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List of Street Maps in Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario
#Street Name
116th Avenue
216th Avenue
319th Avenue
419th Avenue
5Abbey Street
6Abilene Court
7Abitibi Street
8Acorn Road
9Addison Street
10Aida Place
11Aikenhead Avenue
12Aladdin Crescent
13Alamo Heights Drive
14Albright Crescent
15Alessia Court
16Alexandra Wood
17Alhart Street
18Allen Court
19Allgood Street
20Alma Court
21Almejo Avenue
22Aloe Avenue
23Alpaca Avenue
24Alpaca Drive
25Alper Street
26Alpine Crescent
27Alsace Road
28Altamira Road
29Alverna Road
30Alyssum Court
31Amanda Court
32Amaranth Court
33Amaryllis Avenue
34Amethyst Drive
35Amstel Drive
36Amulet Crescent
37Angelica Avenue
38Anglesey Court
39Anglin Drive
40Angora Street
41Annette Gate
42Antique Drive
43Anvil Court
44Anzac Road
45Apollo Drive
46Aranka Court
47Arden Valley Street
48Ardmore Crescent
49Ardwold Gate
50Aristotle Drive
51Armanches Drive
52Arnold Crescent
53Arten Avenue
54Ashdown Crescent
55Ashfield Drive
56Ashlar Road
57Aspenview Drive
58Atha Avenue
59Atkinson Street
60Atlas Court
61Aubergine Street
62Aubrey Avenue
63Augustine Avenue
64Auraglen Street
65Autumn Grove
66Ava Crescent
67Avenue Road
68Avery Court
69Avonlea Place
70Axminster Drive
71Ayr Road
72Aztec Court
73Baffin Court
74Baif Boulevard
75Baker Avenue
76Balkan Road
77Balliol Avenue
78Baltic Street
79Bantry Avenue
80Barber Road
81Barberry Crescent
82Barn Swallow Court
83Barnwood Drive
84Bassett Avenue
85Bathurst Street
86Bayel Crescent
87Bayfield Drive
88Baynards Lane
89Bayswater Avenue
90Bayview Avenue
91Bayview Court South
92Bayview Park Lane
93Bayview Ridge Court
94Beasley Drive
95Beaufort Hills Road
96Beaverton Road
97Becker Road
98Bedford Park Avenue
99Beech Avenue
100Beechy Drive
101Bel Canto Crescent
102Belinda Court
103Belize Court
104Belvedere Crescent
105Benfer Road
106Benson Avenue
107Bent Crescent
108Beresford Drive
109Bergamot Crescent
110Bernard Avenue
111Berringer Street
112Berwick Crescent
113Beth Avenue
114Bilbermar Crescent
115Bilberry Crescent
116Bingham Street
117Birch Avenue
118Birchbark Court
119Birdsong Street
120Bishopsbridge Crescent
121Black Walnut Crescent
122Black Willow Court
123Blackbird Crescent
124Blackforest Drive
125Blackmore Avenue
126Bloomfield Trail
127Bloomgate Crescent
128Bloomington Road
129Bloomington Road
130Bloomington Road West
131Blue Grass Boulevard
132Bluesky Crescent
133Blyth Street
134Boake Trail
135Boisdale Avenue
136Bombay Court
137Bond Crescent
138Bond Lake Park Street
139Bonita Crescent
140Bostwick Crescent
141Bothfield Street
142Bowhill Drive
143Bowkett Drive
144Boyle Drive
145Brackenwood Avenue
146Braehead Drive
147Brass Drive
148Breda Court
149Breezeway Crescent
150Briarhill Boulevard
151Bridewell Crescent
152Bridgeford Street North
153Bridgeford Street South
154Bridgeport Street
155Bridgewater Drive
156Bridlepath Street
157Briggs Avenue
158Brightside Avenue
159Brightsview Drive
160Brightway Crescent
161Brillinger Street
162Brimwood Crescent
163Brockdale Street
164Brocton Avenue
165Brodie Drive
166Brookgreene Crescent
167Brookshill Crescent
168Brookside Road
169Brookwood Drive
170Brower Avenue
171Browndale Crescent
