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List of Street Maps in Township of Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario
#Street Name
12nd Street
2402 Glendon W Off To Southbound
3Abagail Street
4Aberdeen Road
5Adair Boulevard
6Adelaide Road
7Adelaide Road
8Adelaide Road
9Adelaide Road
10Adelaide Road
11Adelaide Street
12Agnes Drive
13Albert Street
14Allen Road
15Allison Court
16Amiens Road
17Amiens Road
18Anderson Avenue
19Andrews Drive
20Archie Street
21Arnella Crescent
22Arthur Street
23Arva Court
24Arvaleigh End
25Avro Drive
26Beattie Street
27Beech Street
28Bella Street
29Bentim Road
30Birmingham Street
31Bowan Street
32Bradley Street
33Brennan Drive
34Bridle Path
35Brook Street
36Bruce Street
37Bruce Street
38Buchanan Street
39Burns Street
40Burwell Road
41Burwell Road
42Calvert Drive
43Calvert Drive
44Calvin Court
45Campbell Street
46Canaan Street
47Caradoc Street North
48Caradoc Street South
49Carlyle Court
50Carrie Street
51Carroll Street East
52Carroll Street West
53Carruthers Road
54Center Street
55Century Drive
56Century Drive
57Century Drive
58Chestnut Street
59Christina Road
60Christina Road
61Church Street
62Churchill Crescent
63Claire Court
64Clarence Street
65Clark Street
66Cobban Drive
67Colborne Lane
68Colborne Street
69Concord Street
70Cooks Road
71Cooks Road
72Crawford Court
73Crow Road
74Dain Street
75Darcy Drive
76Deborah Drive
77Dell Court
78Dell Drive
79Deruiter Drive
80Dewan Street
81Dixon Lane
82Dominion Street
83Doune Street
84Drury Lane
85Duke Street
86East Center Street
87Edgewood Lane
88Edinburgh Street
89Egerton Street
90Elgin Place
91Elizabeth Street
92Ellen Street
93Ellor Street
94Elm Way
95Emerson Street
96Emily Street
97English Street
98Erie Street
99Ewart Street
100Falconbridge Drive
101Falconbridge Drive
102Falconbridge Drive
103Ferne Drive
104Firestone Road
105Forbes Street
106Frances Street
107Frank Street
108Franklin Drive
109Fraser Street
110Front Street East
111Front Street West
112Fullarton Street
113George Street
114George Street
115Gibson Road
116Glen Oak Road
117Glen Oak Road
118Glen Oak Road
119Glendon Drive
120Glendon Drive
121Glendon Drive
122Glengyle Drive
123Glover Crescent
124Gore Street
125Harris Circle
126Harris Court
127Head Street North
128Head Street South
129Helen Drive
130Helen Street
131Hemlock Boulevard
132Henry Street
133Heritage Court
134Hickory Boulevard West
135Hickory Drive
136High Street East
137High Street West
138Highway 402
139Highway 402
140Highway 402
141Highway 402
142Hollis Court
143Hoover Place
144Hull Road
145Inadale Drive
146Inadale Drive
147Inadale Drive
148Industrial Road
149Irish Drive
150Irish Drive
151Irish Drive
152James Street
153Jean Street
154Joel Court
155John Street
156John Street
157Jubilee Drive
158Juniper Crescent
159Katie Lane
160Keefer Street
161King Street
162King Street
163Kittridge Avenue East
164Kittridge Avenue West
165Lamantia Avenue
166Lamore Crescent
167Laughton Crescent
168Leith Court
169Lindsay Drive
170Lions Park Drive
171Locke Height
172London Street
173Longfield Street
174Longwoods Road
175Longwoods Road
176Longwoods Road
177Lothian Avenue
178Maitland Drive
179Maitland Street
180Maitland Terrace
181Mallard Road
182Maple Street
183Maria Street
184Marla Court
185Marr Place
186Martin Crescent
187Mcevoy Road
188Mcevoy Road
189Mckellar Street
190Mcnab Street
191Mcvicar Street
192Metcalfe Street East
193Metcalfe Street West
194Metcalfe Terrace
195Middlemiss Drive
196Middlesex Drive
197Mill Lane
198Mill Pond Crescent
199Mill Road
200Miller Street
201Milliner Street
202Mockingbird Street
203Moffatt Lane
204Mogg Street
205Moore Street
206Mulberry Drive
207Muncey Road
212North Street
213Oak Avenue
214Oak Street
215Olde Drive
216Olde Drive
217Olde Drive
218Ontario Street
219Oriole Drive
220Oxford Street
221Pamela Drive
222Pannell Lane
223Park Street
224Parkhouse Drive
225Parkhouse Drive
226Parkview Crescent
227Parkview Drive
228Peach Avenue
229Pearson Avenue
230Penny Lane
231Peter Street
232Pinetree Lane
233Pittao Place
234Princess Street
235Queen Street
236Queen Street
237Railroad Street
238Railway Avenue
243Rapley Street
244Regent Street
245Reily Drive
246Richard Crescent
247Richmond Street
248Ridge Street
249Riverview Drive
250Robert Street
251Ross Court
252Ross Lane
253Roughan Road
254Saulsbury Street
255Saxton Road
256Scotchmere Drive
257Scotchmere Drive
258Scotchmere Drive
259Scott Street
260Scott Street East
261Scott Street West
262Seburn Drive
263Sharpe Drive
264Skinner Drive
265Smythe Court
266Southfield Drive
267Spence Drive
268Springwell Road
269Steven Street
270Stewart Street
271Strathroyal Avenue
272Sutherland Road
273Sutherland Road
274Sutherland Road
275Switzer Drive
276Switzer Drive
277Switzer Drive
278Sydenham Street
279Tanton Street
280Tanya Street
281Thomas Street
282Thomas Street
283Thompson Drive
284Thorn Drive
285Thorne Drive
286Topping Road
287Trillium Way
288Troops Road
289Union Drive
290Velma Street
291Victoria Lane
292Victoria Street
293Vine Avenue
294Walkers Drive
295Walkers Drive
296Walkers Drive
297Walnut Court
298Warbler Woods Place
299Wellington Street
300Wesleyan Street
301Western Street
302Westgate Avenue
303Westmount Street
304Wightman Drive
305William Street
306Willow Crescent
307Wilson Street
308Wonnacott Road
309Woodward Drive
310Wright Street
311York Avenue
312Young Street
313Zimmerman Avenue
314Zimmerman Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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