List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Castle, Delaware

#Street Name
110th St
211th St
312th St
413th St
514th St
61st Ave
71st St
82nd Ave
92nd St
103rd Ave
113rd St
124th Ave
134th St
145th Ave
155th St
166th Ave
176th St
187th St
198th St
209th St
21A St
22Abbott Rd
23Aberdeen Cir
24Abson Dr
25Adair Ave
26Adele Pl
27Afton Ct
28Aidone Dr
29Aidone Ln
30Airport Rd
31Airport Rd
32Albany Ave
33Alden Ct
34Aldwyn Dr
35Alicea Ct
36Allegretto Rd
37Allen Dr
38Alston Ct
39Altoona Ave
40 Amstel Dr
41Anchor Mill Rd
42Anderson Dr
43Andover Ct
44Angola Rd
45Angus Dr
46Antioch Ct
47Appleby Mobile Home Park
48Appleby Rd
49Appleby Trailer Ct
50Aquilla Ave
51Arbor Ave
52Arbutus Ave
53Arden Ave
54Arnell Ct
55Arthur Springs Ln
56Ashley Dr
57Ashton Ln
58Atlas Dr
59Auburn Dr
60B Alle
61Bacon Ave
62Balbach Ave
63Baldt Ave
64Bancroft Rd
65Barkston Way
66Bassett Ave
67Battery Park
68Bay W Blvd
69Baylis St
70Baylor Blvd
71Baywatch Rd
72Beacon Ln
73Bear Crossing Rd
74Bear Rd
75Bedford Ln
76Bellanca Ln
77Bellanch St
78Bellecor Dr
79Bennett Dr
80 Bentley Rd
81Berkely Way
82Berks Ct
83Betel Dr
84Bethune Dr
85Betts Ave
86Beyer Ct
87Birkshire Rd
88Birnam Dr
89Bizarre Dr
90Black Rd
91Blair Ct
92Blairville Rd
93Blevins Dr
94Blount Rd
95Blue Hen Rd
96Bluebill Ct
97Bluebill Dr
98Blyth Ct
99Booker Cir
100Boothhurst Blvd
101Boothhurst Estates
102Boston Pl
103Boswell Rd
104Boulden Blvd
105Boulden Cir
106Bowlarama Dr
107Bradbury Rd
108Brant Dr
109Brett Rd - New Castle Airport (ilg)
110Brian Ct
111Briarcliff Dr
112Bristal Pl
113Bristol Way
114Broad St
115Brylgon Ave
116Buck Ln
117Buena Vista Dr
118Bufflehead Ct
119Bunche Blvd
120Bunker Hill Rd
121Burdock Ct
122Burton Ave
123Buttonwood Ave
124Cahalan Rd
125Callow Pl
126Calwell Dr
127Camden St
128Camino Ct
129Candlewick Ct
130Candy Ct
131Candy Dr
132Canvasback Ct
133Canvasback Dr
134Capo Ln
135Cardinal Ave
136Carleton Ct
137Carriage Way
138Carrington Ct
139Carroll Dr
140Carvel Ave
141Carver Dr
142Casimir Ct
143Casimir Dr
144Castle Hill Dr
145Catherine St
146Cathy Ct
147Cavallero Ct
148Cawdor Ln
149Caxton Dr
150Center Blvd E
151Center Blvd S
152Center St
153Centerpoint Blvd
154Central Ave
155Century Blvd
156Century Park
157Chaddwyck Blvd
158Charles Dr
159Charring Ln
160Chase Rd
161Chelwynne Rd
162Cherry Ln
163Cherry Rd
164Cherry St
165Chesterfield Dr
166Chestnut St
167Chestnut St
168Cheyney Dr
169Chiming Rd
170Christiana Rd
171Christiana Rd
172Church Dr
173Church Rd
174Church St
175Churchmans Rd
176Clark St
177Clarks Corner Rd
178Clarks Corner Rd
179Clayton St