172Brumstead Drive
173Bryson Drive
174Buckhorn Avenue
175Burndean Court
176Bush Ridges Avenue
177Callowhill Avenue
178Cambridge Court
179Cambridge Crescent
180Camellia Drive
181Cameo Drive
182Camgreen Court
183Candlelight Drive
184Canoe Court
185Canterbury Court
186Cantex Court
187Canyon Creek Avenue
188Canyon Hill Avenue
189Cape Breton Court
190Capelle Street
191Caramel Crescent
192Carat Crescent
193Carmela Avenue
194Carnoustie Crescent
195Carousel Crescent
196Carriage House Court
197Carrington Drive
198Carrville Road
199Cartier Crescent
200Casa Grande Street
201Cascade Circle
202Cassandra Crescent
203Cassata Avenue
204Castle Rock Drive
205Castleridge Drive
206Catalina Crescent
207Catano Court
208Caymus Street
209Cedar Avenue
210Cedar Springs Drive
211Cedarcrest Crescent
212Cedarhurst Drive
213Centre Street East
214Centre Street West
215Chadwick Crescent
216Chalmers Road
217Champagne Court
218Chantilly Crescent
219Chaplin Court
220Chassie Court
221Chelton Drive
222Cheshire Place
223Chestnut Hill
224Cheval Court
225Chiltern Hill
226Chip Court
227Christephen Crescent
228Church Street North
229Church Street South
230Cider Crescent
231Cividale Court
232Clarendon Drive
233Claret Court
234Claridge Drive
235Clarissa Drive
236Clinton Drive
237Coates Crescent
238Coburg Crescent
239Coco Avenue
240Colborne Avenue
241Colby Lane
242Coldstream Crescent
243Colesbrook Road
244Colonial Crescent
245Colston Court
246Commerce Valley Drive West
247Compton Crescent
248Conestoga Avenue
249Constellation Crescent
250Coons Road
251Cooperage Crescent
252Copperstone Crescent
253Coral Crescent
254Corso Court
255Cortina Court
256Cortleigh Court
257Cougar Court
258Country 5 Lane
259Country Court
260Country Heights Drive
261Courtney Crescent
262Coventry Court
263Cowles Court
264Cozens Drive
265Craigleith Crescent
266Creekview Avenue
267Crescendo Avenue
268Crescentview Road
269Creswick Road
270Crimson Court
271Crosby Avenue
272Crossroads Drive
273Crowling Court
274Crystal Drive
275Cygnus Drive
276Cynthia Crescent
277Dairy Avenue
278Dalemount Gate
279Dalewood Drive
280Damian Drive
281Danpatrick Drive
282Dartmore Court
283Darwin Court
284Debonair Street
285Deer Run Court
286Deerwood Crescent
287Delevan Court
288Delisle Street
289Delphinium Avenue
290Demaine Crescent
291Denava Gate
292Denham Drive
293Desert View Crescent
294Devonsleigh Boulevard
295Dewbourne Avenue
296Dexter Road
297Dietzman Court
298Dihara Crescent
299Direzze Court
300Don Head Village Boulevard
301Doncrest Road
302Douglas Road
303Dovetail Drive
304Dragonfly Avenue
305Driftwood Court
306Driscoll Road
307Drumern Crescent
308Drynoch Avenue
309Dumaurier Crescent
310Dunbarton Court
311Duncan Road
312Dunloe Road
313Dunlop Street
314Dunn Drive
315Dunsmore Crescent
316Dunvegan Drive
317Durango Drive
318Eagle Peak Drive
319Earl Grey Court
320East Beaver Creek Road
321East Pearce Street
322East Wilmot Street
323Eastdale Crescent
324Eastgate Crescent
325Easy Street
326Eber Street
327Ebony Gate
328Edelweiss Avenue
329Edenbrook Crescent
330Edgar Avenue
331Edgemont Court
332Edinburgh Drive
333Edmund Crescent
334Edward Avenue
335El Dorado Street
336Elderwood Drive
337Eleanor Circle
338Elgin Mills Road East
339Elgin Mills Road East
