List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Plymouth Township CDP, Michigan

#Street Name
1A Drive
2Anchor Highway
3Arboretum Court
4B Drive
5Beacon Meadows
6Benjamin Court
7Betty Hill Lane
9Bradbury Condo Lot A
10Bradbury Condo Lot Aa
11Bradbury Condo Lot B
12Bradbury Condo Lot Bb
13Bradbury Condo Lot C
14Bradbury Condo Lot Cc
15Bradbury Condo Lot D
16Bradbury Condo Lot Dd
17Bradbury Condo Lot East
18Bradbury Condo Lot Ee
19Bradbury Condo Lot F
20Bradbury Condo Lot G
21Bradbury Condo Lot H
22Bradbury Condo Lot I
23Bradbury Condo Lot J
24Bradbury Condo Lot K
25Bradbury Condo Lot L
26Bradbury Condo Lot M
27Bradbury Condo Lot North
28Bradbury Condo Lot O
29Bradbury Condo Lot South
30Bradbury Condo Lot T
31Bradbury Condo Lot U
32Bradbury Condo Lot V
33Bradbury Condo Lot West
34Bradbury Condo Lot X
35Bradbury Condo Lot Y
36Bradbury Condo Lot Z
37Bradbury Condominium
39C Drive
40 Chester Drive
41Clemons Street
42Cobblestone Drive
43Concept Drive
44D Drive
45Detroit House Of Correction
46Dunstone Street
47E Drive
48East N Hines Drive
49Eric Pass
50F Drive
52Ford Sheldon Plant
53Fritz Strasse
54Fritz Strasse Drive
55Future North View
56Future Wendover
57Gould Industrial Park
58Gunsolly Drive
59Hackberry Court
60Haggerty Station Drive
61Halyard Court
62Howland Park
63Incinerator Hill Drive
64Jasmine Drive
65Kanfer Road
68Main Drive
69Marlin Avenue
70Mayville Avenue
71Meadowhill Lane
72N Street Andrews Drive
73North Beacon Hill Road
74North Ridge Drive
75Northfield Court
76Oakley Lane
77Old Pond Court North
78Old Pond Court South
79Pine Drive
80 Pine Way Court
82Plymouth Corners Boulevard
83Plymouth House Apartment
84Plymouth Manor Apartment
85Plymouth Parkway Apartment
86Plymouth Square Apartment
87Plymouth Township Recreational Park
88Polk Drive
89Quail Circle Court
90Rolling Oaks Blvd
91Rolling Oaks Boulevard
92Roosevelt Court
93S Street Andrews Drive
94Saint Davids Gate
95Saint Johns Golf Club
96Selective Drive
97Shadywood Lane
98Shearer Drive
99South Burning Tree Lane
100South Tyler Drive
101Sunbird Drive
102Sycamore Valley Drive
103Tall Tree Drive
104Tavistock Circle
105Thuer Court
106Tyler Drive
108Washington Drive
109Waverly Drive East
110West Middle School
111Wilcox Glen
112Wilcox Lake Drive
113Willowood Court