List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Carrizo Springs, Texas

#Street Name
121st St
22nd St
3A Perez Dr
4Abm Dr
5Ada Cir
6Adams Ave
7Adams St
8Adolph Fehlis Rd
9Airport Dr
10Albert Cove
11Allen Trailer Park Rd
12Apricot Dr
13Apricot St
14Arambula Rd
15Balle St
16Bear Rd
17Bradshaw Rd
18Breaktime Rd
19Brookins Rd
20Brown St
21Bruno St
22Bryan Ave
23Burns St
24Burns Subdivision Rd
25Byrd Rd
26Cactus St
27California Ave
28California St
29Campos St
30Carey Ln
31Carrizo Dr
32Cheyenne St
33Clamp St
34Clark St
35Clift St
36Cortez St
37County Rd
38County Road 101
39County Road 110
40 County Road 1542
41County Road 173
42County Road 1936
43County Road 1941
44County Road 1957
45County Road 1966
46County Road 1980
47County Road 3252
48County Road 9739
49County Road 9742
50Cox Lane Rd
51Crawford Rd
52Creek 201
53Creek 5000
54Creek 5014
55David Wagner Rd
56Devillbiss Country Rd
57Duncan Rd
58Duncan St
59E Alamo St
60E Austin Ave
61E Mineral St
62E Nopal St
63E Palm Ave
64E Thompson St
65E Walker Ave
66Eardley Ln
67East Ave
68Eaton St
69Egg Rd
70English St
71Escondio Rd
72Faith Ranch Rd
73Faith Rd
74Farm Road 2367
75Farm To Market 1407
76Farm To Market 186
77Farm To Market 2644
78Farm To Market 790
79Farm To Market Road 1433
80 Farm To Market Road 1556
81Farm To Market Road 1966
82Farm To Market Road 2367
83Farm To Market Road 2368
84Farm To Market Road 3252
85Flores St
86Frontage Rd
87Fuentes Rd
88Gonzales St
89Hamilton Ranch Ln
90Heights Ave
91Heights St
92Hempstead St
93Hicks Ave
94Hicks St
95Hidalgo St
96High St
97Hospital Dr
98House Rd
99Ivy Ln
100Jay St
101Jeffery St
102Jim Howard Rd
103John Ayers Rd
104Johnson Ln
105Johnson St
106Kalabassa Rd
107Kentucky Blvd
108Kentucky St
109La Predera
110Lawrence Ave
111Lee St
112Levi Ave
113Loma Blanca Rd
114Loop 225
115Lovers Ln
116Lowery Rd
117Madison St
118Mandell Cir
119Mandell Rd
120Marcita Dr
121Marguerite Dr
122Maria Ave
123Martin Ave
124Merz County Rd
125Merz Rd
126Mexico St
127Midway Park Rd
128Midway Rd
129Morgan St
130Munson Rd
131N 10th St
132N 11th St
133N 12th St
134N 13th St
135N 14th St
136N 15th St
137N 16th St
138N 17th St
139N 19th St
140N 1st St
141N 20th St
142N 22nd St
143N 23rd St
144N 2nd St
145N 3rd St
146N 4th St
147N 5th St
148N 6th St
149N 7th St
150N 8th St
151N 9th St
152N Saltillo St
153Navarro Rd
154Nicholson Ave
155Nicholson St
156Nopal St
157Oak St
158Ohio St
159Old Cotulla Rd
160Old Eagle Pass Rd
161Old Highway 83
162Orlando St
163Pantex St
164Park Road 1
165Park Road 2
166Park Road 3
167Park Road 4
168Park St
169Pattillo County Rd
170Pecan Dr
171Pena St
172Pendencia Rd
173Pete Howard Rd
174Petry Pl
175Pine St
176Plaza St
177Purser St
178Pvt Road 101
179Quail Ridge Dr
180Quail Ridge St
181Quinney Rd
182Ralston Rd
183Ranch Road 1407
184Ranch Road 1433
185Ranch Road 191
186Ranch Road 1917
187Ranch Road 1918
188Ranch Road 2367
189Ranch Road 393
190Refinery Rd
191Retta St
192Richey St
193Risinger Ln
194Risinger Rd
195Road 5000
196Road 5002
197Road 5005
198Road 5012
199Road 5013
200Road 5020
201Rocha St
202Rockhill Dr
203Rodriguez Ln
204Ruth Dr
205S 11th St
206S 12th St
207S 13th St
208S 14th St
209S 15th St
210S 16th St
211S 17th St
212S 18th St
213S 19th St
214S 1st St
215S 20th St
216S 22nd St
217S 23rd St
218S 4th St
219S 5th St
220S 6th St
221S 7th St
222S 8th St
223S 9th St
224Saenz Rd
225Salado Creek Dr
226Salinas St
227San Pedro Ave
228San Pedro Ranch Rd
229Sheppard St
230Short St
231State 517 Loop
232Sypert St
233Taylor Curtis Ranch
234Tender Loving
235Thalman Ln
236Tocquiny Ln
237Trailer Park Rd
238U.s. 277
239U.s. 83
240Urenda Loop
241Valley St
242Vandervoort Rd
243Vandervort Rd
244W Alamo St
245W Clamp St
246W Hay St
247W Houston St
248W Kidwell St
249W Nopal St
250W Short St
251W Thompson St
252W Valley St
253Walker St
254Whisper Creek Rd
255Whisper Hollow Rd
256Wildcat St
257Williams Rd
258Wilson Rd
259Wilson St
260Wilson's Rd
261Winter Haven Rd
262Wooding St
263Yucca Ln
265Zimmerman St