340Elgin Mills Road West
341Elizabeth Street North
342Elizabeth Street South
343Elka Drive
344Ellery Drive
345Ellesmere Street
346Ellsworth Avenue
347Elm Avenue
348Elm Grove Avenue
349Elmdale Court
350Elmpark Court
351Elmsley Drive
352Elmwood Avenue
353Elston Court
354Elva Court
355Elyssa Drive
356Emerald Isle Court
357Emily Court
358Emmanuel Drive
359Enford Road
360English Oak Drive
361Ennis Court
362Escapade Drive
363Espby Court
364Essex Avenue
365Estates Garden Drive
366Estoril Street
367Estrella Crescent
368Evahill Crescent
369Everglades Court
370Fabian Avenue
371Fairview Avenue
372Falkland Place
373Falling River Drive
374Fanshawe Drive
375Far Niente Street
376Farmer Court
377Farmhouse Crescent
378Farmstead Road
379Farnham Drive
380Fauna Avenue
381Felix Road
382Fergus Avenue
383Fern Avenue
384Fern Valley Crescent
385Fernleigh Circle North
386Fernleigh Circle South
387Fernwood Court
388Ferris Street
389Fesserton Road
390Fieldflower Crescent
391Firwood Drive
392Fisico Court
393Fitzwilliam Avenue
394Florentine Crescent
395Floresville Court
396Forest Hill Drive
397Forest Ridge Road
398Forestside Court
399Forestwood Street
400Formosa Drive
401Fortune Crescent
402Fountain Court
403Fox Run Crescent
404Frank Court
405Frank Endean Road
406Frobisher Street
407Frontier Drive
408Frybrook Crescent
409Fulton Way
410Fundy Street
411Futura Avenue
412Gaby Court
413Gallacher Avenue
414Gamble Glen Crescent
415Gamble Road
416Gannett Drive
417Garden Avenue
418Gardiner Crescent
419Garland Crescent
420Garnet Street
421Gatcombe Circle
422Gatewood Court
423Gells Road
424Gemini Crescent
425Gentry Crescent
426George Street
427Geranium Court
428Glade Drive
429Glen Meadow Lane
430Glen Nevis Drive
431Glenada Court
432Glenarden Crescent
433Glenayr Road
434Glenhurst Road
435Glenis Gate
436Glouster Court
437Goldbrook Crescent
438Golden Oak Avenue
439Goldlist Drive
440Golf Club Court
441Goode Street
442Gordon Rowe Crescent
443Gormley Court
444Gormley Road East
445Gormley Road West
446Gracedale Drive
447Grand Oak Drive
448Grange Drive
449Granton Drive
450Grasslands Avenue
451Gray Crescent
452Graydon Crescent
453Green Ash Crescent
454Green Meadow Crescent
455Greenbank Drive
456Greenbelt Crescent
457Greenhill Avenue
458Greenshire Street
459Gretel Drive
460Grey Alder Avenue
461Greyfriars Avenue
462Grovepark Street
463Grover Hill Avenue
464Grovewood Street
465Guildwood Drive
466Guinevere Court
467Hacienda Drive
468Hall Street
469Hamills Crescent
470Hanna Avenue
471Hanover Court
472Harding Boulevard
473Harding Boulevard West
474Harlequin Court
475Harmony Hill Crescent
476Harris Avenue
477Harrowsmith Place
478Harrygan Crescent
479Hart Street
480Harvest Court
481Harvey Court
482Hayfield Crescent
483Hazelmere Drive
484Headdon Gate
485Headford Avenue
486Headwater Crescent
487Hearthside Avenue
488Hearthstone Crescent
489Heath Street
490Heather Drive
491Heathmont Court
492Heirloom Street
493Henricks Crescent
494Herbert Watford Avenue
495Heritage Hollow Estates Street
496Heron Hollow Avenue
497Hidden Trail Avenue
498High Oak Trail
499High Tech Road
500Highbridge Road
501Highgrove Crescent
502Highland Lane
503Highview Crescent
504Highway 407
505Highway 7
506Hillcrest Gate
