List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

#Street Name
11st St
2Agate Ave
3Aspen Ln
4Berry Trail Rd
5Birch Ln
6Black Ash Rd
7Blue Berry Ln
8Blueberry Ln
9Bonfire Blvd
10Bryan St
11Bryon St
12Campfire Cutoff
13Cathedral Pines Dr
14Cedar Ln
15County Highway 40
16County Highway 46 E
17County Highway 46e
18County Highway 52
19County Road 159
20County Road 160
21County Road 161
22County Road 162
23County Road 165
24County Road 166
25County Road 48
26Cozy Ln
27Cranberry Ln
28Crossings Rd
29Dagel Lake Rd
30Dago Lake Rd
31Deer Wood Rd
32Deerfield Rd
33Delly Rd
34Denham Crossing Rd
35Denham Rd
36Farm To Market Rd
37Firefly Ln
38Forest Rd
39General Andrews Dr
40 Grand Ave
41Green Bay Rd
42Green Leaf Rd
43Grutkoski Rd
44Grzybowski Rd
45Hillcrest Rd
46Honey Bear Ln
47Horizon Trail
48Kettle River Pines Ln
49Kettle River Pines Rd
50Kettle Shores Loop
51Klosowski Rd
52Lake Ave
53Lake Town Rd
54Laketown Rd
55Larimer Dr
56Lind St
57Logan Dr
58Market St
59Marsh Rd
60Meadow Rd
61Military Rd
62Moose Horn Ln
63Moose River Dr
64N Shore Dr
65Nelson Rd
66New Sawmill Rd
67Northview Rd
68Oak Bend Way
69Old Highway No 1
70Pit Rd
71Rock Cuts Rd
72Roseland Rd
73Rosewood Ln
74Royal Ave
75Rush Blvd
76Rustic Ln
77Spring Creek Rd
78State Wildlife Rd
79Sun Bay Ln
80 Timber Hills Dr
81Timber Ridge Dr
82Timberline Rd
83Town St
84Towne St
85Trading Post Trail
86Tranquility Ln
87Twin Cir
88Twin Cir Pl
89Twin Ponds Loop
90Viking Cir Pl
91Walczak Rd
92Westwind Rd
93Whisper Pine Rd
94White Poplar Rd
95Wold Rd
96Zuk Rd