180Clearview Ave
181Cleveland Ave
182Clinton Ct
183Clyde Cir
184Clymer St
185Coachlight Ct
186Cobblestone Dr
187Colesbery Dr
188Collingsdale Ave
189Commons Blvd
190Commonwealth Blvd
191Conlin Ct
192Constitution Blvd
193Corbeil Dr
194Corkwood Ln
195Cornstalk Dr
196Cornwall Rd
197Corporate Cir - New Castle Airport (ilg)
198Corvette Ct
199Country Path Dr
200County Road 339a
201Covington Pl
202Cox Neck Rd
203Craig Rd
204Creek Dr
205Creekwood Rd
206Cresson Ave
207Crestpoint Dr
208Crippen Dr
209Cross Ave
210Culpepper Ct
211Dalby Ct
212Dales Way - New Castle Airport (ilg)
213Dallas Rd
214Dalton Ct
215Dandridge Dr
216Dane Ct
217Daniel Ln
218Danville Ct
219Darien Ct
220Darlington Rd
221Davidson Ln
222Deborah Ave
223Deemer Pl
224Deemers Landing
225Deen St
226Delaware Ave
227Delaware Dr
228Delaware St
229Delaware St
230Delaware Turnpike
231Delmar St
232Denby Ct
233Dillon Dr
234Distil Ave
235Dobb Ct
236Dock View Dr
237Don Ave
238Doncaster Rd
239Donhaven Dr
240Donwood Dr
241Dora Moors Ln
242Dover Ave
243Dover St
244Downes Ct
245Downing Ct
246Drake Ct
247Dryden Rd
248Dudley Pl
249Duke Ave
250Dunning Ct
251Dunsinane Dr
252Duquesne Ct
253Dutton Ct
254Dutton Dr
255Dyer Ave
256E 11th St
257E 14th St
258E 2nd St
259E 3rd St
260E 4th St
261E 5th St
262E 6th St
263E 9th St
264E Bellamy Dr
265E Burton Ave
266E Edinburgh Dr
267E Fern Dr
268E Franklin Ave
269E Grant Ave
270E Harvest Dr
271E Hazeldell Ave
272E Independence Blvd
273E Lexton Rd
274E Lunenburg Dr
275E Roosevelt Ave
276E Saxony Dr
277E Sussex Pl
278E Van Buren Ave
279E Violette Dr
280E Weatherly Rd
281East Ave
282Edge Ave
283Edgewood Dr
284Edinburgh Dr
285Edwards Ave
286Eider Ct
287Elizabeth Sweetbriar Ln
288Elks Trail
289Elwood Pl
290Emmells Ln
291Erbitea Ln
292Erie Ave
293Ermine Dr
294Ermine Ln
295Eugenia Meadows Rd
296Evlon Ct
297Fairhaven Ct
298Fairview Ave
299Fantail Ct
300Fanwood Dr
301Farragut Ln
302Federal School Ln
303Felton St
304Fernwood Ave
305Ferris Ct
306Ferry Cut Off St
307Ferry Cutoff St
308Feryn Farms Dr
309Festone Ave
310Finney Rd
311Fir Ave
312Firewood Ln
313Firth Ln
314Fithian Dr
315Florence Fields Ln
316Fluvanna Ct
317Fols Crescent Ave
318Fordham Ave
319Forrest Cir
320Forrester Ave
321Foundry St
322Fowler Ct
323Frank Orchards Ln
324Frazer Pl
325Frazier Ave
326Freedom Ct
327Freedom Trail
328Freeport Rd
329Frenchtown Rd
330Frenchtown Rd E
331Fresconi Ct
332Friedman Dr
333Gable Ct
334Gadwall Ct
335Gail Rd
336Gainor Rd
337Garden Ln
338Garfield Ave
339Gazelle Pl
340Gene Ave
341George Read Rd
342Gilder Dr
343Gillis Ct
344Glen Ave
345Godwin Rd