507Hillholm Boulevard
508Hillhurst Drive
509Hillsborough Court
510Hillsview Drive
511Hiram Road
512Holly Drive
513Holmwood Street
514Holtby Street
515Hopkins Street
516Horizon Court
517Horner Court
518Houseman Crescent
519Hubner Drive
520Hughes Street
521Humberland Drive
522Hume Gate
523Hunt Avenue
524Hunters Point Drive
525Hunting Ridges Drive
526Hyde Park Drive
527Idyllwood Avenue
528Indigo Street
529Industrial Road
530Innis Crescent
531Inverhuron Street
532Iredale Road
533Iron Horse Avenue
534Jacey Anne Drive
535Jacinta Court
536Jack Ashton Avenue
537Jaguar Gate
538Jefferson Forest Drive
539Jenkins Drive
540Jet Court
541John Birchall Road
542Jonagold Court
543Jonah Drive
544Joplin Gate
545Josie Drive
546Joyces Point Road
547Judlea Court
548Justus Drive
549Kaitlin Drive
550Kalmar Crescent
551Keats Road
552Keble Court
553Kennington Court
554Kensington Drive
555Kenvale Court
556Keremeos Crescent
557Kerrybrook Drive
558Kersey Crescent
559Kerswell Drive
560Kevi Crescent
561Kew Gardens
562Kilbarry Court
563Kilkenny Place
564Killarney Street
565Kimberly Court
566Kimono Crescent
567King Road
568King William Crescent
569Kingmount Crescent
570Kings Cross Avenue
571Kingsborough Street
572Kingshill Road
573Kingsmead Court
574Kinnear Court
575Kinsmen Road
576Kirkland Court
577Kirsten Street
578Kitsilano Crescent
579Kittredge Court
580Kiwi Crescent
581Knollside Drive
582Lacewood Drive
583Lacona Crescent
584Lady Lynn Crescent
585Lagani Avenue
586Lake Avenue
587Lakeforest Drive
588Lakeland Crescent
589Lakeside Crescent
590Lakewoods Street
591Lane B
592Lane Centre
593Lane D
594Lane E
595Lane F
596Lane K
597Lane L
598Lanebrook Crescent
599Langford Street
600Langhorst Crescent
601Langstaff Road
602Langstaff Road East
603Laredo Drive
604Lark Crescent
605Larratt Lane
606Laser Court
607Launch Gate
608Lauren Beth Drive
609Laurier Avenue
610Laverock Avenue
611Law Crescent
612Lawnwood Court
613Lawrence Avenue
614Lawson Court
615Leach Gate
616Lebovic Drive
617Leek Crescent
618Leicester Road
619Leisure Lane
620Lena Drive
621Lennox Avenue
622Leno Mills Avenue
623Leonard Street
624Leora Court
625Leslie Street
626Levellands Crescent
627Levendale Road
628Lexi Street
629Leyburn Avenue
630Liana Street
631Libby Boulevard
632Libra Avenue
633Lilley Court
634Lillooet Crescent
635Limelight Drive
636Limerick Street
637Linda Margaret Crescent
638Lindley Street
639Lippincott Court
640Lisa Brown Court
641Lisa Crescent
642Litchi Court
643Littleside Street
644Lois Faye Court
645Long Hill Drive
646Long Point Drive
647Longwood Avenue
648Lord Nelson Court
649Loredana Court
650Lorne Avenue
651Lorraine Street
652Lorridge Street
653Lorwood Court
654Los Alamos Drive
655Lourakis Road
656Lowther Avenue
657Loyal Blue Crescent
658Luba Avenue
659Lucas Street
660Lucy Drive
661Ludford Drive
662Lund Street
663Lupine Crescent
664Lynett Crescent
665Lynngrove Crescent
666Lytton Boulevard
667Macgregor Avenue
668Mackay Drive
669Macleod Estates Court
670Madison Avenue
671Madras Avenue
672Maestro Avenue
673Maffey Crescent
674Magenta Street
675Maggy Avenue
676Magistrale Court
677Mair Court
678Major Mackenzie Drive East
679Major Mackenzie Drive East
680Major Mackenzie Drive West
681Mallard Marsh Crescent
