List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Arthur, Texas

#Street Name
110th Ave
210th St
311th Ave
411th St
512th Ave
612th St
713th Ave
813th St
914th St
1015th St
1116th St
1217th St
1318th St
1419th St
151st Ave
1622nd St
1723rd St
1824th St
1926th St
2028th St
2129th St
222nd Ave
2331st St
2435th St
2536th St
2637th St
2738th St
283rd Ave
2940th St
3041st St
3142nd St
3247th St
3348th St
3449th St
354th Ave
364th St
3750th St
3853rd St
3957th St
40 58th St
4159th St
425th Ave
435th St
4460th St
4561st St
4662nd St
4763rd St
4864th St
4965th St
5066th St
5167th St
526th Ave
536th St
5474th St
5575th St
5676th St
5777th St
587th Ave
597th St
6080th St
618th Ave
628th St
6390th St
6495th St
659th Ave
669th Ave
679th Avenue Ditch
689th St
69Abe Lincoln Ave
70Acres Ave
71Aero Dr
72Alamo Ave
73Alamosa Dr
74Alice Ave
75Allien Pl
76Amherst St
77Amino St
78Amy St
79Anchor Dr
80 Angel Fire Cove
81Angelle Dr
83Aqua Ave
84Asbury St
85Ashland Dr
86Aspen Ln
87Atlantic Rd
88Atlantic Rd
89Augusta Ave
90Austin Ave
91Ava Ln
92Avalon Ave
93Avant Ln
94Ayeshire Ave
95Barbara Ln
96Barryknoll Ln
97Basin Rd
98Bayou Dr
99Beaumont Ave
100Becker Pl
101Beldon Dr
102Bell St
103Bernhardt Dr
104Bethany St
105Big Bend Ave
106Birch St
107Birchwood Triangle
108Bitternut Ct
109Blackberry Ln
110Bledsoe Pl
111Bluebonnet Ave
112Blvd Circuit
113Bobby St
114Booker T Washington Ave
115Boulder Ave
116Brazos Ave
117Briarwood Ln
118Bridle Path Dr
119Brinkman Dr
120Brittany Ave
121Bryce St
122Buckner Dr
123Cambridge Ave
124Cambridge Dr
125Canal R O W
126Candlelight Cir
127Carroll Ave
128Carver Terrace
129Cashmere Dr
130Catalina Ct
131Catherine St
132Cedar Springs Ln
133Central Mall Dr
134Champions Ct
135Chandelle Ln
137Charleston Ave
138Charlotte Ave
139Cherry Ave
140Chevy Chase Ln
141Chimney Rock Ct
142Chimney Rock Ln
143Clifford Ave
144Cobblestone Ln
145Coke Dock Rd
146Coke Rd
147Cox St
148Crown Meadows Dr
149Cultural Center Dr
150D D 7 Levee Rd
151Daisy Ave
152Dane Dr
153Danny St
154Darnell Ave
155Date St
156Davis Ave
157Delaware Dr
158Delta Dr
159Denbo Ave
160Dequeen Blvd
161Dewalt Ave
162Diamond Ave
163Diane Ave
164Dick Dowling Dr
165Dick Dowling Rd
167Doctors Dr
168Dodge Pl
169Dominion Ct
170Dominion Ranch
171Donald St
172Dorsey Dr
173Dorsey St
174Dowling Rd
175Drexel Dr
176Drummond St
177Dryden Exn
178Dryden Pl
179Dryden Rd
180Duane St
181Duff Dr
182Dunbar Ave
183Ebony Ln
184Eddingston Ct
185Ellias St
186Emory Ln
187Eunice Ave
188Evelyn St
189Everglades Ave
190Evergreen Dr
191Eyre St
192Fairway Meadows Dr
193Farm To Market Road 3322
194Ferndale Dr
195Flint Ave
