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List of Street Maps in Town of Grimsby, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Street
211th Street
312th Street
414th Street
530 Road
63rd Street
74th Street
85th Street
96th Street
107th Street
119th Street
12Adelaide Street
13Admiral Circle
14Allen Road
15Almond Gardens
16Alway Road
17Anderson Drive
18Anne Court
19Applewood Crescent
20Arrowhead Lane
21Aspen Drive
22Auditorium Avenue
23Baker Road North
24Baker Road South
25Bal Harbour Drive
26Balmoral Avenue
27Banburry Crescent
28Bartlett Avenue
29Baseline Road
30Bayview Drive
31Bedford Drive
32Beech Street
33Bell Avenue
34Belmont Avenue
35Bendamere Drive
36Bernice Court
37Betts Avenue
38Beverly Street
39Birchpark Drive
40Blossom Lane
41Blue Forest Drive
42Book Road
43Boulton Avenue
44Bowslaugh Road
45Braden Avenue
46Brentwood Road
47Brierwood Avenue
48Brookside Avenue
49Burgess Drive
50Burnham Court
51Cabernet Drive
52Carnegie Lane
53Casablanca Boulevard
54Cedar Glen
55Cedar Street
56Cemetery Road
57Centennial Drive
58Central Avenue
59Centre Street
60Chardonnay Place
61Cherry Avenue
62Cherryhill Drive
63Cherrywood Avenue
64Cheval Drive
65Christie Street
66Church Road
67Cindy Court
68Clarke Street
69Clifford Road
70Cline Mountain Road
71Cline Road
72Colonial Crescent
73Concord Place
74Conrad Place
75Cottage Avenue
76Craig Boulevard
77Debora Drive
78Deer Park Court
79Diana Avenue
80Donland Avenue
81Doran Avenue
82Dorchester Drive
83Douglas Avenue
84Driftwood Court
85East Street
86Edgehill Road
87Elderberry Avenue
88Eldrid Court
89Elgin Street
90Elizabeth Street
91Elm Street
92Elm Tree Road East
93Elm Tree Road West
94Elmer Street
95Elmtree Road
96Elmtree Road East
97Emily Street
98Evergreens Drive
99Fair Avenue
100Fairbrother Road
101Fairview Road
102Farrell Drive
103Fathy Circle
104Ferguson Avenue
105Forest Hill Road
106Forest Road
107Gage Street
108Garden Drive
109Geddes Street
110George Street
111Gibson Street
112Glengrove Avenue
113Glenwood Avenue
114Golf Woods Drive
115Governors Road
116Grand Avenue
117Griffith Drive
118Hawthorne Drive
119Hazelwood Avenue
120Heathcote Court
121Hedgelawn Drive
122Hewitt Drive
123Hickory Crescent
124Highland Drive
125Highway 8
126Hillview Drive
127Hunter Road
128Hysert Road
129Industrial Drive
130Inglehart Road
131Inglewood Court
132Iroquois Trail
133Ivan Avenue
134Jacobs Landing
135James Street
136Jeanette Avenue
137John Street
138Joseph Street
139Juliana Road
140Karen Crescent
141Katherine Street
142Kelson Avenue
143Kelson Avenue North
144Kelson Avenue South
145Kemp Road East
146Kemp Road East
147Kemp Road West
148Kemp Road West
149Kennedy Road
150Kenyon Crescent
151Kerman Avenue
152Kidd Avenue
153King Street
154Kingsway Boulevard
155Kingsway Crescent
156Kitto Boulevard
157Lake Street
158Lakeside Drive
159Lakeview Avenue
160Lawrence Avenue
161Leawood Drive
162Leitch Drive
163Lillian Court
164Lincoln Avenue
165Linda Street
166Linden Lane
167Livingston Avenue
168Lorne Avenue
169Lynnwood Avenue
170Magnolia Crescent
171Main Street East
172Main Street East
173Main Street West
174Main Street West
175Manor Crescent
176Maple Access
177Maple Avenue
178Margaret Avenue
179Marilyn Street
180Marlow Avenue
181Marr Avenue
182Marsdale Avenue
183Mcnab Drive
184Melrose Avenue
185Merritt Crescent
186Metcalf Avenue
187Misty Court
188Morrison Crescent
189Mountain Road
190Mountain Street
191Mountview Avenue
192Mud Street
193Murray Street
194Muscat Drive
195Nassau Drive
196Nelles Boulevard
197Nelles Road North
198Nelles Road South
199Niagara Street
200Nomad Court
204North Court
205North Service Road
206North Service Road West
207Oak Street
208Oakes Access Road
209Oakes Road North
210Oakes Road South
211Old Orchard Avenue
212Olive Street
213Ontario Street
214Orchard Parkway
215Oriole Crescent
216Palmer Road
217Park Road North
218Park Road South
219Parkwood Road
220Patton Street
221Peach Tree Lane
222Peachwood Place
223Pembroke Circle
224Phelps Avenue
225Pinewood Avenue
226Pleasant Grove Terrace
227Plum Tree Lane
228Princess Boulevard
229Private Road
230Quarry Road
231Queen Elizabeth Way
232Queen Elizabeth Way
233Queen Elizabeth Way
234Queens Court
237Red Haven Drive
238Redwood Drive
239Rembrant Drive
240Ridge Road East
241Ridge Road West
242Ridge Road West
243Riesling Street
244Roberts Road
245Robinson Street North
246Robinson Street South
247Rock Chapel Road
248Rodney Avenue
249Rosedale Street
250Rosemount Court
251Rosslyn Avenue
252Rossmore Avenue
253Russ Road
254Sacks Avenue
255Samuel Road
256Sandra Crescent
257Sawmill Road
258Shoreline Crescent
259Sidare Court
260Slessor Boulevard
261Sobie Road East
262Sophie Court
263South Service Road
264South Service Road
265South Service Road West
266St Andrews Avenue
267Stanley Avenue
268Steven Drive
269Stewart Street
270Stone Gate Drive
271Strathearn Avenue
272Sumac Court
273Sumner Crescent
274Sunnylea Crescent
275Sunrise Crescent
276Tamarack Court
277Tami Crescent
278Teeter Place
279Temple Lane
280Terrace Drive
281Tomahawk Drive
282Tops Drive
283Trevor Place
284Tuer Avenue
285Tunbridge Crescent
286Tupper Boulevard
287Udell Way
288Vidal Court
289Viking Court
290Viking Drive
291Vinafera Drive
292Vine Road
293Vinewood Avenue
294Vintners Lane
295Walker Court
296Walker Road
297Walnut Street
298Watson Street
299Wentworth Drive
300Wesley Avenue
301Whittaker Avenue
302William Street
303Willow Lane
304Windward Drive
305Winston Road
306Woodcrest Drive
307Woodeden Road
308Woodlawn Court
309Woodlawn Drive
310Woodsview Avenue
311Woodsview Place
312Woolverton Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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