List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Live Oak, Florida

#Street Name
1100th Pl
2100th Terrace
3101st Ct
4101st Dr
5101st Ln
6101st Pl
7102nd Pass
8102nd Path
9102nd Pl
10102nd Terrace
11102nd Trail
12102nd Trce
13103rd Dr
14103rd Rd
15104th Pl
16104th St
17104th Terrace
18105th Pl
19105th Rd
20106th Pl
21106th Terrace
22107th Rd
23108th Pl
24108th Terrace
25108th Trail
26109th Dr
27109th Ln
28109th Pl
2910th St Sw
3010th Terrace
31110th St
32110th Terrace
33111th Pl
341127th Ct
35112th Cir
36112th Pl
37112th St
38112th Terrace
39113th Pl
40 113th Rd
41114th Cir
42114th Pl
43114th St
44114th Terrace
45114th Trail
46115th Dr
47116th Pl
48116th St
49116th Terrace
50117th Ct
51117th Dr
52117th Ln
53118th Pl
54118th Terrace
55119th Ct
56119th Rd
5711th St
5811th St Sw
59120th Pl
60120th St
61121st Dr
62121st Pl
63122nd St
64123rd Rd
65124th Pl
66124th St
67124th Terrace
68125th Ln
69126th Pl
70126th Terrace
71127th Ln
72127th Pl
73128th Pass
74128th Path
75128th Pl
76128th St
77128th Terrace
78129th Dr
79129th Ln
80 12th Terrace
81130th St
82131st Loop
83131st Rd
84132nd St
85132nd Terrace
86133rd Dr
87133rd Path
88133rd Pl
89133rd Rd
90134th Terrace
91135th Cir
92135th Dr
93135th Ln
94135th Loop
95135th Pl
96135th Rd
97136th St
98137th Ct
99137th Landing
100137th Ln
101137th Path
102137th Pl
103137th Rd
104138th Pl
105138th St
106138th Terrace
107139th Ct
108139th Dr
109139th Ln
110139th Loop
111139th Pl
112140th Pl
113140th St
114141st Dr
115141st Ln
116141st Pl
117141st Rd
118142nd Pl
119142nd Terrace
120143rd Pl
121143rd Rd
122144th St
123145th Dr
124145th Rd
125146th Pl
126146th St
127146th Terrace
128147th Loop
129147th Pl
130147th Rd
131148th St
132148th Terrace
133149th Pl
13414th St
13514th Terrace
13614th Trail
13714th Trak
13814th Trce
139150th Place A
140150th Place B
141150th Terrace
142150th Trail
143151st Rd
144152nd St
145152nd Terrace
146152nd Trail
147153rd Rd
148154th Cir
149155th Dr
150155th Ln
151155th Loop
152155th Pass
153155th Pl
154155th Rd
155156th Terrace
156157th Rd
158159th Ct
159159th Dr
160159th Pass
161159th Path
162159th Rd
163160th St
164160th Trail
165160th Trce
166161st Rd
167162nd St
168162nd Trail
169165th Trail
170167th Pl
171167th Rd
172169th Dr
173169th Rd
17416th St
17516th Terrace
17616th Trail
17716th Trce
178171st Pl
179171st Rd
180173rd Pl
181174th St
182175th Ct
183175th Dr
184177th Dr
185177th Ln
186177th Pl
187177th Rd
188178th St
189179th Ct
190179th Dr
191179th Pl
192179th Rd
193180th St
194180th Trce
195181st Ct
196181st Dr
197181st Ln
198181st Loop
199181st Pl
200181st Rd
201183rd Dr
202183rd Ln
203183rd Pl
204183rd Rd
205185th Pl
206185th Rd
207186th Pl
208186th St
209186th Trail
210187th Dr
211187th Path
212187th Pl
213187th Rd
214188th Pl
215188th St
216188th Trail
217189th Dr
218189th Pl
219189th Rd
22018th Pl
221191st Dr
222191st Rd
223193rd Dr
224193rd Pl
225193rd Rd
226197th Pl
227197th Rd
228199th Ln
229199th Pl
230199th Rd
2311st St
2321st St Nw
233201st Rd
234203rd Ct
235203rd Pl
236203rd Rd
237205th Ct
238205th Ln
239205th Pl
240205th Rd
241209th Dr
242209th Pl
243209th Rd