196Florida Ave
197Foley Ave
198Forest Ave
199Forest Dr
200Fredrich St
201Fredrick St
202Friar Point Dr
203Front Ave
204Gale St
205Galveston Ave
206Garnet Ave
207Gates Blvd
208Gates Dr
209George Ln
210Gifford Pond Ln
211Gilham Cir
212Gizelle St
213Glacier Dr
214Golden St
215Golfhill Dr
216Grandview Ave
217Granger St
218Grannis Ave
219Green Ave
220Greenbriar Ln
221Greenhill Dr
222Greenway Pointe Dr
223Greenwich St
224Griffing Dr
225H O Mills Blvd
227Hall St
228Heatherbrook Ct
229Heatherbrook Trail
230Henry Ave
231Herget Ave
232Hickory Cove Ln
233High Seas
234Hollow Bend Ct
235Hollow Bend Ln
236Holly St
237Hollywood Dr
238Honeywood Trail
239Howell Dr
240Imhoff Ave
241Indian Fall Dr
242Indian River Dr
243Indian Valley Cir
244Industrial Ct
245Island Way
246Jack Ave
247Jade Ave
248James Ave
249Jasonwood Ct
250Jaycee Rd
251Jean Ave
252Jefferson Dr
253Jetty Rd
254Jimmy Johnson Blvd
255Joe Louis Ave
256John Ave
257Julian Dr
258Kandywood Dr
259Kansas Ave
260Katy Ave
261Kelliwood Dr
262Keystone Ave
263Kramer Pl
264Kylewood Ct
265Labelle Access Rd
266Lake Arthur Dr
267Lake Charles Ave
268Lakecrest Dr
269Lakefront Dr
270Lakefront Park Rd
271Lakeshore Dr
272Lakeside Plaza
273Lakeview Ave
274Lamplighter Ln
275Lansing Ave
276Las Palmas Dr
277Laura Ln
278Laurel St
279Lavender St
280Lawn St
281Lemon Tree St
282Lewis Dr
283Lewis Foster Dr
284Lexington Ave
285Liberty Ave
286Linda Dr
287Linkwood St
288Linn St
289Live Oak Ln
290Locust Ave
291Lombardy Dr
292Lynwood Ln
294Marian Anderson Ave
295Marion Anderson Ave
296Markwood Ct
297Martin Dr
298Martin Luther King Jr
299Martin Luther King Jr Dr
300Mauve Ave
301Mc Gaffey St
302Meadow St
303Mechanic St
304Medical Triangle Dr
305Melody Dr
306Memphis Ave
307Mills Ave
308Mimosa St
309Minnie St
310Mississippi Ave
311Mobile Ave
312Moonstone Ave
313N Park Dr
314N Wind
315Nashville Ave
316Neches Ave
317New Orleans Ave
318Nick Ave
319Norma St
320Normandy Ave
321Oaklawn Ave
322Oakmont Dr
323Old Ferry Rd
324Old Yacht Club Rd
325Oleander St
326Olympic Dr
327Orange Ave
328Orchid St
329Oxford Dr
330Ozark Ave
331Pace Cemetery Rd
332Park Ln
333Park Plaza Ln
334Park Rd
335Pastel Ave
336Pastel Dr
337Pat Ave
338Pecos Ave
339Peek Ave
340Philmont Ave
341Phyllis St
342Picadilly Dr
343Pine Ave
344Pioneer Dr
345Platt Ave
346Pleasant Hill Ct
347Pleasure Island Blvd
348Pleasure Isle Rd
349Pleasure Islet Rd
350Pleasure Pier Blvd
351Plummer St
352Poole Ave
353Port Arthur Beaumont Hwy
354Portland St
355Procter Exn
356Procter St
357Professional Dr
358Prospect St
359Public Rd
360Purdue Ave
361Queens Ct
362Queens Dr
363Quiet Corral Ln
