List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
111th St
212th St
313th St
414th St
515th St
616th St
718th St
819th St
91st St
1020th St
1121st St
1222nd St
1323rd St
1424th St
1525th St
1626th St
1727th St
1828th St
1929th St
2030th St
2133rd St
2234th St
2335th St
2436th St
2537th St
2638th St
2739th Ave
2839th St
2940th St
30Almond St
31Angel Ln
32Apple St
33Barnes Ave
34Barr Ave
35Bellefonte St
36Bellefronte St
37Bethwell Rd
38Betts Ave
39Bigler Ave
40 Brown St
41Campbell Ave
42Catalpa St
43Cherry Ridge Terrace
44Chestnut Ave
45Clarke St
46Cottonwood St
47Crawford Ave
48Crosby Ave
49Daisy Ln
50Davis Dr
51Delta St
52Elder Ave
53Elizabeth Pl
54Empire Ave
55Franklin Pl
56Gardner Run Rd
57Gardner Run Rd
58Goodridge Rd
59Grisemore Rd
60Gum St
61Hanson Alley
62Hillcrest St
63Holly St
64Holy Cross Ave
65Hubert Ave
66Iris St
67Ivy St
68Joseph St
69Juniper St
70Kennedy Ave
71Kinter Station Rd
72Kinter Station Rd
73Lancaster Ave
74Laurel St
75Lester St
76Lovell Ave
77Madera St
78Magnolia St
79Mcclain Ave
80 Mccombie Ave
81Melrose Pl
82Mino Dr
83Moon Dr
84Morris St
85Moss Creek Rd
86Mulberry St
87Nicktown Hill Rd
88Nixon Ave
89Oak Ave
90Oakland St
91Park Ave
92Park Ave
93Patrick St
94Penn Ave
95Pentagon Cir
96Philadelphia Ave
97Pinewood Ln
98Porter Pl
99Rebecca Ln
100Redbud St
101River St
102Roosevelt Ave
103Sassafras St
104School Ave
105Shawna Rd
106Sherwin Ave
107Slinger Ave
109St Marys Ave
110St Patricks Ave
111St Stans Ave
112Stacy Dr
113Stadium St
114Stanton St
115State Route 1013
116Steel Corner Rd
117Steele Ave
118Stonecrest Ln
119Susquehanna Ave
120Sycamore St
126Tipperary Rd
127Tower Hill Rd
128Tracy Dr
129Tulip Ln
130Walnut Ave
131Walnut Run
132Whispering Pine Way
133Willy's Rd
134Wyland Ave