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List of Street Maps in City of Oshawa, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
5Aberdeen Street
6Acadia Drive
7Addison Court
8Addison Street
9Adelaide Avenue East
10Adelaide Avenue East
11Adelaide Avenue West
12Adele Crescent
13Adeline Avenue
14Admiral Road
15Agnes Street
16Albany Street
17Albert Street
18Albion Street
19Alcan Avenue
20Aldergrove Court
21Aldergrove Drive
22Aldershot Drive
23Alexandra Street
24Alma Street
25Amber Avenue
26Amstel Court
27Anderson Avenue
28Andover Court
29Andover Drive
30Annandale Street
31Annapolis Avenue
32Annis Street
33Ansley Court
34Antigua Crescent
35Apollo Street
36Apple Valley Lane
37Appleby Avenue
38Appleby Court
39Applegrove Avenue
40Arbor Court
41Arborwood Drive
42Arden Court
43Arden Drive
44Arena Street
45Arklow Avenue
46Arlington Avenue
47Arnhem Drive
48Arthur Street
49Aruba Court
50Aruba Crescent
51Ascot Avenue
52Ascot Court
53Ash Street
54Ashcroft Court
55Ashgrove Crescent
56Ashley Court
57Aspen Court
58Astra Avenue
59Astra Court
60Athabaska Street
61Athol Street East
62Athol Street West
63Attersley Drive
64Augusta Avenue
65Augusta Court
66Austen Court
67Autumnwood Trail
68Avalon Court
69Avalon Street
70Avenue Of Champions
71Avenue Street
72Avery Court
73Ayr Court
74Aztec Drive
75Bader Avenue
76Badgley Drive
77Bagot Street
78Baker Court
79Bala Drive
80Baldwin Court
81Baldwin Street
82Ballantrae Drive
83Ballard Street
84Balmoral Drive
85Balsam Crescent
86Banff Avenue
87Banting Avenue
88Barbados Street
89Barkley Crescent
90Barnes Crescent
91Barrie Avenue
92Basswood Avenue
93Basswood Court
94Bayla Court
95Baynes Avenue
96Beaconhill Court
97Beatrice Street East
98Beatrice Street West
99Beatty Avenue
100Beaufort Avenue
101Beaufort Court
102Beaupre Avenue
103Beaver Valley Crescent
104Beaverbrook Court
105Bedford Avenue
106Beechwood Street
107Belair Crescent
108Belfast Court
109Belvedere Avenue
110Beneford Road
111Bennett Court
112Bennett Crescent
113Bermuda Avenue
114Bernhard Crescent
115Berwick Crescent
116Bessborough Drive
117Beurling Avenue
118Beverly Street
119Bickle Drive
120Birchcliffe Avenue
121Birchcliffe Court
122Birchview Drive
123Birkdale Court
124Birkdale Street
125Bishop Court
126Blackthorn Street
127Blackwood Boulevard
128Bloor Street East
129Bloor Street West
130Blue Heron Drive
131Bluefinch Court
132Bluejay Crescent
133Blythwood Square
134Bon Echo Drive
135Bond Street East
136Bond Street West
137Bonnie Brae Point
138Bovin Avenue
139Braemor Court
140Brant Court
141Brasswinds Trail
142Brenda Court
143Brentwood Avenue
144Brest Court
145Briar Court
146Briarwood Drive
147Bridgeport Street
148Bridle Road
149Bridle Road South
150Brighton Court
151Bristol Crescent
152Britannia Avenue
153Brock Street East
154Brock Street West
155Brookfield Court
156Brookside Drive
157Browning Street
158Bruce Street
159Brunswick Court
160Brunswick Street
161Buchan Avenue
162Buckingham Avenue
163Buena Vista Avenue
164Burk Street
165Burnley Court
166Burton Road
167Buttonbush Court
168Byng Avenue
169Byron Court
170Cabot Street
171Cadillac Avenue North
172Cadillac Avenue South
173Caledon Court
174Calvert Court
175Cambridge Avenue
176Camelot Court
177Camelot Drive
178Canadore Crescent
179Canonberry Court
