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List of Street Names with maps in East Berlin, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
12 Churches Rd
22nd Ave
34th Ave
45th Ave
56th Ave
6Abbottstown St
7Anthony Rd
8Aspen Dr
9Bakers Watering Trough Rd
10Baltimore Pike
11Berkey Rd
12Bermudian Creek Rd
13Big Rock Rd
14Bohn Alley
15Bohns Ave
16Boyer Dr
17Bragg Dr
18Branch Cir
19Brough Hill Rd
20Burnside Dr
21Carlisle Pike
22Conewago Dr
23Conewago Terrace
24Creek Rd
25Creekland Dr
26Curtis Dr
27Davis Dr
28E Berlin Rd
29E Lynn Dr
30Eisenhart Mill Rd
31Ewell Dr
32Fish And Game Rd
33Fisher Dr
34Front St
35Garden Ln
36Germany Ct
37Gladfelter Rd
38Grant Cove
39Halleck Dr
40 Harlacher Rd
41Harrisburg St
42Harrison Dr
43Hill Dr
44Hillside Dr
45Homestead Ln
46Hooker Cove
47Hoover School Rd
48Howard Dr
49Iris Ln
50Jackson Dr
51Jacobs St
52Juniper Ln
53Kuhn Dr
54Kuhn Fording Rd
55Lake Meade Dr
56Lake Meade Rd
57Lee Cove
58Lincoln Cove
59Lodge Ln
60Long Ave
61Markle Run Rd
62Mccandless Dr
63Mcclellan Dr
64Morgan Dr
65N Cedar Ln
66Nell Rd
67North Ave
68Orwig Krall Rd
69Park Rd
70Peepytown Rd
71Pemberton Dr
72Pentz Rd
73Pickett Cove
74Pine Ridge Rd
75Pleasant View Ct
76Pleasanton Dr
77Possum Hollow Rd
78Red Run Church Rd
79Red Run Valley Rd
80 Reynolds Dr
81Reynolds Rd
82Rife Rd
83Roland Rd
84Rte 194
85Rte 94
86Ruppert Rd
87Schofield Dr
88School House Ln
89Scott Cove
90Sedgwick Dr
91Shippensburg Rd
92Short Rd
93Sowers Rd
94Spangler Alley
95Spangler Ave
96Stoner Alley
97Stoner Ave
98Stoney Point Rd
99Stuart Dr
100Summit Alley
101Sunday Alley
102Sunset Ln
104Twig Terrace
105Twin Bridge Ct
106Upland Dr
107Wadsworth Dr
108Wagner Ave
109Walnut St
110Winding Ln
111Winding Ln
112Wolf Rd
113Zinn Alley
114Zinn Ave