346Golden Cove
347Golden Dr
348Goldeneye Ct
349Goldeneye Dr
350Golding Ave
351Gordy Exd
352Gordy Pl
353Governor Lea Rd
354Grady Ln
355Granbury Dr
356Grantham Ln
357Gray Ct
358Gray St
359Greenfield Dr
360Greenwich Ct
361Griffith Ct
362Griffith Dr
363Grove St
364Guenever Dr
365Hackberry Dr
366Halcyon Dr
367Hamburg Rd
368Hamilton Ct
369Hamilton St
370Hanover Way
371Harbor View Dr
372Hardy Rd
373Harlequin Dr
374Harmony St
375Harmony St
376Harrington St
377Harrisburg Ave
378Hathaway Ct
379Haystack Ln
380Hazlett Ave
381Heather Ln
382Heddington Rd
383Helmsdale Cir
384Herbert Dr
385Hessler Blvd
386Hessler Blvd
387Hetherton Ln
388Hewlett Ave
389Hideaway Path
390Highland Blvd
391Hillary Cir
392Hillary Ct
393Hillside Rd
394Hillview Ave
395Hodgkins Pl
396Holcomb Ln
397Holden Dr
398Holland Cir
399Hollow Rd N
400Holly Dr
401Houston St
402Howell Dr
403Hudson Ct
404Hunn Rd
405Hunter Rd
406Hybridge Ave
407Hyder Alley
408Ibex Dr
409Industrial Blvd
410Inverness Cir
411Irwin Ave
412Isadore Dr
413Ivy Ln
414J And M Dr
415Jackson Ave
416Jacquette Square
417James Pl
418Jamestowne Dr
419Janet Ct
420Jansen Ave
421Janvier Ave
422Jay Dr
423Jefferson Ave
424Jennings Ct
425Jestan Blvd
426John Vineyards Ln
427Johnson St
428Johnson Way
429Juniper St
430Karen Ct
431Karlstad Rd
432Karlyn Dr
433Kathy Ct
434Katrin Cir N
435Katrin Cir S
436Keiser Pl
437Keller Beyer Rd
438Kellys Trailer Park Ct
439Kelpy Ave
440Kenton Ct
441Keswick Pl
442Killoran Dr
443King Ave
444King Ct
445Kings Ct
446Kings Way
447Kingston Rd
448Kinsey Way
449Kirkwood St Georges Rd
450Klein Ln
451Kristin Rd
452Laird Ln
453Lambson Ln
454Landers Ln
455Lanford Rd
456Larkin St
457Lasalle Ave
458Layton Dr
459Lea Rd
460Lesley Ln
461Lester Ct
462Lewis St
463Liberty Blvd
464Liborio Ln
465Lincoln Ave
466Lincoln St
467Lind Ave
468Linden Ave
469Linstone Ave
470Lisa Dr
471Littleworth Ln
472Llangollen Blvd
473Lloyd Ave
474Louise Rd
475Lovelace Ave
476Lukens Dr
477Lunenburg Dr
478Luray Cir
479Luray Rd
480Lyons Ave
481Mackenzie Ct
482Mactavish Ct
483Main St
484Malcolm Forest Rd
485Mallard Rd
486Mallory Ct
487Mandarin Ct
488Mansion Pkwy
489Maple Ave
490Maple St
491Margaret Gatewood Ln
492Mark Dr
493Market St
494Marlborough Ct
495Marley Rd
496Marlin Ct
497Marsh Ln
498Martin Dr
499Martin St
500Mason Dr
501Matassino Rd
502Maureen St
503May Ave
504Maynard Dr
505Mcarthur Dr
506Mccallmont Rd
507Mccullough Dr
508Mcginn Pl
509Mcintyre Dr
510Mcmullen Ave
511Meadow Ln
512Meadow Rd
513Medori Blvd
514Meehan Ln
515Megginson Ave
516Melanie Dr
517Memorial Dr
518Mendell Pl
519Merit Dr
520Mews Dr
521Michie Rd
