List of States

List of Street Names with maps in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
13 Point Garden Rd
27 Bridge Rd
3Abeel Rd
4Ace Ln
5Ace Mountain Rd
6Adam Labar Rd
7Adams Dr
8Airstrip Rd - Stroudsburg-pocono Airpark (esp)
9Alpine Dr
10Alwen Ave
11Amber Ct
12Analomink Rd
13Analomink St
14Arbutus Ln
15Arrowhead Ln
16Arthur Ave
17Ashburn Dr
18Aspen Cir
19Auburn Way
20Avenue Deguy Woodland Trail
21Avon Ct
22Azure Ct
23Barnum St
24Barren Rd
25Bayberry Ct
26Beacon Hill Rd
27Bear Rd
28Bear Swamp Way
29Beechwood Ln
30Benson Ct
31Berwick Heights Rd
32Besecker Dr
33Big Bear Dr
34Big Buck Ln
35Birchwood Rd
36Black Cherry Ln
37Blackberry Terrace
38Blair Ct
39Blue Beech Dr
40 Blue Mountain Lake
41Bluebell Dr
42Bog Rd
43Borough St
44Braeside Ave
45Brahms Ct
46Brentwood Dr
47Briarleigh Dr
48Brinleigh Dr
49Brodhead Ave
50Brook Hollow Rd
51Brook Song Way
52Brookfield Ln
53Brookside Ave
54Brookside Trailer Park
55Browning Rd
56Brush Dr
57Brushy Mountain Rd
58Brushy Mountain Rd
59Buck Horn Dr
60Bull Pine Rd
61Burgoon Rd
62Burntwood Dr
63Buroojy Ct
64Burson St
65Buttermilk Heights Dr
66Buttonwood Ct
67Cabinsglade Ct
68Campanile Ct
69Campanile Dr
70Campanille Dr
71Candlewood Dr
72Canterbury Cir
73Canterbury Ct
74Canterbury Main
75Carly Ct
76Carol Dr
77Carol Rd
78Cedar Ct
79Center Ct
80 Centre St
81Century Dr
82Chancellor Rd
83Chariton Dr
84Charley Dr
85Chateau Dr
86Cherokee Rd
87Cherry Lane Church Rd
88Cindy Ct
89Circle H Rd
90Clearspring Ct
91Clemens Cir
92Clubhouse Rd
93Cold Spring Rd
94College Cir - East Stroudsburg University Of Pennsylvania
95Columbia Blvd
96Coolbaugh Rd
97Cottontail Ln
98County Bridge Rd
99Courtney Dr
100Courtright Ln
101Craigs Meadow Rd
102Creek Dr
103Creek Run
104Crest Cir
105Crestmont Rd
106Crocus Dr
107Crown Pointe Ct
108Crown Pointe Dr N
109Crystal Park
110Crystal St
111Custard Dr
112Cypress Ct
113Dancing Ridge Rd
114Dansbury Terrace
115Dawn Ave
116Day St
117Dearr St
118Deborah Dr
119Deer Track Dr
120Deerfield Cir Dr
121Delia Terrace
122Denise Ln
123Dennis Ct
124Dogwood Ct
125Drake St
126Dry Pond Dr
127E 1st St
128E 2nd St
129E 3rd St
130E 4th St
131E 5th St
132E 6th St
133E Broad St
134E Brown St
135Eagle Valley Ln
136Eaglesmere Cir
137Eastridge Ln
138Edward Smith Blvd
139Eli St
140Elizabeth St
141Elk St
142Ellies Ln
143Emerald Ct
144Emerson Rd
145Escoll Dr
146Exchange St
147Fairview Ct
148Fairview St
149Fairway Ln
150Fairway Villas
151Fawn Rd
152Federal St
153Fenical Ln
154Fish Ct
155Flagstone Ln
156Floral Ln
157Flory Rd
158Footprint Rd
159Forest Run
160Forge Rd
161Fox Run Ln
162Foxmoor Dr
163Franklin Hill Ct
164Franklin Hill Ln
165Franklin Hill Rd
166Freda Ln
167Fulton St
168Gap View Heights Rd
169Gapview Dr
170Gapview Heights Rd
171Garfield Ln
172Garnet Ln
173Gay St
174Georgellen Ave