180Capilano Court
181Capilano Crescent
182Capreol Court
183Capri Court
184Cardigan Court
185Cardinal Court
186Carling Avenue
187Carlton Court
188Carlyle Court
189Carman Court
190Carnaby Court
191Carnaby Crescent
192Carnation Court
193Carnegie Avenue
194Carolyn Avenue
195Carswell Avenue
196Cartier Avenue
197Cartref Avenue
198Cascade Drive
199Castlebar Crescent
200Castlegrove Avenue
201Catskill Drive
202Cavan Court
203Cavendish Court
204Cayuga Avenue
205Cedar Street
206Cedar Valley Boulevard
207Cedar Valley Court
208Celina Street
209Central Park Boulevard North
210Central Park Boulevard South
211Centre Street North
212Centre Street South
213Century Street
214Chadburn Court
215Chadburn Street
216Chaleur Avenue
217Champlain Avenue
218Chancery Court
219Chandos Court
220Charisma Crescent
221Charles Street
222Charrington Avenue
223Charter Crescent
224Chaucer Avenue
225Chelsea Court
226Cherry Court
227Cherrydown Drive
228Cherryhill Street
229Chesterton Avenue
230Chevrolet Street
231Chilliwack Street
232Chippewa Street
233Christie Avenue
234Christine Crescent
235Churchill Avenue
236Clarence Biesenthal Drive
237Clarke Street
238Claymore Crescent
239Clearbrook Drive
240Clearsky Avenue
241Clearwater Court
242Cleta Court
243Clifton Drive
244Cloverdale Street
245Coates Road West
246Cobblehill Drive
247Colborne Street East
248Colborne Street West
249Coldstream Drive
250Coleridge Street
251College Avenue
252Colonel Sam Drive
253Colonsay Court
254Columbus Road East
255Columbus Road East
256Columbus Road West
257Commencement Crescent
258Commencement Drive
259Compton Crescent
260Conant Street
261Concordia Court
262Conestoga Court
263Conifer Court
264Conlin Road East
265Conlin Road East
266Conlin Road West
267Connaught Street
268Connery Crescent
269Cooper Court
270Copperfield Drive
271Corbetts Road
272Cordick Street
273Cordova Road
274Cornwallis Court
275Corsica Avenue
276Cotswold Court
277Cottingham Crescent
278Courcellette Avenue
279Court Street
280Courville Court
281Coventry Court
282Cranberry Street
283Creighton Avenue
284Crerar Avenue
285Cresthill Court
286Crestwood Drive
287Cricklewood Drive
288Crimson Court
289Crimson Crescent
290Cromwell Avenue
291Crowells Court
292Crowells Street
293Cubert Street
294Cumberland Court
295Cunningham Avenue
296Currie Avenue
297Cypress Avenue
298Dalhousie Crescent
299Daniel Street
300Darcy Street
301Dartmoor Street
302Dawnhill Avenue
303Daytona Court
304Dean Avenue
305Dearborn Avenue
306Deauville Court
307Deer Valley Drive
308Delmark Court
309Delroy Court
310Denise Drive
311Derry Court
312Devon Avenue
313Dianne Drive
314Dickens Drive
315Dieppe Avenue
316Dieppe Court
317Digby Avenue
318Division Street
319Dnipro Boulevard
320Docking Court
321Dogwood Avenue
322Donegal Avenue
323Dorchester Drive
324Douglas Street
325Dover Street
326Down Crescent
327Downing Court
328Downview Crescent
329Dowson Road
330Drake Street
331Drew Street
332Dryden Boulevard
333Dumont Street
334Duncan Avenue
335Dundee Avenue
336Dunkirk Avenue
337Dunrobin Court
338Durham Court
339Durham Street
340Dwight Avenue
341Dyer Court
342Eagle Ridge Drive
343Eastbourne Avenue
344Eastdale Street
345Eastglen Drive
346Eastgrove Avenue
347Easthaven Street
348Eastlawn Street
349Eastmount Street
350Eastwood Avenue North
