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List of Street Names with maps in North Versailles, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
15th Ave
2Amato Drive
3Angeline Drive
4Arcania Street
5Arlene Avenue
6Arlington Avenue
7Ault Street
8Bach Drive
9Basil Street
10Bevan Road
11Blanchard Lane
12Brady Street
13Broadway Ave Exd
14Broadway Saint Exd
15Brown Place
16Burke Way
17Camp Hallie Road
18Castle Avenue
19Cedarhurst Drive
20Central Avenue
21Chaudry Lane
22Chipco Way
23Clavale Street
24Clyde Avenue
25Crawford Way
26Crestas Avenue
27Crooked Run Road
28Cynwood Place
29David Lane
30Della Drive
31Denning Way
32Denver Street
33Derby Lane
34Diane Drive
35Dichicco Drive
36Dix Drive
37Dixon Avenue
38Dry Avenue
39East Carter Drive
40 East Pgh And Mckeesport Boulevard
41East Pittsburgh Mckeesport Boulevard
42Edward Street
43Elmore Street
44Emlyn Avenue
45Fairview Street
46Farady Street
47Ferdinand Drive
48Foster Road
49Girard Avenue
50Grand Street
51Greely Avenue
52Green Valley Flats
53Greensburg Highway
54Greensburg Pike
55Halket Street
56Heckman Road
57Herbert Street
58Highland Ave Exd
59Highland Ave Exd
60Highwood Avenue
61Houck Street
62Hyer Avenue
63Ice Plant Hill Road
64Inwood Avenue
65Isaac Street
66Jackman Street
67James Avenue
68Jamison Avenue
69Joan Drive
70Joseph Avenue
71Kline Ave
72Kline Avenue
73Kukurin Drive
74Leonard St
75Leonard Street
76Lloyd Avenue
77Loews Drive
78Logan Hill Road
79London Avenue
80 Longview St
81Luehm Avenue
82Lynda Lane
83Lynwood Avenue
84Mahoning Street
85Maplehurst Drive
86Markle Street
87Marvin Street
88Maryellen Drive
89Millard Street
90Milligan Avenue
91Montgomery Avenue
92Naser Road
93Navy-marine Corps Way
94Naysmith Road
95Naysmith Road
96Nila Alley
97Nita Street
98O'hara Alley
99Old 5th Avenue
100Orsen Street
101Outlet Road
102Overhill Drive
104Palma Street
105Paris Street
106Payne Street
107Pine Place
108Port Perry Road
109Preston Drive
110Prince Street
111Reiss Lane
112Ridgeside Place
113Robin Street
114Rodgers Place
115Rolling Woods Drive
116Root Circle
117Rustic Road
118Saint George Drive
119Sandra Court
120Sarah Ct
121Sell Street
122Sprague Street
123Spruce Way
124State Route 02194
125State Route 2037
126Station Street
127Surrey Road
128Taylor Street
129Textor Drive
130The Lane
131Thorn Avenue
132Tillman Drive
133Tintsman Avenue
134Tipton Alley
135Turner Street
136Twin Springs Road
137U.s. 30
138Upper Heckman Road
139Versailles Avenue
140West Carter Drive
141Westbury Road
142Will Court
143Willman Street