364Quinn St
365Rachel Ave
366Radiance Ave
367Railroad Ave
368Rainbow Ln
369Raintree Ln
370Ray Ave
371Reba Dr
372Red Bird St
373Redbird Ave
374Redbud Ave
375Regency Dr
376Regional Dr
377Renee St
378Rev Dr Ransom Howard St
379Rev Raymond Scott Ave
380Rice Farm Rd
381Richmond Ave
382Ridgewood Ave
383Rio Grande Ave
385Roanoke Ave
386Robbin St
387Robinhood Dr
388Rodeo Ln
389Rolling Rock Dr
390Roosevelt Ave
391Rosedale Dr
392Roya Ct
393Royal Meadows Blvd
394Royal Meadows St
395Russell Dr
396Rutgers Ave
397S 11th Ave
398S 12th Ave
399S 13 Th Ave
400S 13th Ave
401S 1st Ave
402S 2nd Ave
403S 3rd Ave
404S 4th Ave
405S 5th Ave
406S 6th Ave
407S 7th Ave
408S 8th Ave
409S 8th St
410S 9th Ave
411S Business Park
412S Gulfway
413S Gulfway Dr
414S Levee
415S Levee Entrance Rd
416S Park Dr
417S Sgt Lucien Adams Dr
418S Wind
419Sabiine Lake Causeway Bridge
420Sabine Ave
421Sabine Dr
422Sabine Lake Causeway Bridge
423Salisbury Dr
424Sam Ave
425San Jacinto Ave
426Santa Fe
427Sassine Ave
428Savannah Ave
429Schuh Pl
430Seawall Dr
431Sequoia Ave
432Shadow Bend Ln
433Shady Cove Ln
434Sharon Dr
435Sheppard Ave
436Sherylwood Dr
437Shirley St
439Shreveport Ave
440Silver Ave
441Sims Ave
442Sleepy Hollow Ln
443Smith St
444Snider Ave
445Solomon St
447Spinel St
448Sportsmans Club Rd
449Springdale Dr
450Springmeadow Ln
451St Augustine Ave
452Stable Gate Ln
454Stadium Rd
455Stanley Blvd
456State 215 Spur
457State Highway 82
458Stevewood Dr
459Stilwell Blvd
460Stonegate Ct
461Stoney Brook Ln
462Sugarhill Ct
463Sunset Dr
464Susie St
465T B Ellison Memorial Pkwy
466T B Ellison Pkwy
467Tallow Wood Dr
468Tanglewood Ln
469Tara Ln
471Tartan St
472Terminal Rd
473Terrace Ave
474Texaco Island Rd
475Thomas Blvd
477Tom Dr
478Topaz Ave
479Touraine Ave
480Tremont St
481Trinity Ave
482Trinity Dr
483Tulane Ave
484Turtle Creek Dr
485Tyrrell Pkwy
486Upton Dr
487Valley Forge
488Vassar Ave
489Vera Dr
490Vicksburg Ave
491Village E Blvd
492W 10th St
493W 11th St
494W 12th St
495W 13th St
496W 14th St
497W 15th St
498W 17th St
499W 18th St
500W 19th St
501W 4th St
502W 5th St
503W 6th St
504W 7th St
505W 8th St
506W 9th St
507W Gulfway Dr
508W Hwy 365
509W Lakeshore Dr
510W Levee Rd
511W Park Dr
512W Procter St
513W Railroad Ave
514W Tartan Ave
515W Thomas Blvd
516Washington Ave
517Wave Barrier Rd
518Waverly Cir
519Weaver St
520Welch St
521Welford Ave
522Wentworth Ave
523Wheatley Ave
524Wignall Ave
525Williams Ave
526Willow Ave
527Willow Bend Ln
528Willowick Dr
529Willowood Ln
530Wilson Dr
531Woodfern Ct
532Woodland Ave
533Woodrow Dr
534Woodworth Blvd
535Yacht Club Rd
536Zion St
537Zwolle Blvd