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List of Street Names with maps in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
116 School Road
22 Mile Road
3Agent Way
4Allied Lane
5Andrico Road
6Archway Drive
7Bash Road
8Bass Drive
9Beatty Lane
10Bennett Drive
11Berlin Lane
12Biggam Drive
13Brush Lane
14Bungalow Road
15C C Hall Drive
16Carbon Lane
17Carol Drive
18Cells Lane
19Chicka Road
20Christopher Road
21Church Road
22Crest Lane
23Cullex Road
24Curry Hollow Lane
25Danielle Lane
26Davis Road
27Devinney Road
28Dewey Lane
29Dusty Lane
30Fennel Street
31Flowers Road
32Galando Road
33Gay Street
34Gears Hill Road
35Gower Lane
36Grandview Street
37Greco Lane
38Guthrie Road
39Heinnickel Road
40 Hi Acres
41High Lane
42Hillview Drive
43Hornock Drive
44Hornock Lane
45Huron Circle
46Janridge Lane
47Jay Drive
48Keith Lane
49Kemp Road
50Keystone Park Road
51Kier Street
52Kiley Drive
53Kiley Road
54Landers Drive
55Larch Drive
56Lark Road
57Latimer Lane
58Lees Lane
59Little Acres Lane
60Lone Maple Road
61Longs Plan Road
62Lupyan Road
63Lutz Lane
64Maiin Street
65Main Street
66Mcbride Street
67Mcchesney Road
68Moonlight Lane
69Morring Road
70Mount Carmel Road
71Newhouse Road
72Oasis Road
73Office Drive
74Old Route 22
75Operator's Way
76Oriole Drive
77Otts Road
78Palomino Lane
79Parkview Lane
80 Pleasant Vue Drive
81Police Road
82Poole Drive
83Pump Station Road
84Rayann Drive
85Redwing Drive
86Roosevelt Drive
87Roscoe Drive
88Rushwood Road
89Salem Drive
90Sears Lane
91Sherwood Drive
92Shortcut Drive
93Shortcut Road
94Slate Dump Road
95Slavek Drive
96Slightown Road
97State Park Road
98State Paul Estate Road
99State Route 1033
100State Route 1035
101State Route 1044
102State Route 1055
103State Route 1059
104Stevenson Road
105Stone House Road
106Stone Jug Road
107Strain Cutter Road
108Summit Lane
109Swallow Road
121Tanager Drive
122Thrush Drive
123Top Street
124Two Mile Lane
125U.s. 22
126Weimer Road
127West Penn Lane
128White Thorn Road
129William Penn Highway
130William Penn Hwy
131Wolfe Lake Road
132Wolfs Lake Road
133Wonderwall Drive