List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Huron Township, Michigan

#Street Name
125th St
226th St
327th St
428th St
533rd St
634th St
735th St
836th St
939th St
1040th St
11A Ave
12Aberdeen Ct
13Aletha Ln
14Alger Rd
15Alley A
16Alley B
17Amberwood Dr
18Amy Ln
19Amy St
20Ancient Dr
21Atkins Rd
22Atlantic Dr
23B Ave
24Bancroft St
26Beach Ct
27Beach Rd
28Beach Village
29Beacon Ct
30Beard St
31Berkshire Dr
32Biga Dr
33Blackheath Ct
34Bramblewood Ct
35Briarwood Ct
36Brookstone Pl
37Brownwood Dr
38Buckingham Dr
39Butterfly Dr
40 C Ave
41California Dr
42Cambridge Dr
43Campau Ave
44Canterbury Dr
45Carson Dr
46Caterpillar Ct
47Channel Ct
48Charmwood Ct
49Charmwood Dr
50Chestnut St
51Chippewa Trail
52Claire Meadow Ct
53Cleveland St
54Cloverbud Ct
55Conifer Ln
57Cottonwood Dr
58Country Club Dr
59Cove Ct
60Creekside Dr
61Creekside Ln
62D Ave
63Darwin Ct
64Divided West Belt Opas
65Division St
66Dixon St
67Dorchester Ct
68Driftwood Dr
69E Charmwood Dr
70E Strawberry Ln
71Eastland Dr
72Edison Mobile Home Park
73Elaine Ave
74Elecia Dr
75Emily Ln
76Evergreen Dr
77Evergreen Ln
78Fairacre Ct
79Fairfield Ct
80 Fanone Dr
81Fenner Mobile
82Flamingo Ct
83Glenn St
84Golden Pond Ln
85Goulden St
86Grant Pl
87Grasshopper Dr
88Harrington Rd
89Harrington St
90Herber Dr
91Hidden Valley Dr
92Highland Ct
93Homestead Ct
94Hopps Ave
95Hopps Rd
96Howard St
97Huckleberry Ln
98Hueling Rd
99Huffman Crossing
100Huffman Dr
101Huntclub Ln
102Huntington Dr
103Indian Dr
104International Way
105Jenks St
106Junebug Ct
107Juniper Ln
108Kingsbury Dr
109Knapp Ave
110Ladybug Ln
111Larchwood Dr
112Laurel Ln
113Lewis Dr
114Lindsay Ln
115Lipton St
116Little St
117Lorry Dr
118Maccormick St
119Maes Dr
120Manual St
121Manuel St
122Maple Creek Dr
123Marchon Dr
124Marina Ct
125Mayfield Dr
126Maywood Dr
127Mc Cormick St
129Mcpherson Dr
130Meadow Ct
131Michel St
132Michigan Rd
133Minnesota Lake Dr
134Minnesota Rd
135Minnie St
136Moorland Ct
137Moses Dr
138Muskota Ct
139N Atkins Rd
140N Brook Ct
141N Burwick Dr
142Nern St
143New Jersey
144Oakwood Dr
145Old Michigan Rd
147Partridge Rd
148Peck Rd
149Pennington Ct
150Petit St
151Pht Park Number 3
152Quain Ln
153Randolph St
154Relkin St
155Richards Dr
156Riverwood Heights
157Robbins Ct
158Rosebud Ct
159S Brook Ct
160Sandalwood Ct
161Sandy Ln
162Sharon Ln
163Spruce Dr
164St Andrews Ct
165St Andrews Dr
166Sterling Dr
167Sterling Pl
168Still Meadow Ct
169Stoneybrook Ln
170Stonybrook Ln
171Strawberry Ln
172Stubblefield Ct
173Sunnybrook Ln
174Tarabrook Ln
175Thistle Ct
176Thorntree Ct
177Totem Trail
178Township Park Dr
179Turnberry Ln
180Turtle Ct
181Upton St
182Vanness St
183W Charmwood Dr
184W Water St
185W Water Woods Ct
186W Water Woods Dr
187Waldheim Dr
188Wall Rd
189Water Ct
190Westbrook Ct
191Westcott Dr
192Westhaven Dr
193Westland Dr
194Westwood Dr
195Wexford Cir
196Wheatley Way
197White St
198Whittier Dr
199Williams St
200Woodland Ct
201Woodward Dr
202Yeager St
203Yorkshire Dr