682Malta Court
683Mandarin Court
684Mandel Crescent
685Manor Heights Street
686Manorheights Street
687Mansard Drive
688Maple Avenue
689Maple Grove Avenue
690Maraca Drive
691Maralim Road
692Maramak Road
693Marble Bridge Drive
694Marbrook Street
695Marchwood Crescent
696Marengo Drive
697Marigold Court
698Marinucci Court
699Mariposa Avenue
700Mariposa Drive
701Marla Court
702Marlborough Street
703Maroon Drive
704Marsh Street
705Marshall Street
706Marsi Road
707Martini Drive
708Mary Gapper Crescent
709Marybay Crescent
710Marylebone Crescent
711Maryvale Crescent
712Marzilli Gate
713Mathias Court
714Matteo David Drive
715Maureen Court
716Mauro Court
717May Avenue
718Mayan Avenue
719Mayfair Court
720Mayvern Crescent
721Mccachen Street
722Mccallum Drive
723Mcconvey Drive
724Mccoy Court
725Mcnairn Court
726Meadowcliffe Avenue
728Melbourne Drive
729Melville Street
730Merrill Avenue
731Merrylynn Drive
732Merton Street
733Mica Court
734Michael Drive
735Migonette Street
736Miles Court
737Miles Hill Crescent
738Mill Pond Court
739Mill Street
740Mill Walk Court
741Millerdale Road
742Millwright Avenue
743Milos Road
744Mirando Street
745Miriam Crescent
746Mistleflower Court
747Misty Moor Drive
748Misty Well Drive
749Mocha Crescent
750Mockingbird Drive
751Mojave Crescent
752Molise Court
753Monaco Crescent
754Monet Street
755Montano Court
756Montclair Road
757Montesano Crescent
758Montiel Road
759Montressor Court
760Moodie Drive
761Moonlight Lane
762Mooregate Court
763Moraine Ridge Drive
764Moray Avenue
765Moresby Street
766Morganfield Court
767Muirhead Crescent
768Mural Street
769Myers Boulevard
770Nahanni Drive
771Nantucket Drive
772Nappa Street
773Naughton Drive
774Navarre Street
775Neal Drive
776Neighbourly Lane
777Neopolitan Court
778Newbridge Avenue
779Newcastle Crescent
780Newkirk Road
781Newman Avenue
782Newmill Crescent
783Niblock Street
784Nightstar Drive
787Noranda Avenue
788Norfolk Avenue
789Norhill Court
790Normandy Crescent
791North Lake Road
792Northampton Court
793Northern Heights Drive
794Northgate Crescent
795Nottingham Drive
796Nugget Court
797Oak Avenue
798Oatlands Crescent
799Observatory Lane
800Oceanside Avenue
801Oceanview Street
802Oconnor Crescent
803Ohio Road
804Okanagan Drive
805Old 16th Avenue
806Old Colony Road
807Old Markham Road
808Old Orchard Crescent
809Old Park Lane
810Old Surrey Lane
811Olde Bayview Avenue
812Oldhill Street
813Olympus Drive
814Oneida Crescent
815Opus Court
816Orlando Avenue
817Orlon Crescent
818Ormsby Court
819Osiris Drive
820Owl Ridge Drive
821Oxford Street
822Paddle Gate
823Pagean Drive
824Pagehurst Court
825Pagoda Drive
826Painted Rock Avenue
827Pairash Avenue
828Paisley Place
829Palace Court
830Palisade Crescent
831Paliser Crescent North
832Paliser Crescent South
833Palmer Avenue
834Palmette Drive
835Palomino Drive
836Pandora Court
837Paradelle Drive
838Park Crescent
839Park Lane Circle
840Parker Avenue
841Parkston Court
842Parsell Street
843Pathlane Road
844Patullo Avenue
845Pearl Gate Court
846Pearson Avenue
847Pebblelane Court
848Pegasus Drive
849Pemberton Road
850Peninsula Crescent
851Penny Place
852Penstock Court
853Penticton Court
854Penwick Crescent
855Perkins Road
856Pexton Avenue
857Pheasant Drive
