List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Ulm, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th N St
210th S St
310th St N
410th St S
511th N St
611th S St
711th St N
811th St S
9120th Ave
1012th N St
1112th S St
1212th St N
1312th St S
1413th N St
1513th S St
1613th St S
17140th Ave
1814th N St
1914th S St
20150th Ave
2115th N St
2215th S St
2315th St S
2416th N St
2516th S St
2616th St N
2716th St S
28170th Ave
29172nd Ave
3017th S St
3117th St N
3217th St S
33185th Ave
34187th Ave
3518th N St
3618th S St
3718th St S
3819th N St
3919th S St
40 19th St N
4119th St S
421st Ave
431st N St
441st S St
451st St N
46203rd Ave
47205th Ave
4820th N St
4920th S St
5020th St N
5120th St S
52210th Ave
53215th St
5421st N St
55220th St
56223rd St
5722nd N St
5823rd N St
5923rd St N
602nd Ave
612nd S St
622nd St N
632nd St S
643rd S St
653rd St N
663rd St S
67422nd St
68430th St
69472nd Ave
704th N St
714th S St
724th St N
734th St S
74521st Ave
75531st Ave
76541st Ave
77577th Ave
785th N St
795th S St
80 5th St N
816th N St
826th S St
836th St N
846th St S
857th N St
867th S St
877th St N
887th St S
898th N St
908th S St
918th St N
928th St S
939th N St
949th S St
959th St N
969th St S
97A St
98Airport Rd
99Alison Ave
100Ashland Rd
101B St
102Berens Blvd
103Bianchi Dr
104Birchwood Dr
105Bishop Lucker Ln
106Boettger Rd
107Boulder Dr
108Boundary St
109Butternut St
110Camelsback Rd
112Cedar Dr
113Cemetery Ave
114Center St
115Cherry St
116Circuit Dr
117Clay Cir
118Cortland Cir
119Cottonwood St
120County 65
121County Highway 10
122County Highway 11
123County Highway 12
124County Highway 12
125County Highway 13
126County Highway 21
127County Highway 25
128County Highway 26
129County Highway 47
130County Road 104
131County Road 12
132County Road 13
133County Road 21
134County Road 25
136Crestview Dr
137Crestwood Ln
138Doris Dr
139Elmwood St
141Flandrau Ln
142Front St
143Frontier Ln
144Golf Dr
145Grandview Rd
146Hauenstein Dr
147Hazelwood Ave
148Heinenhill St
149Henle Dr
150Hillcrest Ct - Martin Luther College
151Hilltop St
152Hoffman Rd
153Hollywood Ave
154Hwy 37
155Indian Point Dr
156Industrial St
157Jonathan Dr
158Karl Dr
159Kc Rd
160Kennedy Dr
161Lake Ave
162Lakeside Rd
163Lambrecht Ln
164Lee Ave
165Liberty St
166Library Ct - Martin Luther College
167Lincoln Ln
168Linden St
169Lookout Ln
170Loretto St
171Lower Wallachei Ln
172Luther Ct - Martin Luther College
173Main St
174Maplewood Dr
175Mcintosh Dr
176Meadow Creek Dr
177Meyer Dr
178Milford St
179Minnecon Dr
180Monument Ct - Martin Luther College
181Monument St
182N Broadway St
183N Franklin St
184N Front St
185N Garden St
186N Garden St
187N German St
188N Highland Ave
189N Jefferson St
190N Minnesota St
191N Payne St
192N Spring St
193N State St
194N Valley St
195N Washington St
196Oak St
197Oakwood Ave
198Oakwood Heights Rd
199Park Ln
200Park St
201Pine Apple Ln
202Raymond Dr
203Ridgeview Dr
204River St
205Riverbluff Dr
206Roslyn Rd
207Ryan Rd
208S Bridge St
209S Broadway St
210S Franklin St
211S Front St
212S Garden St
213S German St
214S Highland Ave
215S Jefferson St
216S Minnesota St
217S Payne St
218S Spring St
219S State St
220S Valley St
221S Washington St
222Saddle Hills Dr
223Schell's Rd
224Southridge Rd
225Sperl Ave
226Spring St
227State Highway 15
228State Highway 15
229State Highway 68
230State St
231Stoneridge Dr
232Summit Ave
233Summit Ct
234Sunrise Dr
235Sunset Ave
236T 109
237T 117
241Terrace Dr
242Tower Rd
243Township Road 78
244Upper Wallachei Ln
245Village Ln
246Waldheim Dr - Martin Luther College
247Walnut St
248Water St
249Westridge Rd
250Whitney Ln
251Willow Rd
252Woodhaven Cir
253Woodland Dr