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List of Street Names with maps in Kent City, Michigan

#Street Name
116 Mile Road
217 Mile Road Northwest
31st Street South
42nd Street North
52nd Street South
6Afton Avenue
7Apple Valley Drive
8Auntie Jo Lane
9Barber Creek Avenue
10Big John Court
11Black Hills South Drive
12Callen Avenue
13Chary Glen Drive
14Chary View Court
15Chary View Drive
16Coalter Avenue
17College Street
18Cory Allen Court
19Eagle Ridge Drive
20East Clark Street
21East Clarke Street
22East Muskegon Street
23Ivah Drive
24Kenowa Ave
25Kenowa Ave Nw
26Kenowa Avenue
27Kenowa Avenue Northwest
28Kentridge Drive
29Lutheran Church Road Northwest
30Midland Street Northwest
31N Ball Creek Road Northwest
32Nellie Lane
33North Clover Street
34North East Street
35North Kent Street
36North Main Street
37North Village Drive
38Northkent Pine Drive
39Northwest Kenowa Avenue
40 Nw Kenowa Ave
41Oakwood Avenue Northwest
42Oakwood Street
43Paine Avenue
44Paine Avenue Northwest
45Peach Ridge Avenue
46Phelps Avenue
47Pioneer Avenue
48Pioneer Street
49Red Pine Dr
50Rusco Road
51S 2nd Street Northwest
52S Ball Creek Road Northwest
53S County Line Rd
54S Kent Street Northwest
55South Clover Street
56South East Street
57South Village Drive
58Sparta Avenue
59Stalhood Drive
60Sweet Meadow Drive
61Tyrone Avenue
62Vansen Drive
63Village Drive
64W State Street Northwest
65Wainwright Road
66Wegal Avenue Northwest
67West Clark Street
68West Clarke Street
69West Muskegon Street
70Wild Locust Street
71Wyndsong Court Northwest
72Wynwood Drive Northwest