24420th St
245211 Pl
246211th Dr
247211th Rd
248213rd Rd
249213th Dr
250213th Rd
251215th Dr
252215th Rd
253217th Rd
254219th Ln
255219th Pl
256219th Rd
257221st Pl
258221st Rd
259225th Rd
260227th Ln
261227th Pl
262229th Dr
263229th Ln
264229th Rd
26522nd Pl
266231st Dr
267231st Pl
268231st Rd
269233rd Ln
270233rd Rd
271235th Dr
272235th Ln
273235th Rd
274237 Th Rd
275237th Ct
276237th Dr
277237th Rd
278239th Pl
279241st Dr
28024th St
28126th Pl
2822nd St
2832nd St Ne
2842nd St Nw
28530th St
28630th Trail
28732nd Pl
28832nd St
28934th Pl
29034th St
29134th Trail
29236th Trail
29337th Rd
29438th St
29538th Terrace
29640th St
29744th Pl
29844th St
29946th St
30048th St
30148th Terrace
30249th Pl
3034th Ave
3044th St
3054th St Nw
30650th St
30752nd St
30852nd Terrace
30952nd Trail
31053rd Dr
31154th St
31254th Terrace
31356th St
31456th Terrace
31556th Trail
31657th Dr
31757th Pl
31858th Pl
31958th St
32058th Terrace
32159th Ct
32259th Dr
3235th St Sw
32460th Pl
32560th Pl B
32660th Place A
32760th St
32860th Terrace
32960th Trail
33061st Dr
33162nd Cir
33262nd Pl
33362nd St
33462nd Terrace
33563rd Ct
33663rd Dr
33763rd Path
33863rd Rd
33964th Pl
34064th St
34165th Dr
34266th Pl
34366th St
34467th Rd
34568th Pl
34668th St
34768th Terrace
34869th Ln
3496th St Sw
35070th Pl
35170th St
35271st Dr
35371st Rd
35472nd Path
35572nd Pl
35672nd St
35772nd Terrace
35872nd Trail
35972nd Trce
36073 Loop
36173rd Ct
36273rd Dr
36373rd Ln
36473rd Pass
36574th St
36674th Terrace
36774th Trail
36874th Trce
36975th Dr
37075th Loop
37176th St
37276th Terrace
37377th Pl
37477th Rd
37578th Pl
37678th St
37778th Terrace
37878th Trail
37978th Trce
38079 Pl
3817th St
3827th St Sw
38380th Pl
38480th St
38580th Terrace
38681st Dr
38782nd Pl
38882nd St
38982nd Terrace
39083rd Dr
39183rd Pl
39284th St
39385th Pl
39485th Rd
39586th St
39686th Terrace
39786th Trail
39887th Pl
39987th Rd
40088th St
40188th Terrace
40288th Trail
40388th Trce
40489th Pass
40589th Pl
40689th Rd
4078oth St
4088th St Sw
4098th Terrace
41090th Cir
41190th St
41290th Terrace
41390th Trail
41491st Dr
41591st Ln
41692nd Pl
41792nd St
41892nd Terrace
41992nd Trail
42092nd Trce
42193rd Ln
42293rd Rd
42394th Path
42494th St
42594th Terrace
42694th Trail
42794th Trce
42895th Dr
42995th Loop
43095th Pl
43196th Pl
43296th St
43396th Terrace
43496th Trail
43597th Ct
43697th Ln
43797th Rd
43898th Annex
43998th Pl
44098th St
44198th Terrace
44299th Ln
4439th St S W
4449th St Sw
445A Ave Ne
446Abby Leonard Dr
447Ada St
448Ada St Se
449Airport Rd
451Albritton Rd
452Allenwood Rd
453Ammons Ave
454Ammons Ave Sw
455Ammons St Nw
456Anderson Ave Ne
457Andra Davis St Nw
458Anna Ave Ne
459Aquilla Cir
460Aquilla Ln
462Aven Rd
463Aw Bud Loop
464Aw Bud Smith Loop
465Aw Bud Smith Pl
466Azalea Ln
467Ball Rd
468Barclay St Sw
469Bass Rd
470Bedford Rd
471Beech Craft Blvd
472Beech St
473Beech St Ne
474Beech St Nw
475Bellonia Blvd
476Bethea Rd
477Betsie Rd
478Beulah Rd
479Beverly St Se
480Big Pine St
481Biggs Rd
482Billy Wright Rd
483Birch St
484Blackburn Ave Sw
485Bluebird Ln
486Boeing Dr
487Bonanza Blvd
488Boys Ranch Rd
489Briarwood Dr
