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List of Street Names with maps in New Florence, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
113th Street
215th Street
319th Street
42nd Street
5Alaska Lane
7Bethel Cemetery Rd
8Bill Dick Rd
9Bluegrass Drive
10Boswell Road
11Bricks Ln
12Cemetery Rd
13Che-che Road
14Clawson Rd
15Clay Pike Rd
16Climax Rd
17Cobblestone Ln
18Connecticut Lane
19Crawford Rd
20Delaware Lane
21Dingo Drive
22Douglas Lane
23East 14th Street
24East 15th Street
25East 17th Street
26East 18th Street
27East 19th Street
28East 20th Street
29Florida Lane
30Furnace Lane
31Gamble Rd
32Gameland Road
33Germany Luthern Cemetery Rd
34Goat Hill Road
35Halferty Hollow
36Halferty Hollow Road
37Hanna Trail
38Hanna Trce
39Harry Boring Rd
40 Hirsch Road
41Horrell Drive
42Horse Thief Rd
43Huff Road
44Illinois Lane
45Iowa Lane
46Jericho Rd
47Kansas Lane
48Keenan Rd
49Lauren Ln
50Louisiana Lane
51Lower Club Road
52Merritt Ln
53Mitchell Hill Rd
54Montana Lane
55Mountain View Road
56Mountain Vista Lane
57Mulberry Street
58Mulligan Hill Rd
59New Hampshire Lane
60Norfolk Southern Railroad
61North View Heights Road
62Ohio Lane
63Old Johnstown Road 847
64Old River Hill Road
65Osborn Street
66Penn Street
67Pennsylvania Lane
68Penrose Hollow Rd
69Plant Rd
70Power Plant Rd
71Pr 1196
72Pr 5156
73Pr 5157
74Pumphouse Rd
75Reynolds Rd
76Richmond Farm Lane
79Riverhill Road
80 Robb Road
81Robinson St
82Ross Mount Park Road
83Ross Mountain Park Road
84Round Top Dr
85Roy Boring Rd
86Rumble Rd
87Sassafras Street
88Schoolhouse Road
89Shady Grove Rd
90Shannon Creek Road
91Shoup Rd
92Shrum Hill Road
93Snyder Drive
94South Beech Street
95South Carolina Lane
96South Ligonier Street
97South Sassafras Street
98South Vine Street
99Southwell Rd
100Squirrel Hill Road
102State Route 1004
103State Route 1007
104State Route 2008
105Sugar Run Road
109Thatcher Road
110Twin Echo Drive
111U.s. 22
112Umheys Road
113Utah Lane
114Valley Brook Rd
115Vermont Lane
116Waylin Way
117Weller Rd
118Wheatley Cir
120Wildcat Road
121Wildflower Lane
122Wyoming Ln
123Young Cir