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List of Street Maps in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
#Street Name
11 Street East
21 Street West
310th Street Northeast
410th Street Northwest
510th Street Southwest
611th Street Northwest
711th Street Southwest
812th Street Northeast
912th Street Northwest
1012th Street Southwest
1113th Street Northwest
1213th Street Southwest
1314th Street Northeast
1414th Street Northwest
1515th Street Northwest
1615th Street Southwest
1716th Street Northwest
1816th Street Southwest
1917th Street Northwest
2017th Street Southwest
2118th Street Northwest
2218th Street Southwest
2319th Street Northwest
2419th Street Southwest
251st Street Northwest
261st Street Southwest
2720th Street Northwest
2820th Street Southwest
2921st Street Northwest
30227 Road
31227 Road
32227 Road
33227 Road
34227 Road
35227 Road
36227 Road
37227 Road
38227 Road
39227 Road
40227 Road
4123rd Street Northwest
42240 Highway
43240 Road
44240 Road
45241 Road
46242 Highway
4724th Street
4825 Road West
4925th Street
50260 Highway
5127 Road West
5228 Road West
5329 Road West
542nd Street East
552nd Street Northeast
562nd Street Northwest
572nd Street Southwest
5830 Road West
59305 Road
6031 Road West
6132 Road West
6233 Road West
63331 Road
64331 Road
65331 Road
66331 Road
67331 Road
68331 Road
69331 Road
70338 Road
7134 Road West
7235 Road West
7337 Road West
7438 Road West
7539 Road West
763rd Street Northeast
773rd Street Northwest
783rd Street Southeast
793rd Street Southwest
8040 Road West
8141 Road West
8242 Road West
8343 Road West
84430 Road
85430 Road
8645 Road West
8746 Road West
8847 Road West
894th Avenue
904th Avenue Northeast
914th Avenue Northwest
924th Street Northeast
934th Street Northwest
944th Street Southeast
954th Street Southwest
96526 Road
9755 Road North
9855 Road North
9955 Road North
10055 Road North
10155 Road North
10256 Road North
10356 Road North
10456 Road North
10556 Road North
10656 Road North
10757 Road North
10857 Road North
10957 Road North
11057 Road North
11158 Road North
11258 Road North
11358 Road North
11459 Road North
11559 Road North
11659 Road North
11759 Road North
11859 Road North
1195th Avenue
1205th Avenue Northeast
1215th Avenue Northwest
1225th Street Northeast
1235th Street Northwest
1245th Street Southeast
12560 Road North
12660 Road North
12761 Road North
12861 Road North
12961 Road North
13061 Road North
13161 Road North
13261 Road North
13361 Road North
13461 Road North
13562 Road North
13662 Road North
13762 Road North
13863 Road North
13963 Road North
14063 Road North
14164 Road North
14264 Road North
14364 Road North
14465 Road North
14565 Road North
14665 Road North
14765 Road North
14865 Road North
14967 Road North
15067 Road North
15168 Road North
15268 Road North
15368 Road North
15468 Road North
15568 Road North
15669 Road North
15769 Road North
15869 Road North
15969 Road North
16069 Road North
16169 Road North
1626th Avenue
1636th Avenue Northeast
1646th Avenue Northwest
1656th Street Northeast
1666th Street Northwest
1676th Street Southeast
16870 Road North
16970 Road North
17070 Road North
17170 Road North
17270 Road North
17370 Road North
17470 Road North
17570 Road North
17671 Road North
17771 Road North
17871 Road North
17971 Road North
18071 Road North
18171 Road North
18271 Road North
18371 Road North
18471 Road North
18571 Road North
18672 Road North
18772 Road North
18872 Road North
18972 Road North
19072 Road North
19172 Road North
19272 Road North
19372 Road North
1947th Avenue Northeast
1957th Avenue Northwest
1967th Street Northeast
1977th Street Northwest
1987th Street Southeast
1997th Street Southwest
2008th Avenue Northwest
2018th Street Northeast
2028th Street Northwest
2038th Street Southwest
2049th Avenue Northwest
2059th Street Northeast
2069th Street Northwest
2079th Street Southeast
2089th Street Southwest
209Alexander Avenue
210Alfred Avenue
211Anderson Avenue
212Angle Road
213Armstrong Street
214Aspen Drive
215Assiniboine Avenue
216Assiniboine Drive
217Astbury Bay
218Berkley Avenue
219Bowes Road
220Brandon Avenue
221Bridge Road
222Bridge Road
223Brookside Crescent
224Brown Bay
225Burns Bay
226Caithness Street
227Caledonia Crescent
228Caledonia Street
229Cambridge Street
230Campbell Place
231Campbell Wier Avenue
232Campbell Wier Avenue
233Canoat Drive
234Cedar Bay
235Center Street
236Charlton Avenue
237Chipmunk Avenue West
238Cochrane Street