490Brinch Rd
491Broad Ave Ne
492Broken Rail
493Broome Ave Nw
494Brown Ave Nw
495Bryson St Ne
496Bulb Farm Rd
497Bulb Farm-to-market Rd
498Bull Ave Ne
499Burke Ave
500Bynum Ave Sw
501C R 136
502Camp Weed Pl
503Canyon Ave Ne
504Cardinal Cir
505Carroll Rd
506Carver Ave Sw
507Cecil Webb
508Cecil Webb Pl
509Cedar Ln
510Centre Ave
511Cessna Cir
512Charles Springs Rd
513Chevy Way
514Christopher Ln
515Church Ave
516Church Ave S W
517Church Ave Sw
518Citation Ct
519Clay St
520Clay St Ne
521Clayland Rd
522Coliseum Ave
523Coliseum Ave Sw
524Colonial St Se
525Condensor Rd
526Conner St Ne
527Conner St Nw
528Connor Pool
529Connors Park St
530Cooper St Se
531Copeland St Sw
532Corbin Ave
533Cottage Ave Sw
534County Road 132
535County Road 136
536County Road 136a
537County Road 249
538County Road 250
539County Road 417
540County Road 795
541Court St Se
542Creek 417
543Crews Rd
544Croft Rd
546Curtis Rd
547Cypress St
548Cypress St Ne
549Dallas St Ne
550Dardek Dr
551Darrow Ave Se
552Davis St Ne
553Dead End Ln
554Delaware Rd
555Demetree St Sw
556Demorest St Se
557Dexter St Sw
558Dillon St Nw
559District Line Rd
560Dogwood Ln
561Don Mcleod Pl
562Donella St
563Douglas Dr
564Douglas St Sw
565Dowling Ave Se
566Dowling Park Dr
567Durham Rd
568Duval St
569Duval St Ne
570Duval St Nw
571E Howard St
572E Tower Rd
573Edna St Se
574Elm St Ne
575Elm St Nw
576Elmwood Ln
577Emerald Forest
578Euclid St Sw
579Eva Ave
580Eva Ave Ne
581Evelyn Ave Nw
582Evergreen Ave Sw
583Falmouth Rd
584Falmouth Spring
585Fir St Ne
586Floyd St Ne
587Foxtrail Rd
588Frances Sheldon Green Dr
589Friends Rd
590Frink Pl
591Ft Union Rd
592Garrison Rd
593Gay St Se
594Georgia Ave
595Georgia Ave Ne
596Glass St Ne
597Goff St
598Goldkist Blvd
599Goldkist Blvd Sw
600Goodwin St Sw
601Grand St Ne
602Grande St
603Green Ave Sw
604Gum Slough Rd
605Haines St N E
606Hamilton Ave Ne
607Hamilton Ave Nw
608Harrel Ave
609Harrell Rd
610Harris Rd
611Hatch Rd
612Hawkins St Sw
613Helvenston St Se
614Henry St
615Henry St Se
616Hickory Ln
617Hilldale Rd
618Hillman Ave Nw
619Hobgood Rd
620Holly Ln
621Holmes Rd
622Hope Ave
623Horizon Cir Sw
624Horne Ave Sw
625Houston Ave
626Houston Ave Nw
627Houston Ave Sw
628Howard St E
629Howard St W
631Hutchinon Rd
632Hwy 10
633Hwy 10a
634Hwy 136
635Hwy 51
636Hwy 8
637Hwy 90
638Ichetucknee Rd Se
639Industrial Ave
640Ingleside Dr
641Ingleside Dr Ne
642Ingram Rd
643Interstate 10
644Irvin Ave Nw
645Irvin Ave Sw
646Jackson Ave
647Jackson Ave N E
648James Ave
649James St
650James St S W
651Jenkins Ave Se
652John St Sw
653Johnson Ave Sw
654Jonathan Pl
655Joyal Ln
656Julia St
657Keene Rd
658Key Rd
659King St
660King St Ne
661King St Nw
662Kitty Hawk Ln
663Knight Rd
664Lafayette Ave Sw
665Lake Ave
666Lakeshore Dr
667Lakeview Dr
668Lamar St Se
669Lancaster Rd
670Lashley Rd
671Lavonia St Sw
672Leac Ln
673Lee Ave
674Lee Ave Se
675Level Rd
676Liberty St
677Liberty St Sw
678Lime Ave Nw
679Lincoln Ave
680Lincoln Ave Sw
681Lisle Ave
682Lisle Ave Ne
683Live Oak Ln
684Long Alley
685Long Dr
686Long Meadow Dr
687Long St
688Long St Se
689Longleaf Dr Sw
690Longleaf Ln
691Louis Ave Sw
692Luke St
693Lundy Ln