351Eclipse Place
352Edenwood Court
353Edenwood Drive
354Edgewood Avenue
355Edna Court
356Edward Avenue
357Elderberry Drive
358Eldorado Avenue
359Elena Street
360Elgin Court
361Elgin Street East
362Elgin Street West
363Elite Court
364Elizabeth Street
365Ellesmere Court
366Elliott Street
367Elm Street
368Elmgrove Avenue
369Elmridge Street
370Elmwood Court
371Emerald Avenue
372Emerson Avenue
373Emerson Court
374Emma Street
375Erie Street
376Erindale Crescent
377Erinlea Avenue
378Esterbrook Avenue
379Etna Avenue
380Eton Street
381Eulalie Avenue
382Evangeline Drive
383Everglades Drive
384Everson Court
385Exeter Street
386Fairbanks Street
387Fairglen Avenue
388Fairlawn Court
389Fairlawn Street
390Fairleigh Avenue
391Falconridge Drive
392Farewell Street
393Faywood Crescent
394Featherwood Court
395Fenelon Crescent
396Ferndale Street
397Fernhill Boulevard
398Fernwood Avenue
399Festhubert Street
400Fetchison Drive
401Fieldgate Court
402Fieldgate Drive
403Fife Court
404Finucane Street
405Fisher Street
406Flagstone Court
407Fleetwood Drive
408Fleming Court
409Florell Drive
410Florian Court
411Forest Hill Court
412Forestdale Court
413Founders Drive
414Founders Gate
415Fox Street
416Foxrun Court
417Frances Street
418Frank Street
419Fraser Avenue
420Frederick Street
421French Street
422Frobisher Court
423Frolis Street
424Front Street
425Frontenac Avenue
426Fundy Court
427Fundy Street
428Galahad Drive
429Galway Court
430Garden Court
431Gardenia Court
432Gaspe Avenue
433Gatineau Street
434Gaylord Drive
435Geneva Avenue
436Genoa Avenue
437Gentry Crescent
438George Street
439Georgian Court
440Gibb Street
441Gibbons Street
442Gibbs Street
443Gifford Street
444Given Road
445Gladfern Street
446Gladstone Avenue
447Glamis Court
448Glaspell Crescent
449Glebe Avenue
450Glen Street
451Glenalan Avenue
452Glenbourne Drive
453Glenbourne Street
454Glenbrae Street
455Glenbrook Street
456Glencairn Street
457Glencastle Avenue
458Glendale Avenue
459Glenecho Street
460Glenforest Street
461Glengrove Street
462Glenmanor Drive
463Glenmar Avenue
464Glenridge Court
465Glenrush Street
466Glenview Avenue
467Glenwood Avenue
468Glenwood Court
469Glenwood Crescent
470Gliddon Avenue
471Glovers Road
472Golf Street
473Goodman Drive
474Gordon Street
475Gorevale Crescent
476Gothic Court
477Gothic Drive
478Gower Drive
479Graburn Avenue
480Grand Ridge Avenue
481Grandlea Court
482Grandview Drive
483Grandview Road North
484Grandview Street North
485Grandview Street South
486Grange Court
487Grass Grove Lane
488Grassmere Avenue
489Grassmere Court
490Greenbriar Drive
491Greenhill Avenue
492Greenlane Court
493Greenlane Drive
494Greenleaf Circle
495Greenoch Court
496Greenvalley Trail
497Greenwood Avenue
498Grenfell Street
499Greta Street
500Greystone Court
501Grierson Street
502Griffith Street
503Grooms Avenue
504Grove Avenue
505Guelph Street
506Guy Avenue
507Gyatt Crescent
508Hackett Place
509Hackney Court
510Haig Street
511Hall Street
512Hanmore Court
513Hanmore Street
514Harbour Road
515Harcourt Drive
516Harlow Avenue
517Harlow Court
518Harlstone Crescent
519Harmony Road North
520Harmony Road North
521Harmony Road South
522Harold Street
523Harris Avenue
524Harris Court
525Hartgrove Lane
526Harwood Drive
527Hastings Avenue
528Hawthorne Court
529Hayes Avenue
