List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Summer Shade, Kentucky

#Street Name
1A Brewster Rd
2A Gerald Rd
3Albert Morgan Rd
4Anderson Hollow Rd
5Andrew Savage Rd
6Antioch Church Rd
7Apple Grove Rd
8Barlow Rd
9Bartley Rd
10Bernard Hodges Rd
11Berryman Rd
12Big Jack Rd
13Billingsly Rd
14Billingsly Road Y
15Billy Joe Powell Rd
16Bowman Estates
17Brad Bell Rd
18Brewster Rd
19Britt Rd
20Bronston Howard Rd
21Brooks Rd
22Butler Rd
23Calvin Perkins Rd
24Cecil Branstetter Rd
25Cecil Froedge Rd
26Cemetery Rd
27Chapman Rd
28Chenoweth Rd
29Cherokee Trail
30Cleo Hunley Rd
31Clifton Smith Rd
32Cora Wilborn Rd
33Corbett Shirley Rd
34County Road 1042
35County Road 1043
36County Road 1075
38D Bartley Rd
39Dalton Hodges Rd
40 Dalton Hodges Rd
41Danny Grider Rd
42Dr Evans Rd
43E Cyclone Rd
44E Nobob Rd
45E Temple Hill Rd
46Earl Shives Rd
47Eddie Harbinson Rd
48Eddie Walker Rd
49Elbert Payne Rd
50Ernie Ferrell Rd
51Eugene Lynn Rd
52Ferguson Rd
53Firehouse Ln
54Flickinger Ln
55Franklin Rd
56Frazier St
57Froedge Dubre Rd
58G L Butler Rd
59Gentry Cemetery Rd
60Gentry Rd
61George Lynn Rd
62Good Folks Rd
63Gordon Branch Rd
64Greenbriar Rd
65Guy Young Rd
66H H Howard Rd
67Hamilton Heights Rd
68Hamilton School Rd
69Harbison Rd
70Harold Paull Rd
71Harrison Bowles Rd
72Hart Hollow Rd
73Harvey Cemetery Rd
74Harvey White Cemetery Rd
75Herman Estes Rd
76Hilltop View Rd
77Homer Bartley Rd
78Homer White Rd
79Hood Rd
80 Hope Rd
81Hurt Hollow Rd
82Hwy 90
83I-wright Rd
84Id Birge Rd
85James Shoopman Rd
86Jeff Emmert Rd
87Jim M Paige Rd
88Jims Hill Rd
89Joe Bowles Rd
90John Hurt Rd
91Jr Shelley Rd
92Larry Hope Rd
93Larry Hurt Rd
94Lemmon Rd
95Lemmon Road Con
96Lenora Birge Rd
97Lester Rd
98Lyron Estes Rd
99M Clark Rd
100Martin Cemetary Rd
101Mccoy-witty Rd
102Mcwhorter Rd
103Meadow Dr
104Milam Clark Rd
105Milam Clark Rd
106Moore Rd
107Morris Rd
108Mt Moriah Rd
109N C Hurt Rd
110N Page Rd
111Neville Cemetery Rd
112Nobob Summer Shade Rd
113Norris Cir
114Norris Rd
115Nunnally Rd
116O Bartley Rd
117Old Goodson Church Rd
118Old Goodson School Cyclone Rd
119Old Kesler Ridge School Rd
120Old Randolph School Rd
121Old Sherfey Rd
122Old Sulphur Lick Rd
123Owen Pulliam Rd
124P Bowles Rd
125P Norris Cir
126Pace Road Y
127Page Rd
128Patty Wade Ln
129Peckerwood Ridge Rd
130Pedigo Ln
131Peterbuilt Rd
132Phillip Whitlow Rd
133Pipeline Rd
134Pitcock Rd
135Randolph Summer Shade Rd
136Ray Norman Rd
137Raymond Harlan Rd
138Raymond Harlan Rd
139Reneau Rd
140Rex Birge Rd
141Rex Birge Road Y
142Rex Wilburn Rd
143Richardson Rd
144Richardson Spur Rd
145Robert Brige Rd
146Robert Edwards Rd
147Rollin Harbison Rd
148Rollin Harbison Spur Rd
149Ross Norman Rd
150Roy Blythe Rd
151Roy Grider Rd
152Roy Lee Humes Rd
153Roy Settles Rd
154Russell Smith Rd
155S Union Hill School Rd
156Sam White Rd
157Scott Cemetery Rd
158Sherfey Rd
159Shirleyville Rd
160Shive Rd
161Shives Road Y
162Sims Rd
163State Highway 1324
164State Highway 1324
165State Highway 1520
166Summer Shade Church Rd
167Summer Shade Rd
168Summermont Cir
169Temple Hill Rd
170Thurman Smith Rd
171Timmy Circle Rd
172Tom Word Rd
173Trinity Ln
174Troy Bowles Rd
175W Apple Grove Rd
176W Froedge Dubre Rd
177Walker Rd
178Walker Rd
179Walnut Hills Rd
180Watts Creek Rd
181Wendell Hurt Rd
182Whitlow Rd
183Wilborn Rd
184Wilbur Glass Rd