List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Kananaskis I.D., Alberta
#Street Name
11 Highway
21 Highway
31 Street
41x Highway
52 Street
640 Highway
740 Highway
840 Highway
940 Highway
1040 Highway
1140 Highway
1240 Highway
1340 Highway
1440 Highway
1540 Highway
1640 Highway
17541 Highway
18541 Highway
19541 Highway
20549 Highway
2166 Highway
2266 Highway
2366 Highway
2468 Highway
2568 Highway
2668 Highway
2768 Highway
28742 Highway
29Kananaskis Lakes Trail
30Lake Shore Drive
31Range Road 100a
32Range Road 101a
33Range Road 102a
34Range Road 102a
35Range Road 103a
36Range Road 104a
37Range Road 105a
38Range Road 110a
39Range Road 50a
40Range Road 51a
41Range Road 52a
42Range Road 53a
43Range Road 54a
44Range Road 55
45Range Road 55a
46Range Road 62a
47Range Road 71
48Range Road 71a
49Range Road 72a
50Range Road 73a
51Range Road 74a
52Range Road 75
53Range Road 84a
54Range Road 90a
55Range Road 90b
56Range Road 91a
57Range Road 94a
58Range Road 95a
59Spray Lakes Road
60Township Road 143a
61Township Road 144a
62Township Road 154a
63Township Road 194a
64Township Road 194b
65Township Road 195a
66Township Road 195a
67Township Road 195b
68Township Road 202a
69Township Road 203a
70Township Road 203a
71Township Road 203a
72Township Road 204a
73Township Road 205a
74Township Road 210
75Township Road 210a
76Township Road 210b
77Township Road 214a
78Township Road 220a
79Township Road 223a
80Township Road 225c
81Township Road 232
82Township Road 233a
83Township Road 234a
84Township Road 234a
85Township Road 235a
86Township Road 235a
87Township Road 240a
88Township Road 241a
89Township Road 242
90Township Road 244a
91Transcanada Highway
92Transcanada Highway
93Whiskey Jack Trail

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)