530Healy Court
531Heartland Boulevard
532Heather Court
533Hemlock Avenue
534Henry Street
535Herbert Avenue
536Hibbert Avenue
537Highbrooke Court
538Highgate Avenue
539Highland Avenue
540Highway 401
541Highway 401
542Hill Street
543Hillcrest Drive
544Hillcroft Street
545Hillsdale Avenue
546Hillside Avenue
547Hinterland Drive
548Hogarth Street
549Holcan Avenue
550Holland Street
551Holly Court
552Homestead Court
553Homestead Drive
554Hortop Court
555Hortop Street
556Hoskin Avenue
557Hospital Court
558Howard Street
559Howden Road East
560Howden Road East
561Howden Road West
562Humber Avenue
563Humewood Avenue
564Huntingwood Drive
565Hurd Street
566Huron Street
567Idylwood Court
568Interlake Drive
569Inverness Drive
570Iris Court
571Iroquois Avenue
572Ivy Court
573Jackson Avenue
574James Street
575Jane Avenue
576Jarvis Street
577Jasmine Crescent
578Jasper Avenue
579John Street East
580John Street West
581Johnson Avenue
582Jones Avenue
583Juliana Drive
584Juniper Court
585Juniper Street
586Kaiser Crescent
587Karen Court
588Kawartha Avenue
589Keates Avenue
590Kedron Street
591Keewatin Street North
592Keewatin Street South
593Kelly Avenue
594Kendal Avenue
595Kenneth Avenue
596Kenora Avenue
597Kensington Crescent
598Kettering Drive
599Kilkenny Court
600Killarney Court
601Killdeer Street
602Killington Street
603Kilmaurs Avenue
604Kilmaurs Court
605King Street East
606King Street West
607Kingsdale Avenue
608Kingsdale Drive
609Kingsfield Loop
610Kingsley Court
611Kingsmere Avenue
612Kingsway College Drive
613Kinmount Crescent
614Kitchen Court
615Kitchener Avenue
616Kluane Avenue
617Knights Road
618Labrador Drive
619Laguna Street
620Lakefield Court
621Lakefield Street
622Lakemount Street
623Lakeside Street
624Lakeview Avenue
625Lakeview Park Avenue
626Lambeth Court
627Lanark Drive
628Lancelot Crescent
629Langford Street
630Langley Circle
631Langley Gate
632Lansdowne Drive
633Laracor Lane
634Largo Crescent
635Larry Avenue
636Lasalle Avenue
637Lasalle Court
638Lauder Road
639Laurel Court
640Laurentian Avenue
641Laval Drive
642Laval Street
643Lavender Court
644Lavis Court
645Lavis Street
646Law Street
647Lawlor Avenue
648Le Sabre Street
649Leacock Court
650Leeds Court
651Leland Road
652Lemans Avenue
653Leslie Street
654Lexington Street
655Lichen Court
656Lichen Crescent
657Lilac Court
658Limerick Street
659Linden Court
660Linden Street
661Lindsay Boulevard
662Linstead Street
663Lisbon Court
664Lisgar Avenue
665Liveoak Street
666Livesey Court
667Livesey Drive
668Llewellyn Avenue
669Lloyd Street
670Lobelia Court
671Lochness Crescent
672Logan Court
673Loganberry Street
674Lombardy Avenue
675Lomond Street
676Londonderry Street
677Lorindale Drive
678Loring Street
679Lorraine Street
680Lowell Avenue
681Ludlow Court
682Luke Street
683Lviv Boulevard
684Lyncroft Crescent
685Macaulay Street
686Mackenzie Avenue
687Maclaren Street
688Madawaska Avenue
689Maddock Court
690Maddock Drive
691Madison Avenue
692Magnolia Avenue
693Mahina Street
694Maine Street
695Malaga Road
696Malan Avenue
697Malibu Street
698Manitou Court
699Manitou Drive
700Manor Drive
701Maple Street
702Maplewood Drive
703Maracle Road
704Margaret Street
705Margate Drive
706Marica Avenue
707Marigold Avenue
708Marion Avenue
709Marken Court
710Marland Avenue