175Gilliand Dr
176Ginger Ln
177Glacier Ridge Rd
178Glen Oak Dr
179Glenoak Forest
180Glenview Ct
181Gold St
182Gorden Ridge Dr
183Grand St
184Grandview St
185Great Oak Dr
186Greatbuck Dr
187Greentree Dr
188Grey Cliff Dr
189Grove St
190Gwendolyn St
191Hallet Rd
192Hallet St
193Hallowood Acres
194Hallowood Dr E
195Hannah Ct
196Hannick Ct
197Harding Ct
198Harris St
199Haven Wood Dr
200Hazen St
201Heather Cir
202Heather Ln
203Henry St
204Hiawatha Ln
205Hickory Dr
206Hidden Lake Rd
207High Meadow Dr
208High Point Ct
209Highland Dr
210Hikers Hill Ln
211Hilda Ct
212Hillbrow Ct N
213Hillbrow Ct N
214Hilltop Cir
215Hoffman St
216Hollow Rd
217Honeysuckle Dr
218Howeytown Rd
219Huckleberry Dr
220Huffman Hill Rd
221Hunters Woods Dr
222Hyland Dr
223Independence Rd
224Indian Dr
225Indian Way
226Isabelle St - East Stroudsburg University Of Pennsylvania
227Jade Ave
228Janet St
229Jasper Ln
230Jefferson Dr
231Jennis Ln
232Joel St
233Julian Terrace
234Juniper Ct
235Kahkout Mountain
236Karyleigh Ct
237Katydid Ln
238Kennedy Ct
239Kensington Dr
240Kenwood Terrace
241Keystone Rd
242Kimberleigh Ct
243King St
244Kings Pond Rd
245Kiwanis St
246Knapp St - East Stroudsburg University Of Pennsylvania
247Knob Hill Cir
248Knoll Dr
249Lackawanna Ave
250Lake Of The Pines
251Lakeview Ln
252Lakewood Ct
253Learn Ln
254Ledgewood Ct
255Legacy Way
256Leisure Lands
257Leland Ct
258Lenape Ct
259Lenape Dr
260Lenape Rd
261Lenox Ave
262Lilac Dr
263Lilac Way
264Lincoln Ln
265Linda Ln
266Linda St
267Linden Ln
268Lions St
269Little Bear Ln
270Lockwood Cir
271Locust Dr
272Lombardy Ln
273Longdon Ct
274Longfellow Rd
275Lookout Ct
276Lorne Dr
277Lost Lantern Ln
278Lovena Ct
279Lower Lakeview Dr
280Lr 45014
281Lynnwood Dr
282Lynwood Acres
283Mac Ln
284Magnolia Cir
285Mandy Ridge Dr
286Manzanedo Rd
287Maple Wood Dr
288Marco Way
289Marguerite St
290Marjorie Ct
291Marshalls Creek Rd
292Mary St
293Mayfield Ct
294Mayflower Ln
295Mc Cole Rd
296Mckinley Ave
297Mckinley Way
298Meadow Sage Ct
299Melody Ct
300Melvin Ln
301Mercedes Ct
302Merten St
303Metzgar Rd
304Meyers St
305Michaels Rd
306Milford Rd
307Milford Rd
308Milford-commons Rd
309Minsi Rd
310Mockingbird Hill Rd
311Mockingbird Ln
312Mohawk Dr
313Monroe-heights Rd
314Mosiers Knob Rd
315Mountain Top Rd
316Mountain View Pl
317Mountainview Dr
318Mt Nebo Rd
319Mt Tom Rd
320Mulberry Ct
321Music Center Dr
322N Courtland St
323N Crystal
324N Crystal St
325N Green St
326N Kistler St
327Navaho Rd
328Nebo Ln
329Neola St
330Newton Run Dr
331Normal St
332Norman Dr
333Northview Cir
334Oak Grove Dr
335Oakgrove Dr
336Oakland Ave
337Oakland St
338Old Farm Rd
339Onyx Ln
340Orchard St
341Osprey Ct
342Papillion Ct
343Parish Park
344Park Dr
345Park Ln
346Pasquin Dr
347Payton Rd
348Penn St
349Perry St
350Pine Hill Ct
351Pine Ridge Dr
352Pinebrook Rd
