List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Prague, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th Ave Se
210th St Se
311th Ave Nw
411th St Cir Se
512th Ave Se
612th St Ne
712th St Nw
812th St Se
9141st Ave
1015th St Se
111st Ave Ne
121st Ave Nw
131st Ave Se
141st Ave Sw
151st St Ne
161st St Nw
171st St Se
181st St Sw
19275th St W
202nd Ave Nw
212nd Ave Sw
222nd St Ne
232nd St Nw
243rd Ave Nw
253rd St Ne
263rd St Nw
274th Ave Nw
284th Ave Sw
294th Ave Sw
304th St Ne
314th St Nw
325th Ave Nw
335th Ave Sw
345th St Ne
355th St Nw
366th Ave Nw
376th St Cir Se
386th St Ne
396th St Nw
40 7th Ave Nw
417th Ave Se
427th St Ct Se
437th St Ne
447th St Nw
458th Ave Nw
468th St Ct Se
478th St Se
489th St Se
49Alton Ave
50Art St Nw
51Bavaria Ln
52Bavaria Ln Ne
53Bernas Ln
54Bohemia St
55Bruzek Ln
56Central Ave N
57Central Ave S
58Chalupsky Ave Ne
59Chalupsky Ave Se
60Cherrywood Dr Ne
61Church Ave N
62Cleveland Ave Nw
63Columbus Ave N
64Columbus Ave S
65Cottonwood Ln
66County Highway 15
67County Highway 37
68County Road 122
69County Road 13
70County Road 13 E
71County Road 144
72County Road 2
73County Road 37
74County Road 58
75County Road 60
76Danube Cir Ne
77Doherty Ave Se
78Drexel Ave
79Eclipse Pkwy
80 English Ave Nw
81Fairway Dr Se
82Fiddler Ave Se
83Fiddler Ct Se
84Flag Blvd
85Forest Green Cir
86Freedom Ave
87Gooseberry Ln
88Grant Ave Nw
89Gym Ct
90Heritage Trail Ne
91Highview Cir
92Highview Dr Ne
93History Ct Nw
94Horizon Dr
95Horizon Dr Se
96Horse Shoe Ln
97Hwy 19
98Hwy 21
99Independence St
100Ironwood Ave
101Jefferson Ave Nw
102Jillian St Se
103Kennedy Ave Nw
104Kent Ave
105Lady Slipper Ave Ne
106Le Sueur Ave
107Lexington Ave N
108Lexington Ave S
109Liberty Park
110Lincoln Ave N
111Lincoln Ave S
112Lyndale Ave N
113Main St E
114Main St W
115Math Ct Nw
116Music St Nw
117Naylor Ave
118Ne Highland Dr
119New Prague Blvd
120Park Ct Se
121Park Ln Se
122Park St
123Pershing Ave N
124Philipp Pkwy
125Prague Ct
126Praha St Se
127Redpoll Ave Se
128Rising Moon Alley
129Science Ave Nw
130Speech St Nw
131Sunrise Ave N
132Sunset Ave N
133Terrance Cir Ne
134Township Road 31
135Township Road 9
136Village St
137Vrtis Ln
138W 270th St
139W 280th St
140Water St Nw
141Wencel Ave Ne
142Wheat St Nw
143Whisper St Nw
144Windcrest Cir Se
145Windcrest Dr Se
146Windcrest Ln Se
147Woodlands Ct Se