858Piccadilly Road
859Pickett Crescent
860Picnic Street
861Pine Bough Manor
862Pine Trees Court
863Pitney Avenue
864Plaisance Road
865Platinum Avenue
866Pollard Street
867Poplar Drive
868Portage Avenue
869Portico Drive
870Post Oak Drive
871Poulias Avenue
872Powell Street
873Price Street
874Primont Drive
875Prince Albert Court
876Prince Arthur Avenue
877Prince Patrick Avenue
878Princeton Avenue
879Provence Court
880Puccini Drive
881Pugsley Avenue
882Quattro Avenue
883Queens College Drive
884Queensborough Court
885Queensmill Court
886Queensway Drive
887Quetico Drive
888Raffia Avenue
889Rainey Court
890Raintree Crescent
893Rathfon Crescent
894Ravine Edge Trail
895Rawlings Avenue
896Reaman Street
897Red Cardinal Trail
898Red Maple Road
899Red Oak Drive
900Red Rock Drive
901Reditt Court
902Redstone Road
903Regatte Avenue
904Regent Street
905Reid Street
906Remington Drive
907Revelstoke Crescent
908Revilo Avenue
909Richmond Street
910Richvalley Crescent
911Rideau Drive
912Ridge Road
913Ridgestone Drive
914Ridgewood Drive
915Ridgley Court
916Riel Drive
917Riggs Court
918Ritva Court
919Riverwood Street
920Rochester Hill Street
921Rockport Crescent
922Rocksprings Avenue
923Rockwell Road
924Roderick Court
925Rollinghill Road
926Romac Court
927Romance Drive
928Ronald Avenue
929Roney Avenue
930Ronrisa Drive
931Roosevelt Drive
932Rose Branch Drive
933Rosegarden Crescent
934Rosemar Gardens
935Rosemary Avenue
936Rosetree Street
937Roseview Avenue
938Rothbury Road
939Routledge Drive
940Routledge Street
941Rowley Street
942Royal Chapin Crescent
943Royal Gala Crescent
944Royal Manor Crescent
945Rubin Street
946Ruby Crescent
947Ruggles Avenue
948Rumble Avenue
949Rushingbrook Drive
950Rustic Avenue
951Sabrina Court
952Sachet Drive
953Sala Drive
954Salt Creek Avenue
955Samantha Circle
956San Antonio Court
957Sandbanks Drive
958Sanderson Crescent
959Sandypoint Drive
960Sapphire Drive
961Sawgrass Avenue
962Schomberg Road
963Scott Drive
964Seiffer Crescent
965Selkirk Drive
966Selleck Drive
967Selwyn Road
968Sequin Drive
969Shadow Falls Drive
970Shaftsbury Avenue
971Shallmar Gardens
972Shaver Street
973Shaw Boulevard
974Sheila Crescent
975Shelley Road
976Shilo Court
977Shiner Drive
978Shirley Drive
979Shirrick Drive
980Shoshana Drive
981Sibley Street
982Sideroad Bethesda
983Sideroad Jefferson
984Silk Court
985Silkstone Gate
986Silver Fir Street
987Silver Linden Drive
988Silver Maple Drive
989Silver Stream Avenue
990Silverdart Crescent
991Silverview Gate
992Silverwood Avenue
993Sims Crescent
994Skaha Court
995Skopit Road
996Skywood Drive
997Snively Street
998Snowy Meadow Avenue
999Sofia Court
1000Somerset Crescent
1001Sorrento Drive
1002Southgate Crescent
1003Spadina Road
1004Springbrook Drive
1005Springer Drive
1006Springhead Gardens
1007Spruce Avenue
1008Squire Drive
1009St Anthonys Court
1010St Laurent Drive
1011St Matthews Lane
1012Stancroft Drive
1013Staples Avenue
1014Starlight Crescent
1015Station Street
1016Stave Crescent
1017Steeplechase Avenue
1018Steepleview Crescent
1019Steepside Court
1020Stephen Street
1021Stephenson Crescent
1022Stephenson Gate
1023Stephie Court
1024Stockdale Crescent
1025Stookes Crescent
1026Stouffville Road
1027Stoyell Drive
