List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Benton Charter Township, Michigan

#Street Name
1A Ave
2Ames St
3Archie Dr
4Arrow Wood Curve
5B Ave
6Baushke Ave
7Beech Glen Rd
9Beechwood Terrace
10Beveridge Ave
11Blue Creek Rd
12Blue Creek Terrace
13Blue Ridge Rd
14Bluff Ave
15C Ave
16Calvary Rd
18Cinema Way
20Clinton Rd
21Club Dr
22Concord Rd
23Cottage Ave
24Council Dr
25Cribbs Ave
26Crystal Ct
27D Ave
28Dave Ave
29Dexter Ave
30Duv St
31E Ogden Ave
32E Ridgeway St
33Eastman Ave
34Edith St
35Edson Ave
36Elizabeth Ave
37Ellen Rd
38End O Woods Dr
39Esther Ave
40 Etta St
41Eureka Ave
42Fairplain Dr
43Farmer Ave
44Felton St
45Ferguson Dr
46Forest Glenn
47Forest Point Rd
48Francis Ave
50Gestner Rd
51Golf Rd
52Henry Ave
53Herr Ct
54Higman Park Hill
55Higman Park Rd
56Hubbard Ct
57Indiana Ave
58Indiana Dr
59Jennings St
60Jewett Ave
61John Mccoy Dr
63Lake Bluff Ct
64Lakeview Ave
65Landward Rd
66Laurel Ave
67Lawton Ave
70Lorenzo Ave
71Louis Ct
72Louise Dr
73Lynn Ave
74Madeline Ave
75Mall Dr
76Mall Pl
77Manorwood Cir
78Marie Ln
79Meadow Terrace
80 Modeline Ave
81Monte Bella
82Monte Bella Dr
83N Benton Center Rd
84N Blue Creek Rd
85N Highland Rd
86N Martin Luther King Dr
87Norris Ave
88Northbridge Ct
91O'brien Dr
92Oak Glen Rd
93Office St
94Old Orchard Pl
95Old State Highway 139
96Orchard Glen
97Orchard Hills Rd
98Pack St
99Phillip Dr
100Pine St
101Plaza St
102Plum Ct
103Point O Woods Dr
104Pollard Ave
105Prospect Ave
106Quince Dr
107Ridgeway Ct
108Ring Rd - The Orchards Mall
109Rizzo Ct
110Roland Ave
111S Benton Center Rd
112S Blue Creek Rd
113S Euclid Ave
114S Martin Luther King Dr
115Serenity Pth
116Sierra Blvd
117Slope St
118Smallage Rd
119Smyers Dr
120Sorter Ave
121Southport Ave
122St Thomas St
124Starlite Dr
125Stewart Ave
126Strawberry Ct
127Sun Lake
128Sunnyside Dr
129Sunset Ln
130Swan River Dr
131Sylvan Dr
132Thayer Ave
133Veterans Dr
134W Ogden Ave
135Wabash Ave
136Wahl Ave
137Warren Ct
138Wells Ave
139Wickwire Rd
140William Ave
143Wood St
144Zollar Dr