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List of Street Names with maps in Mt Vernon, Kentucky

#Street Name
14 Sons Sub Rd
2Alcorn St
3Bethrum St
4Bible Baptist Church Rd
5Big Hill Rd
6Burnt Ridge Rd
7Carter Dr
8Carter St
9Center St
10Chestnut Dr
11Church St
12City Garadge Rd
13Clark St
14Clontz Rd
15Clyde Barnett Rd
16Coral Ln
17Cox Ln
18Coy Vance Rd
20Cr-1611 - Daniel Boone National Forest
21Crab Orchard Rd
22Craig St
23Crawford Ln
24Crawford St
25Crawford St Exd
26Cresthaven Cemetery Rd
40 Cs-1086
43Dailey Ave
44Dailey St
45Davis St
46E Locust St
47E Main St
48Elmwood Cemetery
49Elmwood Cemetery Ln
50Evans St
51Fair St
52Fairview Rd
53Faith Mountian Rd
54Ferguson St
55Fish St
56Floyd St
57Ford Dr
58Ford Dr Exd
59Freedom School Rd
60Gold Dust Dr
61Graham St
62Granite Dr
63Green Hill Rd
64Greenway Dr
65Hale St
66Hamlin St
67High St
68Hill Crest Dr
69Hill St
70Holt Dr
71Hunter St
72Hwy 1249
73Hwy 1956 - Daniel Boone National Forest
74Hysinger Hollow Rd
75Industrial Park Rd
76J T Boone Rd - Daniel Boone National Forest
77Jerri Ln
78Joyce St
79King's Ct
80 Kirby Ln
81Koa Campground Rd
82Lair St
83Lake Linville Rd
84Langdon St
85Lawrence Ln
86Lewis St
87Liberty St
88Limestone St
89Locust St
90Lovell Ct
91Lovell Ln
92Lower Dr
93Mackenzie Ln
94Maple Dr
95Mc Bee St
96Mcbee St
97Mcferron St
98Mill St
99New St
100Newcomb Ave
101Old Rocky South Rd
102Old Somerset Rd
103Old Us Highway 25
104Old Us Highway 25 Loop - Daniel Boone National Forest
105Old Us Highway 25 Loop No 6
106Old Us Highway 25 Loop No 7
107Old Us Highway 25 Loop No 8
108Owens St
109Parrett St
110Parsons St
111Paul St
112Pegs Ln
113Perciful St
114Pittman Ln
115Pittman St
116Poplar St
117Poplar St Exd
118Purcell Cemetery Rd
119Quarry St
120Red Bud School Rd
121Red Foley Rd
122Redbud Dr
123Richmond St
124Rockastle Villa
125Rose Hill Cemetery Rd
126Rose Hill Rd
127Rose Hill Road Exd
128Ruby Ln
129S Wilderness Rd
130Sand Springs Rd
131Sandstone Dr
132Scaffold Cane Rd
133School St
134Shirley St
135Spring St
136State Highway 1617
138Terry St
139Tevis St
140Town Branch Rd
141Town Hill Ct
142U.s. 421
143Valley View Rd
144Water Plant Rd
145Williams St
146Wood St
147Woodland Pl
148Young St