List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Alexander Ln
2Allison St
3Anderson St
4Arch St
5Barney's Ln
6Barney's Rd
7Barry Ln
8Beautiful Lookout Rd
9Beers Rd
10Bostonia Farm Ln
11Bowersox Ln
12Broad St
13Bucky's Rd
14Bus Rd
15Calhoon Rd
16Calhoun School Rd
17Cannel Mine Rd
18Cemetary Dr
19Cemetery Rd
20Center Ave
21Chaney Rd
22Cheers Rd
23Colwell Rd
24Creek Camp Ln
25Creek Dr
26Creek Rd
27Crosscut Rd
28Culberstown Rd
29Curleys Rd
30Curllsville Rd
31Deanville Rd
32Deanville Rd
33Dry Ridge Rd
34Dump Rd
35E Caldwell Rd
36E Washington St
37Eddyville Rd
38Farm Path Rd
39Farm Rd
40 Fisher Rd
41Forest Circle Rd
42Furnace Rd
43Garfield St
44Gay Alley
45Golf Alley
46Golf Link Rd
47Government Rd
48Grant St
49Grape Alley
50Hamilton St
51Hetrick Rd
52High St
53Hillgale Dr
54Hunter Way
55Hunters St
56Ike Rd
57Jockey St
58Keck Ave
59Kellersburg Rd
60Kohlersburg Rd
61Kuhns Rd
62Lafayette St
63Leasure St
64Leasure Way
65Lincoln St
66Locust Ave
67Madison Rd
68Main St
69Mckinley St
70Mcwilliams Rd
71Mickey's Rd
72Mill Seat Run Rd
73Miller Rd
74Mt Zion Rd
75Narrow Ln
76North St
77Oak Ridge Rd
78Park Ave
79Patrick Ln
80 Pence Ln
81Pence Rd
82Pheasant Farm Rd
83Red Shop Ln
84Reedy Mill Rd
85Rensel Rd
86Ridge Rd
87Rte 861
88S R 1007
89S R 1013
90Sand Hole Rd
91Seminole Rd
92Shaffer Ln
93Skyline Rd
94South St
96St Charles Rd
97State Route 1004
98State Route 1010
99State Route 1013
100State Route 1016
101State Route 1025
102State Route 861
103Strawberry Alley
104Strawberry St
105Swartfager Rd
106T R 498
110Trail 525
111Truitt Rd
112Vine St
113W Broad St
114W Caldwell Rd
115Wadding Rd
116Willow St
117Wood St
118Younts Ln