711Marquette Avenue
712Martindale Street
713Marwood Drive
714Mary Street North
715Mary Street South
716Masson Street
717Matterhorn Street
718Mayberry Street
719Mayfair Avenue
720Mccabe Court
721Mcclure Court
722Mccue Drive
723Mcgill Court
724Mcgrigor Street
725Mckim Street
726Mclaughlin Boulevard
727Mcmillan Drive
728Mcnaughton Avenue
729Mctavish Avenue
730Meadow Street
731Meadowhill Court
732Meadowvale Street
733Meath Drive
734Medina Court
735Melrose Street
736Merivale Court
737Merivale Street
738Merlin Court
739Merritt Street
740Metcalfe Street
741Miami Court
742Micawber Street
743Middlebury Avenue
744Midland Avenue
745Midtown Drive
746Mill Street
747Miller Avenue
748Milton Street
749Minden Street
750Minsky Gate
751Minsky Place
752Minto Street
753Mitchell Avenue
754Mohawk Street
755Monaghan Avenue
756Monash Avenue
757Monck Street
758Monique Street
759Montcalm Avenue
760Monteith Avenue
761Montgomery Street
762Montrave Avenue
763Mount Allan Avenue
764Mount Hood Court
765Mountjoy Court
766Mountview Court
767Mountview Drive
768Muirfield Street
769Muriel Avenue
770Muskoka Avenue
771Myers Street
772Nairn Court
773Naples Street
774Nassau Street
775Nelson Street
776Neptune Court
777Nevada Court
778Nevis Avenue
779Newbury Avenue
780Newgate Avenue
781Niagara Drive
782Nina Court
783Nipigon Street
784Noel Court
789Nonquon Road
790Norland Circle
791Norland Gate
792Norman Court
793Norman Crescent
794Normandy Street
795Northbrook Street
796Northcliffe Avenue
797Northdale Avenue
798Northern Dancer Drive
799Northfield Avenue
800Northgate Crescent
801Northlawn Avenue
802Northminster Court
803Northmount Street
804Northridge Court
805Northridge Street
806Northview Court
807Norwill Crescent
808Norwood Court
809Nottingham Crescent
810Nova Street
811O'hara Court
812Oakdale Drive
813Oakes Avenue
814Oakhill Avenue
815Oakridge Trail
816Oakwood Avenue
817Oberland Drive
818Old Brampton Court
819Old Harmony Court
820Old Pye Court
821Old Simcoe Street
822Oldman Road
823Olive Avenue
824Oneida Court
825Ontario Street
826Orange Crescent
827Orchard View Boulevard
828Orchid Court
829Oriole Court
830Oriole Street
831Orlando Court
832Ormond Drive
833Ortono Avenue
834Oshawa Boulevard North
835Oshawa Boulevard South
836Outlet Drive
837Overbank Drive
838Oxbow Crescent
839Oxford Street
840Pacific Avenue
841Paddington Crescent
842Palace Street
843Palm Court
844Palmetto Drive
845Palmtree Crescent
846Park Ridge Drive
847Park Road North
848Park Road South
849Parklane Avenue
850Parkwood Court
851Pascoe Court
852Patricia Avenue
853Patton Street
854Paul Street
855Pearson Street
856Peggoty Circle
857Pennel Drive
858Pentland Street
859Percival Court
860Perry Crescent
861Phillip Murray Avenue
862Phillips Street
863Pilgram Gate
864Pilgram Square
865Pilgrim Lane
866Pindar Crescent
867Pine Avenue
868Pinecrest Road
869Pinehurst Avenue
870Pinetree Court
871Pinewood Street
872Pompano Court
873Pondtail Court
874Pondview Court
875Pontiac Avenue
876Pontiac Court
877Poplar Court
878Poplar Street
879Porter Street
880Preston Drive
881Prestwick Court
882Prestwick Drive
883Prince Street
884Punshon Avenue
885Quail Run Drive
886Quebec Street
887Queen Street
888Queensdale Avenue
889Quetico Avenue
890Quetico Court
891Radcliffe Drive
892Radisson Avenue
