan Street
245Lewis Street
246Lindsay Street
247Lionel Street
248Littlewood Place
249Longmore Parade
250Lyall Street
251Lyallpi Lyall Street
252Lynch Street
253Macdonald Street
254Mafeking Street
255Mangini Court
256Maritana Street
257Marshall Street
258Martin Street
259Maxwell Street
260Mccleery Street
261Mcgillivray Crescent
262Mckay Street
263Mckenzie Street
264Mclaren Street
265Melba Street
266Meldrum Avenue
267Melrose Street
268Memorial Drive
269Mettam Close
270Mile Street
271Mill Place
272Millen Street
273Miller Way
274Milner Avenue
275Milton Street
276Minchin Mews
277Montgomery Lane
278Moore Place
279Moran Street
280Morgan Loop
281Morley Way
282Morris Street
283Mosconi Crescent
284Moss Street
285Mostyn Street
286Murray Street
287Nambi Way
288Nankiville Road
289Nanson Street
290Nemesis Place
291Nepean Grove
292Nethercott Street
293Niagara Court
294Nicholson Street
295Nickel Lane
296Ninga Road
297North Terrace
298O'byrne Crescent
299O'connor Street
300O'connor Way
301Oberthur Street
302Ochiltree Street
303Oroya Street
304Osmetti Drive
305Oswald Street
306Outram Street
307Outridge Terrace
308Oxford Street
309Paddington Drive
310Palmerston Street
311Park Street
312Parry Way
313Parsons Street
314Patroni Road
315Pauley Court
316Paulin Street
317Pearce Way
318Peek Street
319Peers Street
320Percy Road
321Phoenix Place
322Piccadilly Street
323Piesse Street
324Pirie Street
325Pitt Street
326Plumer Street
327Porter Street
328Powell Street
329Premier Street
330President Street
331Quartermaine Street
332Rabbish Place
333Rainsford Loop
334Ramus Circuit
335Rason Street
336Reed Court
337Revell Place
338Rhodes Street
339Richardson Street
340Rintoul Street
341Riorden Street
342Riverina Way
343Roberts Street
344Robertson Street
345Rodgers Way
346Rosenberg Crescent
347Rourke Cove
348Rule Court
349Russell Street
350Rydal Street
351Sabota Street
352Salisbury Road
353Scotia Court
354Seddon Street
355Senor Street
356Sewell Drive
357Shamrock Street
358Shannon Street
359Shaw Street
360Shea Street
361Sheed Place
362Sheed Street
363Short Street
364Shotover Place
365Siberia Close
366Simpson Street
367Sloss Place
368Speculation Road
369St Albans Road
370St John Grove
371Starlight Place
372Steel Place
373Stockyard Way
374Straw Street
375Strempel Street
376Sutherland Street
377Talmalmo Place
378Tamblyn Street
379Tanner Street
380Taylor Way
381Teahan Street
382The Crescent
383The Knoll
384Thompson Street
385Thorn Place
386Throssell Street
387Thurmott Street
388Tindals Crescent
389Tinkler Street
390Trevaskis Street
391Truscott Court
392Trythall Place
393Tupper Street
394Turich Way
395Turner Street
396Usher Place
397Varden Street
398Victoria Street
399Vivian Street
400Waddell Court
401Walter Street
402Ward Street
403Ware Street
404Warmay Way
405Warner Street
406Wasley Street
407Watts Close
408Waverley Street
409Wearne Lane
410West Kalgoorlie Road
411Western Road
412Whelan Street
413White Street
414Whitlock Street
415Williams Street
416Williamstown Road
417Wills Street
418Wilson Street
419Windarra Way
420Wingate Street
421Wittenoom Street
422Woodley Street
423Woodman Street
424Wordsworth Street
425Wortley Street
426Wright Court
427Wychitella Place
428Wylie Way
429Yarri Road
430Yindi Way
431York Street
432Young Road

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