239Cottonwood Drive
240Cottonwood Drive
241Countess Avenue East
242Cream Street
243Crescent Road East
244Crescent Road West
245Delta Avenue
246Diamond Drive
247Dickens Avenue
248Dufferin Avenue East
249Dufferin Avenue West
250Duke Avenue
251East Road
252Elm Avenue
253Estate Street
254Ferris School Road
255Fifth Street
256First Avenue
257First Avenue South
258First Street
259Fisher Avenue East
260Fisher Avenue West
261Fourth Avenue
262Fourth Avenue
263Fourth Street
264Garrioch Park Drive
265George Hill Drive
266Gigot Avenue
267Gigot Avenue West
268Goodale Drive
269Gowler Avenue
270Grabber Green Road
271Hackberry Avenue
272Hackberry Avenue
273Hazel Bay
274Henderson Drive
275Home Street
276Howie Avenue
277International Drive
278Ireland Crescent
279Island Park
280Kelly K Street
281King Avenue
282La Vérendrye Crescent
283Laverendrye Place
284Lincoln Avenue
285Lorne Avenue East
286Lorne Avenue West
287Macdonald Street
288Main Street
289Manitoba Crescent
290Maplewood Crescent
291Massey Crescent
292Mayfair Farms Road
293Mccain Avenue
294Mcintyre Road
295Mcintyre Road
296Mcintyre Road
297Mcintyre Road
298Mckay Avenue
299Mclenaghen Drive
300Meighen Avenue
301Meighen Avenue East
302Melville Avenue
303Midland Street
304Mile 19 Road West
305Mile 20 Road West
306Mile 21 Road West
307Mile 22 Road West
308Mile 22 Road West
309Mile 23 Road West
310Mile 26 Road West
311Mile 27 Road West
312Mile 60 Road North
313Mile 60 Road North
314Mile 60 Road North
315Mile 62 Road North
316Mile 62 Road North
317Mile 62 Road North
318Mile 62 Road North
319Mile 62 Road North
320Mile 62 Road North
321Mile 62 Road North
322Mile 62 Road North
323Mile 64 Road North
324Mile 64 Road North
325Mile 64 Road North
326Mile 64 Road North
327Mile 64 Road North
328Mile 65 Road North
329Mile 65 Road North
330Mile 65 Road North
331Mile 66 Road North
332Mile 66 Road North
333Mile 66 Road North
334Mile 67 Road North
335Mile 67 Road North
336Mile 68 Road North
337Mile 68 Road North
338Mile 68 Road North
339Mile 69 Road North
340Miles 25 Road West
341Mobile Street
342Mud Road
345Norah Street
346North Ridge School Road
347North School Road
348Oak Bay
349Old Bridge Road
350Overhill Road
351Overhill Road
352Oxford Street
353Parish Lot
354Park Drive
355Pelechaty Crescent
356Peony Bay
357Perry Avenue
358Peters Street
359Phillips Street
360Phoebe Street
361Pine Crescent
362Pine Drive
363Poplar Bay
364Portage Avenue
365Portage Road
366Portage Street
367Pr 240 Hood School Road
368Primier Drive
369Prince Avenue
370Prospect Park Road
371Provincial Trunk 13 Highway
372Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
373Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
374Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
375Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
376Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
377Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
378Provincial Trunk 26 Highway
379Queen Avenue
380Radisson Avenue
381Reil Street
382Richardson Boulevard
383River Road
384Riverside Drive
385Roe Street
386Royal Road North
387Royal Road South
388Saskatchewan Avenue East
389Saskatchewan Avenue West
390Scanlan Avenue Northwest
391Scott Avenue
392Second Avenue
393Second Avenue
394Second Avenue
395Second Street
396Second Street South
397Seneca Street
398Sissons Drive
399Sixth Street
400South Ridge School Road
401Spruce Bay
402Spruce Lane
403St. George Avenue
404Stanley Avenue
405Stephens Avenue
406Stonehedge Drive
407Strathcona Road
408Sunset Drive
409Thackeray Avenue
410Theodore Avenue
411Third Avenue
412Third Avenue
413Third Street
414Trans Canada Highway
415Trans Canada Highway
416Trans Canada Highway
417Trans Canada Highway
418Trans Canada Highway
419Trans Canada Highway
420Trans Canada Highway
421Trans Canada Highway
422Trans Canada Highway
423Trans Canada Highway
424Trans Canada Highway
425Trans Canada Highway
426Trans Canada Highway
427Trans Canada Highway Bypass
428Trans Canada Highway Bypass
429Trans Canada Highway Bypass
430Trenton Avenue
431Tupper Street North
432Tupper Street South
433Victoria Avenue
434Victory Avenue
435Webster Avenue
436Wellington Crescent
437West Street
438Westco Drive
439Wilkinson Crescent
440Willow Street
441Wilson Street
442Yellow Quill Trail
443Yellow Quill Trail
444Yellowhead Highway
445Yellowhead Highway
446Yellowquill Drive
447Yellowquill Trail
448Young Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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