353Plaza Ct
354Pocohontas Dr
355Pocono Dr
356Pocono Forested Acres
357Pocono Heights
358Primrose Dr
359Progress St
360Race St
361Rake St
362Ransberry Ave
363Reagan Dr
364Rear Lenox Ave
365Red Squirrel Ct
366Redwood Ln
367Remington Rd
368Reservoir Rd
369Reservoir Ridge Rd
370Resica Falls Rd
371Reunion Ridge
372Rhapsody Run
373Rhodes St
374Ridgeway St
375Ridgewood Dr
376Rising Meadow Way
377Riverbend Terrace
378Roaring Brook Rd
379Rocky Ridge
380Rocky Ridge Rd
381Roller St
382Roosevelt St
383Rte 402
384Rte 447
385Rue De John
386Ruth St
387S Courtland St
388S Green St
389S Kistler St
390S Marguerite St
391S Smith St
392Sandlewood Dr
393Sarah Ln
394Sarah Way
395Savage Trail
396Saw Mill Ct
397Scarborough Way
398Scarbourough Way
399Scheller Rd
400School Dr
401Secor Ave
402Secor St
403Sellersville Dr
404September Cir
405Shady Tree Dr
406Shawnee Dr
407Shawnee Valley
408Shubert Rd
409Sidorick Ln
410Sierra Trail
411Sierra Trails Dr
412Sky View Ln
413Skyview Dr
414Skyview Rd
415Smith St
416Somerset Dr
417Sopher St
418Southridge Dr N
419Spangenburg Ave
420Spring Brook Rd
421Spring Lake Dr
422Starbird St
423State Highway 2028
424State Route 1002
425State Route 1003
426State St
427Stemple St
428Sterling Ln
429Stone Gate Dr
430Stoneleigh Dr
431Stoney Brook Dr
432Stoney Ledge Dr
433Streamside Ave
434Sugar Works Dr
435Summerton Cir
436Summit Terrace
437Sumner Dr
438Susan Cir
439Sycamore Dr
440Sylvan Ln
441Symphony Cir
444Tall Timber Cir
445Tamaqua Rd
446Tamarack Ct
447Taylor Dr
448Taylor St
449Teak Ln
450Teeter St
451Tego Lake Rd
452Thomas Point
453Timber Lake Dr
454Timber Mountain Dr
455Timbercrest Ln
456Tioga Rd
457Tom X Rd
458Toms Way
459Trafalgar Ave
460Travis Dr
461Tyler Dr
462Tyler Rd
463University Ln - East Stroudsburg University Of Pennsylvania
464Upper Lakeview Dr
465Van Gordon St
466Victoria Heights
467Vine St
468W 4th St
469W 5th St
470W 6th St
471W Vine St
472Walnut Grove
473Washington Crossing
474Washington St
475Water Tower Cir
476Watershed Way
477Waverly Dr
478Wayne Ave
479Wellington Way
480Wellsleigh Ct
481Westminster Dr
482Westridge Ct
483Whispering Hills Dr
484Whispering Pines Ct
485White Birch St
486White Blossom Ln
487White Oaks Manor
488White Oaks Manor Dr
489Wilbur Bloom Blvd
490Wild Cherry Ln
491Wildwood Ct
492William St
493Williams Davis Dr
494Williams Dr
495Williamson Dr
496Willow Pond Ct
497Willow Pond Dr
498Willow Run
499Willowicke Terrace
500Wilson Ave
501Winchester Dr
502Winding Brook Rd
503Windsor Ct
504Wintergreen Cir
505Witness Tree Cir
506Witness Tree Ct
507Wobbly Barn Rd
508Woodacre's Dr
509Woodale Cir
510Woodale Dr
511Woodale Rd
512Woodbine Ln
513Woodchuck Ln
514Woodcrest Ln
515Wooddale Cir
516Wooddale Rd
517Woodland Trail
518Woodwind Ct
519Xander Loop
520Yetter St
521Youngwood Cir
522Youngwood Dr