522Midfield Rd
523Mifflin Ave
524Milford St
525Millers Ln
526Minquadale Blvd
527Minquadale Tr Park
528Minquadle Tr Park
529Monticello Blvd
530Montpelier Blvd
531Montpelier Ct
532Moore Ave
533Moores Ln
534Moores Ln & Op 14th St
535Morehouse Dr
536Morrison Ave
537Morrison Rd
538Mowery Rd
539Mullins Dr
540Municipal Blvd
541Muscovy Ct
542N Booth Dr
543N Dupont Hwy
544N Dupont Hwy # 11 - New Castle Airport (ilg)
545N Dupont Pkwy
546N Independence Blvd
547N Kingston Rd
548N Lunenburg Dr
549N Mews Dr
550N Purdue Ave
551N Stockton Dr
552Neville Ln
553New Amstel Ave
554New Castle Ave
555New Churchmans Rd
556New Jersey Ave
557Newark St
558Newport Ave
559Nicole Ct
560Nieole Ave
561Nonesuch Pl
562North Ct
563North Loop
564North St
565Notre Dame Ave
566Oak St
567Oakmont Dr
568Oakwood Ct
569Odessa St
570Old Airport Rd
571Old Airport Rd
572Old Churchmans Rd
573Old Ferry Cutoff
574Old Ferry Rd
575Old Forge Rd
576Old State Rd
577Onaway Pl
578Oregon Ave
579Oval Cir
580Packett Alley
581Paisley Ln
582Paisley Pl
583Palmer Pl
584Palmetto Cir
585Palmetto Dr
586Paper Pl
587Park Ave
588Park Rd
589Parker Pl
590Parkway Cir
591Parkway Ct
592Parkway Dr
593Parma Ave
594Patrick Henry Rd
595Paul Rd
596Peachleaf Trail
597Pell St
598Pembroke Ln
599Pendleton Ct
600Penn St
601Pennewill Dr
602Penns Way - New Castle Airport (ilg)
603Phoebe Farms Ln
604Phoebe Farms Ln
605Pierson Pl
606Pigeon Point Rd
607Pigeon View Ln
608Pilgrim Dr
609Pleasant Pl
610Plum Alley
611Powhatan Rd
612Prangs Ln
613Prestwick Ct
614Prestwick Dr
615Prestwick Ln
616Prince Ave
617Prosperity Rd
618Pyles Ln
619Queen Ave
620Queens Ct
621Quigley Blvd
622Quindome Dr
623Railroad Ave
624Raintree Dr
625Raleigh Ct
626Rambleton Dr
627Rambo Dr
628Rambo Terrace
629Randle Ct
630Reads Way
631Rebel Hill
632Red Lion Rd
633Remi Dr
634Revelle St
635Revis Ave
636Reybold Dr
637Richard Rd
638Richeson Dr
639Ridge Dr
640Ridley Ct
641Rieve Ave
642Rita Rd
643Ritchie Dr
644Rivanna Rd
645River Rd
646River Rd & Hamburg Rd
647Riveredge Dr
648Riverview Dr
649Rizzo Ave
650Road 340
651Robert Ln
652Robins Ct
653Robinson Dr
654Robinson Ln
655Rodney Dr
656Rogers Rd
657Rolling Green Ave
658Romeo Dr
659Rose Ln
660Rosslea Ct
661Roxeter Rd
662Rte 141
663Rte 273
664Rte 58
665Rte 9
666Rte 9 Alt
667Russell Rd
668Ryan Ave
669S Booth Dr
670S Dupont Hwy
671S Dupont Pkwy
672S Glen Ave
673S Independence Blvd
674S James St
675S Lunenburg Dr
676S Purdue Ave
677Saienni Blvd
678Santa Claus Ln
679Sara Ct
680Sarah Ct
681Saratoga Dr
682Saybrook Way
683Schafer Blvd
684Schaffer Blvd
685Schley Rd
686School Bell Rd