694Luxe Conner St N E
695Lyn Rd
696M Bixler Ln
697Macera Ln
698Madison St Sw
699Magnolia St
700Main St Ne
701Maltese Pl
702Manor St Se
703Maple Ln
704Maple St Sw
705Marina Pkwy
706Marion St Sw
707Martha St Se
708Martin Mayhue St Ne
709Martin St Ne
710Marvin Jones Blvd
711Mary Katherine Ave
712Maryann's Dr
713Marymac St
714Marymac St Se
715Marymac St Sw
716May Haw Ln
717May St Se
718Mc Gee St N E
719Mcgee St
720Mcgee St Ne
721Mcmullen Pl
722Mcnulty St Sw
723Meadow Pines Trail
724Meadow St Se
725Meadow View Dr
726Medlock Ln
727Mendez Pl
728Mill St
729Miller Rd
730Miller St
731Miller St Se
732Millsite Ln
733Mitchell Rd
734Monroe Ave Ne
735Moore Rd
736Mt Olive Rd
737Musgrove Pl
738Mussey Ave Ne
739Myra St Sw
740Myrtle Ave Se
741Nabor Ave Se
742Neely Ln
743New Harmony Rd
744Newbern Rd
745Newburn Rd
746Nobles Ferry Rd
747Northwest Dr Sw
748Oakland Way Dr
749Oakwood Ln
750Ocan Dr
751Ohio Ave N
752Ohio Ave S
753Old Ichetucknee Rd
754Old Nobles Ferry Rd
755Ontario Ave Sw
756Ontario St Sw
757Orchard St Sw
758Padgett Ave Se
760Padlock Rd
761Park Center Dr
762Park St
763Park St Se
764Parker St
765Parshley St Sw
766Pearl Ave
767Pearl Ave Se
768Peavy St Sw
769Piedmont St Se
770Pine Ave Sw
771Pine Crest Rd
772Pine Dr
773Pine Hollow Rd
774Pineoak Dr
775Pineview Cir Sw
776Pinewood Dr Sw
777Pinewood St Sw
778Pinewood Way
779Pinewood Way Sw
780Piper Pl
781Plantation Rd
782Platt St Se
783Poinsetta Dr
784Railroad Ave
785Railroad Ave Se
786Railroad St
787Ramston Rd
788Ranchette Rd
789Redbud Ln
790Richardson Ave Sw
791Rickey Rd
792Ridgeview Dr
793River Birch Ln
794Robert Dr
795Roberts St Nw
796Robertson Rd
797Rocked Cave
798Rocky Sink Rd
799Rogers Ave Nw
800Rolling Green Rd
801Rosewood St
802Roxie Rd
803Rrsistor Rd
804Rte 51
805Ruby Ln
806Ruby St
807Ruby St Ne
808Running Springs Dr
809Ruth St
810S Walker Ave Sw
811Sandra Ave Sw
812Santa Fe St Se
813Sante Fe St
814Scott St
815Scott St Ne
816Scriven Ave Nw
817Scriven Ave S W
818Scriven Ave Sw
819Se 134 Ave
820Seedling Dr
821Seminole St Se
822Sewmill Rd
823Sharon Ave
824Shelby Ave
825Shelby Ave Nw
826Shirley St
827Silas Dr Sw
828Skeen Rd
829Skinner Rd
830Smith St
831Sonja Terrace
832Southland Dr
833Springdale Rd
834Spruce St Ne
835Spruce St Nw
836Stagecoach Rd
837Starling Rd
838State Highway 349
839State Highway 795
840Stephens St Sw
841Suwanee Ave
842Suwannee Ave S W
843Suwannee Ave Sw
844Suwannee Lake Rd
845Sw 79th Terrace
846Tab St
847Tanglewood Dr
848Tara Trce
849Tarver Ave Ne
850Taylor Ave
851Taylor Ave Sw
852Tedder Ave Ne
853Telford Spring Rd
854Tennessee St
855Texada St
856Tremont Dr
857U.s. 129
858Union Ave Se
859Van Buren St Se
860Van Ness Pl
861Voyles St
862Wades Grade Rd
863Walker Ave
864Walker Ave Nw
865Walker Ave Sw
866Walker Pl
867Warner Rd
868Warren St
869Washington Ave
870Waterman Ave Se
871Waterman St
872Weaver St Sw
873Webb Blvd
874Webb Dr
875Webb Dr Ne
876Weller Ave Se
877West Ave Ne
878Westmoreland St Se
879Wheeler Ave Ne
880White Ave Se
881White Ln
882Wigely Pl
883Wiggins Rd
884Wilbur St Sw
885Wildwood Cir
886Willow Bend Way
887Winderweedle St Nw
888Wingover Way
889Woodland Dr Sw
890Woods Ave Sw
891Young Rd