List of States

List of Street Names with maps in International Falls, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th Ave
210th Ave E
310th St
411th Ave
511th St
612th Ave
712th St
812th St E
912th St W
1013th Ave
1113th St
1213th St E
1313th St W
1414th Ave
1514th St
1614th St E
1715th Ave
1815th St
1915th St E
2015th St W
2116th St
2216th St E
2316th St W
2417th St
2517th St E
2618th St
2718th St E
2818th St W
2919th St E
3019th St W
311st Ave
321st Ave E
331st Ave W
3420th Ave
3520th St E
3620th St W
3721st St E
3821st St W
3922 St E
40 22nd Ave
4122nd St
4222nd St W
4323rd St
4423rd St E
4523rd St W
462nd Ave
472nd Ave E
483rd Ave
493rd Ave E
503rd St
514th Ave E
524th St
534th St E
545th Ave
555th Ave E
565th Ave W
575th St
586th Ave E
596th Ave W
606th St
617th Ave
627th Ave E
637th St
648th Ave
658th Ave E
668th St
679th Ave
689th Ave E
699th St
70Access Rd
71Aspen Way
72Baron Rd
73Beyer Dr
74Center St
75County Highway 24
76County Highway 46
77County Highway 7
78County Road 103
79County Road 105
80 County Road 106
81County Road 109
82County Road 112
83County Road 113
84County Road 115
85County Road 116
86County Road 117
87County Road 120
88County Road 121
89County Road 122
90County Road 123
91County Road 125
92County Road 126
93County Road 127
94County Road 129
95County Road 130
96County Road 132
97County Road 133
98County Road 134
99County Road 135
100County Road 136
101County Road 137
102County Road 138
103County Road 139
104County Road 152
105County Road 2 N
106County Road 2 S
107County Road 20
108County Road 21
109County Road 24
110County Road 45
111County Road 46
112County Road 47
113County Road 69
114County Road 91
115County Road 92
116County Road 93
117County Road 94
118County Road 95
119County Road 97
120County St Aid Highway 2
121County St Aid Highway 45
122County St Aid Highway 46
123County St Aid Highway 50
124Crabtree Blvd
125Crescent Dr
126Crescent Pl
127Eagles Nest Rd
128Fernwood Ln
129Frontage Rd
130Glenwood Ave
131Hiway Ln
132Home Ln
133Hwy 11 E
134Hwy 332
135Hwy 71
136Keenan Dr
137Lindstrom Rd
138Main Ave
139Memorial Dr
140Park Ave
141Pine Knoll Rd
142Pleasant Ave
143Poplar St
144Rainy River
145Ridgeview Dr
146Riverside Dr
147Riverview Blvd
148Shorewood Dr
149Terrace Ln
150Town Road 195
151Town Road 197
152Town Road 204
153Town Road 205
154Town Road 207
155Town Road 208
156Town Road 211
157Town Road 213
158Town Road 214
159Town Road 224
160Town Road 225
161Town Road 228
162Town Road 243
163Town Road 269
164Town Road 270
165Town Road 273
166Town Road 274
167Town Road 275
168Town Road 276
169Town Road 277
170Town Road 281
171Town Road 282
172Town Road 285
173Town Road 342
174Town Road 376
175Town Road 397
176Town Road 398
177Town Road 402
178Town Road 403 E
179Town Road 403 S
180Town Road 403 W
181Town Road 415
182Town Road 416
183Town Road 420
184Town Road 422
185Town Road 443
186Town Road 444
187Ut 211
188Ut 213
189Ut 214
190Ut 224
191Ut 225
192Ut 228
193Ut 243
194Ut 275
195Ut 276
196Ut 281
197Ut 282
198Ut 285
199Ut 342
200Ut Road 204
201Ut Road 205
202Ut Road 398
209Valley Pine Cir
210Van Lynn Rd