List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Haven County, Connecticut

#Street Name
1Alison Ave
2Ann Rose Dr
3Baldwin Rd
4Berlin Turnpike
5Blue Hills Rd
6Borrelli Rd
7Byam Rd
8Carlson Rd
9Cedar Lake Rd
10Celia Dr
11Chamberlain Hwy
12Cheshire Rd
13Clark Ave
14Clear Lake Rd
15Clintonville Rd
16Connecticut Turnpike
17Connecticut Turnpike
18Connecticut Turnpike
19Cook Hill Rd
20Coram Ln
21Country Ln
22County Rd
23Crooked Hill Rd
24Dead Hill Rd
25Deforest Dr
26Derby Ave
27Derby Neck Rd
28Derby Turnpike
29Downs Rd
30Eastview Ave
31Edgewood Dr
32Farm River Rd
33Ferry Rd
34Gaylord Farm Rd
35Gaylord Mountain Rd
36Gen Samuel Jasilka Hwy
37Giantview Rd
38Goodsell Rd
39Great Hill Rd
40 Gwen Rd
41Hanover St
42Hartford Turnpike
43Hartford Turnpike
44Herbert St
45High Hill Rd
46High Ln
47Hwy 114
48Hwy 115
49Hwy 121
50Hwy 139
51Hwy 142
52Hwy 146
53Hwy 162
54Hwy 188
55Hwy 22
56Hwy 313
57Hwy 322
58Hwy 334
59Hwy 40
60Hwy 42
61Hwy 64
62Hwy 67
63Hwy 68
64Hwy 71
65Hwy 8
66Interstate 691
67Interstate 84
68James H Darcey Memorial Hwy
69Johnson Ave
70Lanes Pond Rd
71Main St
72Mallard Dr
73Marion Ave
74Marshall Ln
75Meadow Woods Rd
76Meriden Rd
77Meriden-waterbury Turnpike
78Middlebury Rd
79Miller Dr
80 Morris Rd
81Mt Sanford Rd
82New Cheshire Rd
83New Haven Ave
84Nichols Rd
85Nortontown Rd
86Old Colony Rd
87Old Farm Rd
88Old Toll Rd
89Old Turnpike Rd
90Old Woodbury Rd
91Olivia Ln
92Oxford Rd
93Pershing Dr
94Pineview Dr
95Plank Rd
96Platts Mill Rd
97Prindle Hill Rd
98Prindle Rd
99Prospect St
100Quaker Farms Rd
101Race Hill Rd
102Raven Ln
103Reeds Gap Rd
104Reeds Gap Rd W
105Research Pkwy
106Reservoir Ave
107Ridge Rd
108Ridgewood Ave
109Rita Ln
110Riverside Dr
111Roaring Brook Rd
112Roosevelt Dr
113S Broad St
114S Curtis St
115Sande Ave
116Saybrook Rd
117Scott Rd
118Shadduck Rd
119Short Beach Rd
120Silver Hill Rd
121Silver Island Way
122Skiff St
123Skokorat St
124Snyder Dr
125Sodom Ln
126Sperry Rd
127State Highway 721
128State Highway 801
129State Highway 844
130State St
131Straits Turnpike
132Summit Rd
133Terry Rd
134Thorpe Ave
135Townline Rd
136Tress Rd
137Troj Dr
138Turkey Hill Rd
139Tuttle Ave
140Union City Rd
141Virginia Rd
142W Peak Dr
143Wakelee Ave
144Wakelee Rd
145Walnut Tree Hill Rd
146Westfield Ave
147Winthrop Rd
148Wolcott Rd
149Woodhouse Ave
150Woodtick Rd
151Yankee Expy