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List of Street Names with maps in Coxs Creek, Kentucky

#Street Name
14 Seasons Dr
2Allender Ln
3Antlers Trace Dr
4Aristides Ct
5Ashford Ln
6Back Run Rd
7Bare St
8Berman Wells Rd
10Buck Run Trail
11Caney Fox Ln
12Cavalcade Cir
13Cedar Grove Rd
14Chattanooga Dr
15Chesapeake Trail
16Churchill Dr
17Cook Rd
18Cotton Ln
19County Road 1129
34Creekside Dr
35Crenshaw Ln
36Cross Creek Ct
37Day Hill Ct
38Deatsville Con
39Deatsville Loop
40 Deatsville Rd
41Deerwood Ct
42Deerwood Dr
43Deerwood Dr
44Doewood Ln
45Dotson Ct
46Downs Ln
47Dudley Ln
48Dugan Rd
49E Vaughn Rd
50Ethridge Ln
51Everett Hall Rd
52Fairfield Cemetery Loop Rd
53Fairfield Rd
54Forest Springs Dr
55Forest View Ct
56Frankfort Court
57Froman Greenwell Rd
58George Meyer Ln
59Gordon Ct
60Gordon Dr
61Grays Run Rd
62Grigsby Ln
63Grigsby Ln
64Hall Loop
65Harrison Fork Rd
66Hialeah Dr
67Hibbs Ln
68High Grove Ln
69High Grove Rd
70Hillock Dr
71Hobbs Ln
72Hunters Ln
73Hwy 480
74Illinois Way
75Irvine Ct
76J F Owens Rd
77J H Lyddane Rd
78Jellico Dr
79Jessie James Rd
80 King Rd
81King Rd
82Lawrence Ln
83Lenore Rd
84Lexington Ct
85Lombard Cir
86Louisville Rd
87Louisville Rd
88Lutes Ln
89Marr Lane Nms
90Max Rouse Rd
91Meadow Dr
92Mobley Mill Rd
93N St Gregory Church Rd
94Nashville Dr
95New Shepherdsville Rd
96Ohio Ct
97Old Grisby Ln
98Old Henpeck Rd
99Pacific Ct
100Peabody Loop
101Preakness Dr
102Riverbrooke Dr
103Robin Hood Ave
104Rock Creek Ln
105Rummage Rd
106S St Gregory Church Rd
107Saddlebrook Dr
108Samuels Church Rd
109Samuels Loop
110Sherman Oaks Dr
111Snider Rd
112Solitude Rd
113Spalding Ln
114Spring Ct
115Springhurst Dr
116Stallard Rd
117State Highway 3207
118State Highway 48
119State Highway 509
120State Highway 523
121Steeplechase Ct
122Sullivan Ln
123T Hahn Rd
124Thompson Hill Rd
125Tichenor Ln
126Timberwood Ct
127Tom Walker Ln
128Topeka Ln
129U.s. 150
130Valley Spring
131Valley Spring Ct
132Vaughn Rd
133Versailles Ct
134Weaver Rd
135Weller Loop
136Wells Ln
137Wheeler Wright Ln
138Whirlaway Ct
139Whitesides Rd
140Whitesides Rd