List of States

List of Street Names with maps in South St Paul, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th Ave N
210th Ave S
311th Ave N
411th Ave S
512th Ave N
612th Ave S
713th Ave N
813th Ave S
914th Ave N
1014th Ave S
1114th Ct
1215th Ave N
1315th Ave S
1416th Ave N
1517th Ave N
1618th Ave N
1718th Ave S
1819th Ave N
1919th Ave S
201st Ave S
2120th Ave N
2220th Ave S
2321st Ave N
2421st Ave S
2522nd Ave N
2622nd Ave S
2723rd Ave N
2823rd Ave S
2923rd Ct S
3024th Ave N
312nd Ave S
322nd St N
333rd Ave N
343rd Ave S
353rd St N
363rd St S
374th Ave N
384th Ave S
394th St N
40 4th St S
415th Ave N
425th Ave S
435th St S
446th Ave N
456th Ave S
466th St S
477th Ave N
487th Ave S
497th St S
508th Ave N
518th Ave S
528th St S
539th Ave N
549th Ave S
559th St S
56Acorn Ln
57Airport Rd
58Alice Ct
59Anthony St
60Apfelridge Ct
61Armour Ave
62Ash St E
63Bircher Ave
64Boston Ave
65Bridgepoint Dr
66Bridgepoint Way
67Bromley St
68Burma Ln
69Buron Ln
70Butler Ave
71Butler Ct
72Camber Ave
73Caroline Ln
74Central Ave
75Chestnut St
76Concord Exchange N
77Concord Exchange S
78Concord Pl
79Concord St N
80 Concord St S
81Congress St
82Conver Ave
83County Road 14
84Cresthaven Dr
85Dale Pl
86Dale St E
87Dale St W
88Dessa Ln
89Douglas St E
90Dwane St
91E Frost St
92E Spruce St
93E Warburton St
94Earl Ln
95Edwards Ave
96Edwards Ave E
97Eldridge Ave
98Elrose Ct
99Eva Ln
100Evans Ave
101Faber Ave
102Farwell Ave
103Florence Ln
104Francis St
105Frost St W
106Gilbert Ln
107Grand Ave E
108Grand Ave W
109Hansen Ln
110Hardman Ave N
111Hardman Ave S
112Hawley Ave
113Heimel St
114Henry Ave
115Highland Ave
116Homer St
117I- 494 Service Rd
118Isalona Ln
119Jewell Ln
120Kaposia Blvd
121Kassan Ct
122Kassan Dr
123Kraft St
124Lane St
125Levander Way
126Lewis St
127Liberty Pl
128Lincoln Park Dr
129Little Crow Dr
130Logan Ln
131Macarthur St E
132Macarthur St W
133Malden St
134Maltby St
135Marion Pl
136Messer Ave
137Messer St
138Motor Ave
139Myrtle Pl
140Napolean Cir
141Oak Ridge Dr
142Orchard Ln
143Orme Ave
144Outlook Ave
145Park Ln
146Park St E
147Park St W
148Poplar St
149Poplar St E
150Poplar St W
151Ranchnot Rd
152Ravine St
153Reid Ln
154Richmond St E
155Richmond St W
156S 2nd St
157Schumacher Rd
158Schumaker Rd
159South Street E
160Southview Blvd
161Spruce St W
162Stanley Ave
163Star Ln
164Stewart Ave
165Stewart Ln
166Stickney Ave
167Stockyards Rd
168Summit Ave
169Summit Ct
170Syndicate Ave
171Terrace Ln
172Thompson Ave
173Thompson Ave
174Turin Ave
175Verderosa Ave
176Veteran's Memorial Dr
177Victory Pl
178Villaume Ave
179Vine St
180W Douglas St
181W Park St
182W Warburton St
183Warner Ave
184Waterous St
185Wilde Ave
186Willis Ave
187Wilson Ave