893Raglan Road East
894Raglan Road West
895Raike Drive
896Raleigh Avenue
899Rathburn Street
900Ravencliffe Court
901Ravine Road
902Ray Street
903Red Deer Avenue
904Regent Drive
905Regional 2a
906Rembrandt Court
907Renaissance Drive
908Renfrew Court
909Richmond Street East
910Richmond Street West
911Rideau Street
912Ridge Top Court
913Ridge Valley Drive
914Ridgecrest Avenue
915Ridgemount Boulevard
916Ridgeway Avenue
917Rimosa Court
918Ripley Crescent
919Ritson Road North
920Ritson Road North
921Ritson Road South
922Riverside Drive North
923Riverside Drive South
924Robert Street
925Robson Street
926Rockaway Street
927Rockcliffe Street
928Rockcreek Drive
929Rodney Court
930Rogers Street
931Rolson Street
932Rondeau Court
933Ronlea Avenue
934Rorison Street
935Rosedale Avenue
936Roseheath Street
937Rosehill Boulevard
938Roselawn Avenue
939Rosmere Street
940Ross Avenue
941Rossland Road East
942Rossland Road West
943Rossmount Avenue
944Roundelay Court
945Roundelay Drive
946Rowe Street
947Rowena Street
948Roxborough Avenue
949Royal Orchard Drive
950Royal Street
951Russett Avenue
952Ryerson Crescent
953Safari Drive
954Sagebrush Street
955Saguenay Avenue
956Salerno Street
957Salisbury Street
958Salmers Drive
959Samac Court
960Samac Trail
961Sandalwood Court
962Sandcliff Drive
963Sandra Street East
964Sandra Street West
965Sarasota Crescent
966Sarasota Street
967Sarcee Street
968Saturna Avenue
969Sauble Street
970Schooling Drive
971Scottscraig Drive
972Scugog Avenue
973Secretariat Avenue
974Secretariat Place
975Sedan Crescent
976Selleck Lane
977Seneca Avenue
978Severn Street
979Seville Street
980Shakespeare Avenue
981Shamrock Court
982Shankel Road
983Sharbot Street
984Sharon Avenue
985Sheffield Court
986Shelley Avenue
987Sherbrook Court
988Sheridan Street
989Sherwood Avenue
990Sherwood Court
991Shetland Court
992Siena Court
993Silver Fox Court
994Simcoe Street North
995Simcoe Street North
996Simcoe Street South
997Sinclair Avenue
998Skae Drive
999Skylark Avenue
1000Skyview Street
1001Snow Ridge Court
1002Snowberry Court
1003Snowberry Street
1004Snowbird Street
1005Solar Gate
1006Solar Place
1007Somerville Avenue
1008Somerville Street
1009Songbird Drive
1010Sorrento Avenue
1011Southdale Avenue
1012Southdown Drive
1013Southdown Street
1014Southgate Drive
1015Southlawn Avenue
1016Southport Drive
1017Southridge Street
1018Southwood Street
1019Spencely Court
1020Spencley Drive
1021Spirea Court
1022Springbank Drive
1023Springdale Crescent
1024Springwater Crescent
1025Sproule Crescent
1026Squaw Valley Court
1027St Andrews Court
1028St Anne Court
1029St Eloi Avenue
1030St Lawrence Street
1031St Patrick Street
1032Stacey Avenue
1033Steepleview Court
1034Steerforth Street
1035Sterling Avenue
1036Stevenson Road North
1037Stevenson Road North
1038Stevenson Road South
1039Stire Street
1040Stone Cottage Crescent
1041Stone Street
1042Stonegate Avenue
1043Storie Avenue
1044Stornoway Street
1045Strawberry Court
1046Summer Street
1047Summerwoods Heights
1048Summitview Crescent
1049Sundance Circle
1050Sunningdale Avenue
1051Sunnybrae Crescent
1052Sunset Drive
1053Sunvalley Court
1054Sunview Lane
1055Surrey Drive
1056Susan Court
1057Sussex Street
1058Sutherland Avenue
1059Sutton Avenue
1060Sutton Court
1061Swiss Heights