1028Stratford Drive
1029Strathearn Avenue
1030Subrisco Avenue
1031Sugar Maple Court
1032Sugar Maple Lane
1033Summer Street
1034Summit Trail Drive
1035Summitcrest Drive
1036Sun Valley Drive
1037Sunbay Court
1038Sunderland Street
1039Sunnyside Drive
1040Sunnywood Crescent
1041Sunridge Street
1042Sunset Beach Road
1043Sunshine Drive
1044Sussex Avenue
1045Sussex Street
1046Swan Court
1047Sweet Water Crescent
1048Sylvan Crescent
1049Talmage Avenue
1050Tamara Drive
1051Tampico Road
1052Tannery Court
1053Taos Court
1054Tareyton Road
1055Tarmack Drive
1056Taro Court
1057Taylor Mills Drive North
1058Taylor Mills Drive South
1059Teefy Avenue
1060Tennison Road
1061Terracotta Crescent
1062Teseo Court
1063Thames Court
1064Theobalds Circle
1065Thistle Avenue
1066Thomas Legge Crescent
1067Thornbush Court
1068Tiffany Gate
1069Tiger Lily Drive
1070Timber Valley Avenue
1071Tivoli Avenue
1072Tollbar Court
1073Tomlin Crescent
1074Tomscot Avenue
1075Topham Crescent
1076Toporowski Avenue
1077Tormore Drive
1078Toscanini Road
1079Tower Hill Road
1080Township Avenue
1081Townwood Drive
1082Trailwood Crescent
1083Trayborn Drive
1084Trench Street
1085Trilogy Court
1086Trimingham Court
1087Trinity Crescent
1088Trish Drive
1089Tyneview Lane
1090Udine Court
1091Ulson Drive
1092Valencia Court
1093Valley Ridge Avenue
1094Valleyford Avenue
1095Valleymede Drive
1096Valmont Avenue
1097Vandervoort Drive
1098Vanity Crescent
1099Venture Avenue
1100Verdi Road
1101Verona Court
1102Versailles Court
1103Vesta Drive
1104Via Renzo Drive
1105Viewmark Drive
1106Vitlor Drive
1107Vogell Road
1108Wagon Wheel Crescent
1109Wainwright Avenue
1110Waldron Crescent
1111Walkview Crescent
1112Walmer Road
1113Walnut Grove Crescent
1114Waltham Crescent
1115Wang Way
1116Wasaga Court
1117Waterhouse Way
1118Waterstone Street
1119Waterton Crescent
1120Waverly Crescent
1121Waymount Avenue
1122Wayside Avenue
1123Weekes Avenue
1124Weldrick Road East
1125Weldrick Road West
1126Wellspring Avenue
1127Welter Court
1128Wendelyn Avenue
1129Wendover Court
1130Wendy Way
1131Wenlock Avenue
1132Wertheim Court
1133West Beaver Creek Road
1134West Pearce Street
1135West Wilmot Street
1136Westbourne Court
1137Westbury Court
1138Westcliffe Crescent
1139Westminster Drive
1140Westpoint Court
1141Westwood Lane
1142Whalen Court
1143Wheatsheaf Street
1144Wheelwright Drive
1145White Lodge Crescent
1146White Oak Crescent
1147White Pine Trail
1148Wicker Drive
1149Wildflower Drive
1150Wildwood Avenue
1151Wilfred Court
1152Willett Crescent
1153William F Bell Parkway
1154Willowbank Avenue
1155Winchester Lane
1156Windermere Crescent
1157Windhurst Gate
1158Windmill Court
1159Windrow Street
1160Wingate Crescent
1161Wings View Gate
1162Winterport Court
1163Wolf Trail Crescent
1164Wolfson Crescent
1165Wood Lane
1166Wood Rim Drive
1167Woodhaven Crescent
1168Woodriver Street
1169Woodstone Avenue
1170Worley Hall Gate
1171Worthington Avenue
1172Wright Street
1173Yellow Birch Crescent
1174Yoho Avenue
1175Yonge Street
1176Yongehurst Road
1177Yongeview Avenue
1178York Boulevard
1179Yorkland Street
1180Yukon Drive
1181Zelda Crescent
1182Zippora Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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