List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Soda Springs, Idaho

#Street Name
12500 Rd
22550 Rd
32600 Rd
42900 Rd
52nd Bridge Rd
63 Mile Knoll Rd
74th N St
85 Mile Meadow Rd
95th E St
108 Mile Canyon Rd
118 Mile Rd
12Alexander Rd
13Argonne Ave
14Ashland Dr
15Bailey Creek - Uinta-wasatch-cache National Forest
16Bailey Creek 8 Mile Rd
17Bailey Creek Cir
18Bailey Creek Rd
19Balls Rd
20Big Springs Rd
21Blackfoot Access Rd
22Blackfoot Ct
23Blackfoot North Access Rd
24Blackfoot River Rd
25Blm Rd
26Cammack Dr
27Caribou National Forest Road 200
28Caribou Nf Road 124
29Caribou Nf Road 125
30Caribou Nf Road 126
31Caribou Nf Road 127
32Caribou Nf Road 128
33Caribou Nf Road 130 - Targhee National Forest
34Caribou Nf Road 172 - Targhee National Forest
35Caribou Nf Road 175 - Targhee National Forest
36Caribou Nf Road 178 - Targhee National Forest
37Caribou Nf Road 186
38Caribou Nf Road 195 - Targhee National Forest
39Caribou Nf Road 199 - Targhee National Forest
40 Caribou Nf Road 200 - Targhee National Forest
41Caribou Nf Road 201 - Targhee National Forest
42Caribou Nf Road 205 - Targhee National Forest
43Caribou Nf Road 214
44Caribou Nf Road 95 - Targhee National Forest
45Caribou Nf Road 96 - Targhee National Forest
46Caribou Rd
47Caribou Rd
48Caribou St
49Cascade Quey St
50Cedar Ave
51Cedar View Rd
52Chateau Thierry St
53China Cap Rd
54China Hat Rd
55Citation Ct
56Commercial Pl
57Corder Cir
58Court St
59Crater Rd
60Creek Rd
61Davis Ville Rd
62Dekay Pit Rd
63Dekay Rd
64Dike Rd
65Donahue Ave
66Dry Valley Rd
67E 1st St N
68E 1st St S
69E 2nd St N
70E 3rd St S
71E 480th St N
72E 4th St N
73E 4th St S
74E 520th N St
75E 530th St N
76E 660 N St
77E 6th N St
78E Hooper Ave
79E Industrial Pl
80 E Woodland Dr
81Eastman Ave
82Formation Ave
83Fossil Canyon Rd
84Fs 316
85Fs 377 - Uinta-wasatch-cache National Forest
86Fs 4347 - Uinta-wasatch-cache National Forest
87Gagon Dr
88Godwin Cir
89Government Dam Rd
90Gravel Pit Rd
91Gunnell Rd
92Harbor Rd
93Haul Rd
94Hawker Rd
95Hillside Dr
96Hilltop Rd
97Hooper Rd
98Hopkins Ln
99Horseshoe Pl
100Horsley Ln
101Hubbard Pit Rd
102Hwy 34
103Hyperion Rd
104Hyperion Way
105Island Cir
106Johnson Creek Rd
107Kelly Park Rd
108Keystone Ct
109Lake Easement Rd
110Lallatin Ln
111Largilliere Rd
112Larsen Rd
113Lewis Ave
114Long Valley Rd
115Lowe Rd
116Macarthur Ave
117Main St
118Maughan Dr
119Mc Lean Ave
120Meadowville Rd
121Middle Sulphur Canyon Rd
122Mill Fork Rd
123Mineral Heights St
124Monsanto Blvd
125Mountain View Ave
126Mullen Rd
127N 1st St E
128N 2nd E
129N 3rd St E
130N 4th St E
131N 700th St E
132N 730th E St
133N 770th St E
134N 7th St E
135N 8th E
136N 8th St E
137N Hooper Ave
138N Sulphur Canyon
139N Trail Rd
140N Woodland Dr
141Nashua Cir
142Nijinsky Pl
143Ninety Percent Canyon Rd
144Old Oregon Rd
145Panting Ln
146Phelps Rd
147Pioneer Dr
148Pioneer Rd
149Rasmussen Valley Rd
150Reed Ln
151Reservoir Easement Rd
152River Dr
153Road 186
154Road 216
155Road 425
156Road 436
157Robinson Canyon Rd
158Rock Chuck Rd
159Rose St
160S 1st St E
161S 1st St W
162S 2nd St E
163S 2nd St W
164S 3rd St E
165S 7th St E
166S Hooper Ave
167S Spring Creek Dr
168S Sulphur Canyon Rd
169S Trail Rd
170Sheep Creek Rd - Targhee National Forest
171Sherman Ave
172Skinny Dip Rd
173Skyline Dr
174Slug Creek Rd
175Soda Creek Dr
176Soda Point Power Plant Rd
177Sorenson Rd
178South 3rd St W
179Spring Creek Dr
180State Highway 34
181Sulphur Canyon Rd
182Torgesen Ln
183Trail Canyon Rd
184Trail Canyon Rd
185Trail Creek Rd
186Valley View Dr
187Valley View Rd
188Village Rd
189Vista Cir
190W 3rd St S
191W 4th St S
192W Center St
193W Hooper Ave
194Wells Ln
195Willow Cir
196Windmill Flat Rd
197Wood Canyon Rd