1062Switzer Drive
1063Sycamore Crescent
1064Sylvia Street
1065Taggart Crescent
1066Talara Street
1067Talbot Court
1068Tall Pine Avenue
1069Talon Court
1070Tamarack Court
1071Tampa Crescent
1072Tarn Court
1073Tatra Drive
1074Taunton Road East
1075Taunton Road East
1076Taunton Road West
1077Taylor Avenue
1078Taylorwood Court
1079Taylorwood Road
1080Tecumseh Avenue
1081Tennyson Avenue
1082Tennyson Court
1083Terrace Drive
1084Terwillegar Avenue
1085Thimbleberry Circle
1086Thomas Street
1087Thorncliffe Street
1088Thornton Road North
1089Thornton Road North
1090Thornton Road South
1091Tiffany Circle
1092Tilbury Street
1093Timberland Crescent
1094Tipperary Street
1095Tobago Court
1096Toronto Avenue
1097Torrington Court
1098Townline Road North
1099Townline Road South
1100Traddles Avenue
1101Trafalgar Avenue
1102Trail Valley Drive
1103Trailridge Crescent
1104Tralee Court
1105Travail Avenue
1106Tremblay Street
1107Trent Court
1108Trent Street
1109Tresane Street
1110Trick Avenue
1111Trillium Court
1112Trinidad Court
1113Trowbridge Court
1114Trowbridge Drive
1115Tulip Court
1116Turf Court
1117Tweedsmuir Street
1118Tylor Crescent
1119Valdez Court
1120Valencia Road
1121Valewood Court
1122Valley Court
1123Valley Drive
1124Vancouver Court
1125Vancouver Crescent
1126Vancouver Street
1127Vega Street
1128Venus Crescent
1129Verbena Court
1130Verdun Road
1131Veterans Road
1132Victoria Street
1133Viewmount Street
1134Villa Court
1135Vimy Avenue
1136Viola Street
1137Violet Court
1138Violet Hall Road
1139Wadebridge Crescent
1140Wagar Court
1141Wakefield Crescent
1142Wallig Avenue
1143Walmer Road
1144Walnut Court
1145Walreg Drive
1146Warren Avenue
1147Wasaga Court
1148Waterloo Court
1149Waterloo Street
1150Waverly Street North
1151Waverly Street South
1152Wayne Avenue
1153Wayne Court
1154Wecker Drive
1155Welland Avenue
1156Wellington Avenue East
1157Wellington Avenue West
1158Wentworth Street East
1159Wentworth Street East
1160Wentworth Street West
1161Wentworth Street West
1162Wesley Drive
1163Westdale Court
1164Westdale Street
1165Westminster Avenue
1166Westmoreland Avenue
1167Westmount Street
1168Westridge Court
1169Westridge Drive
1170Westview Drive
1171Whistler Drive
1172Whitehall Court
1173Whitelaw Avenue
1174Whitestone Court
1175Whitestone Drive
1176Whiting Avenue
1177Whitman Crescent
1178Wickham Court
1179Wickham Street
1180Wicklow Court
1181Wilbert Bresett Road
1182Wildflower Court
1183Wilkinson Avenue
1184William Booth Crescent
1185William Street East
1186William Street West
1187William Tell Drive
1188Willowbank Court
1189Willowdale Avenue
1190Wilson Road North
1191Wilson Road North
1192Wilson Road South
1193Winchester Road East
1194Winchester Road West
1195Windermere Avenue
1196Windermere Court
1197Windrush Drive
1198Windsor Street
1199Winifred Avenue
1200Winlord Place
1201Winona Avenue
1202Winter Avenue
1203Wolfberry Court
1204Wolfe Street
1205Wood Street
1206Woodbine Avenue
1207Woodbine Place
1208Woodcrest Avenue
1209Woodgate Court
1210Woodgate Trail
1211Woodlane Court
1212Woodlea Avenue
1213Woodlea Crescent
1214Woodmount Crescent
1215Woodmount Drive
1216Wychwood Street
1217Wyldewood Drive
1218Yardley Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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