687School House Rd
688School Ln
689School St
690Scottie Ln
691Seaford St
692Shadwell Ct
693Shamrock Ave
694Shaw Alley
695Shenandoah Valley
696Sheridan Dr
697Shetland Dr
698Shetland Way
699Ships Landing Way
700Silo Dr
701Silo Rd
702Silsbee Rd
703Silvia Way
704Simonds Dr
705Single Ave
706Skeet Rd
707Skelton Dr
708Skyline Dr
709Smallwood Ave
710Somers Ave
711South Pl
712South St
713Southerland Dr
714Southgate Blvd
715Southwyk Rd
716Springfields Blvd
717Spruance Dr
718Stabler Ct
719Staghorn Dr
720Stahl Ave
721Stamm Blvd
722Stanley Ln
723Stanton Ave
724Stanton Christiana Rd
725State Road 37
726State Route 58
727Steel Dr
728Sterling Ave
729Stevens Dr
730Stockton Dr
731Stonebridge Blvd
732Stonehurst Ct
733Strawbridge Ave
734Stuyvesant Ave
735Sugarberry Dr
736Summerfield Ln
737Sunset Blvd
738Surrey Dr
739Surry Ct
740Sutton Ln
741Swedes St
742Sweetbay Ln
743Sykes Rd
744Talbot Dr
745Tarra Dr
746Tatlow Ln
747Tavernier Dr
748Terence Ct
749Terminal Ave
750Terry Ct
751The Green
752The Strand
753Thelm Rd
754Thorn Ct
755Thorn Ln
756Thorn Rd
757Trabers Ln
758Tremont St
759Tuckahoe Rd
760Tulip Ln
761Twin Lane Rd
762Tyne Dr
763Tyrone Ave
764U.s. 13
765U.s. 202
766U.s. 40
767Umbrella Row
768Uniqema Blvd
769Valley Forge Rd
770Valley Rd
771Van Dyke Dr
772Vane Ct
773Varmar Rd
774Vassar Ave
775Vicar Ln
776Villas Dr
777Vinway Rd
778Vista Ct
779W 10th St
780W 11th St
781W 12th St
782W 13th St
783W 14th St
784W 3rd St
785W 4th St
786W 5th St
787W 6th St
788W 7th St
789W 8th St
790W 9th St
791W Balbach Ave
792W Basin Rd
793W Bellamy Dr
794W Burton Ave
795W Edinburgh Dr
796W Franklin Ave
797W Grant Ave
798W Harvest Dr
799W Hazeldell Ave
800W Hillview Ave
801W Independence Blvd
802W Lexton Rd
803W Market Pl
804W Minuit Dr
805W Monroe Ave
806W Point Ave
807W Roosevelt Ave
808W Saxony Dr
809W Sussex Pl
810W University Ave
811W Van Buren Ave
812W Violette Dr
813W Weatherly Rd
814Wagonwheel Dr
815Walden Pl
816Walker Dr
817Walker Rd
818Wardor Ave
819Warwick Ln
820Warwick Way
821Washington St
822Waterview Dr
823Weatherford Ct
824Wedgefield Cir
825Wedgefield Ct
826Wedgefield Dr
827Wellesley Ct
828Werden Dr
829West Ave
830Westbury Dr
831Wheatsheaf Dr
832Whitehaven Dr
833Wiegon Dr
834Wildel Ave
835Wildfire Ln
836William Penn Square
837Williams Ct
838Williams St
839Willings Way
840Wilmington Ave
841Wilmington Rd
842Wilson Dr
843Wilton Blvd
844Winburne Dr
845Winder Rd
846Windmill Ln
847Wooddale Ave
848Woodduck Ct
849Woods End Ct
850Wrangle Hill Rd
851Wynthorpe Rd
852Yale Ave
853Yeates Dr
854Yellowfin Trail
855Yorktown Rd
856Young St