List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
11st St
24th St
3A St
4Acorn Rd
5Anderson Rd
6Arena Rd
7Artillery Rd
8Asher Miner Rd
9B St
10Ballamy Ave
11Bearty Ave
12Beaumont Rd
13Biddle Dr
14Birch St
15Blair Rd
16Broad St
17C St
18Carpenter Rd
19Chestnut Rd
20Clement Ave
21Coldspring Rd
22Colonel St
23Coulter Rd
24Courlandon St
25Crookstown Ave
26Cypress St
27Dauphin St
28Dogwood St
29Dunlop Rd
30Engineer Rd
31Fetzer Rd
32Fields Ave
33Fire Ln
34Fismette St
35Frankford Ave
36Garrison Rd
37Germantown Ave
38Gettysburg St
39Gorgas Rd
40 Hamburg St
41Harrisburg St
42Hartranft Rd
43Hawkins Rd
44Hemlock St
45Henderson St
46Henry Houston Ave
47Hospital Rd
48Hotel Rd
49Howitzer Rd
50Huntingdon St
51Iland Ave
52Indiantown Rd
53Iroquois St
54Jenkins Ave
55Johnson Trail
56Kand Ave
57Kletzly Ave
58Lackawanna St
59Lake Rd
60Leetch St
61Letterman Rd
62Lightner Rd
63Logan Rd
64Lynch Rd
65Lys Ave
66Macluskie Ave
67Manada St
68Market St
69Mc Lean Rd
70Means St
71Memorial Lake Rd
72Mercy St
73Norristown St
74Oil Rd
75Oil St
76Oneil St
77Philadelphia St
78Pine St
79Pinegrove St
80 Quartermaster Rd
81Range Rd
82Range Rd
83Richards Rd
84Rickards Rd
85Ridge Rd
86Scheld Ave
87Scotts Ave
88Seneca St
89Service Rd
90Shale Rd
91Sheldon Ave
92Shop Rd
93Signal St
94Smathers Rd
95South Dr
96Spur Rd
97Stahr Ave
98State St
99Sternberg Rd
100Supply Rd
101Susquehanna Ave
102Swatara St
103Taylor Ave
104Tomstown Rd
105Trooper St
106Tschudin Rd
107Tyrone St
108Utility Rd
109Walter Reed Rd
110Warehouse Rd
111Washington Ave
112Whitaker Ave
113Wiley Rd
114Wood Rd
115Woodland Ave
116Wrse Rd
117York Rd
118Ypers Ave