List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Lavaca, Texas

#Street Name
11st St
2Abner St
3Adame Ln
4Aggie Ln
5Airline Dr
6Alamo Beach Ave
7Alcoa Dr
8Alcoa Dr # 12
9Algee Dr
10Angel Rd
11Arthur St
12Avalon Ave
13Ave A E
14Ave B E
15Ave C
16Ave D
17Avril Dr
18B St
19Baffin St
20Bauer Dr
21Bauer Rd
22Bay Meadow Dr
23Bay St
24Bayou Dr
25Bayshore Dr
26Beachmont Ln
27Bella Vista Basin Ln
28Berwick Pl
29Biloxi St
30Biscayne St
31Blackstone Pl
32Blue Heron Dr N
33Blue Spring Rd
34Bonham St
35Bonorden Rd
36Bonorden St
37Border St
38Boston St
39Boundary St
40 Bowie St
41Boyd Rd
42Bredan Rd
43Brentwood Pl
44Broadway St
45Broadway St
46Brookhollow Dr
47Brooks Ave
48Burkedale Dr
49Burnet St
50Burton St
51C St
52Calhoun St
53Candlelight Ln
54Carbide Ave
55Carpenter Ln
56Carrigan Ave
57Carter Ln
58Cedar Alley
59Central Ave
60Chantilly Ln
61Charlotte Dr
62Cheeves Ave
63Chevy Chase
64Clark Ln
65Clegg Rd
66Clois Green Cir
67Coloma Rd
68Comal Rd
69Coral Reef Dr
70County Road 101
71County Road 103
72County Road 105
73County Road 307a
74County Road 309
75County Road 310
76Cr 318
77Creekview Rd
78Crockett St
79Curlew St
80 D St
81Dale St
82Dan Ave
83Davis Ave
84De Shazor St
85Dee St
86Del Mar Dr
87Del Rio St
88Dirt Rd
89Dryer Rd
90E Alice Wilkens St
91E Ash Ave
92E Austin St
93E Center St
94E Chestnut St
95E Cypress St
96E Dolphin Ave
97E George St
98E Leona St
99E Live Oak St
100E Mahan St
101E Main St
102E Maxwell Ditch Rd
103E Railroad St
104E South St
105E Wilson St
106El Camino Real St
107Ella St
108Elmhurst Dr
109Ethel St
110Evelyn St
111Ezzell St
112Fairmont Dr
113Fannin St
114Farik Rd
115Fawn Trail
116Fisher Rd
117Flamingo St
118Fm 1090
119Fm 1289
120Fm 1679
121Fm 2143
122Fm 2235
123Fm 2433
124Fm 2541
125Fm 2717
126Fm 2760
127Fm 3084
128Foester Rd
129Fulton St
130Garner St
131Garza Rd
132Gin Rd
133Glenbrook Ln
134Hackberry Bend
135Hackberry Dr
136Hackberry St
137Hahn Rd
138Haley Ln
139Half League Rd
140Hall Rd
141Harbor Dr E
142Harbor Dr W
143Harbor St
144Harmony Ln
145Hartman Rd
146Haviland St
147Henderson Rd
148Hengst Rd
149Henry St
150Henry Wehmeyer Rd
151Heron Dr
152High Bluff Dr
153Holiday Ln
154Hollen Ln
155Holloman Rd
156Hollomon Rd
157Honeysuckle Ln
158Hospital St
159Houston St
160Hwy 172
161Independence Dr
162Indianola St
163Jack And Jill Rd
164Jackson St
165Jacob Rd
166Jennie St
167Jennifer Ln
168Jennings Ave
169Johnny Dr
170Jurek Rd
171Jurek Rd
172Justice Dr
173Kamey Rd
174Kemper Rd
175Kemper Rd
176Kisiah Ln
177Klink Rd
178Knipling St
179Konrad Rd
180La Lucia St
181La Salle Blvd
182La Salle St
183La Villa
184Lake Placedo Rd
185Lake Placedo Rd
186Larry Dr
187Las Brisas Pl
188Lasalle West
189Lazy Ln
190Lee St
191Leon Dr
192Lighthouse Beach Rd
193Linnville Dr
194Lowery Dr
195Magnolia St
196Malibu Dr
197Mallory Ave
198Marek Ln
199Margie Tewmey Rd
200Maria St
201Marjorie St
202Marshall Rd
203Mary St
204Massanet St
205Matson Rd
206Matson St
207Mc Donald Rd
208Mcpherson Dr
209Meadowbrook Dr
210Meadowview Dr
211Meadowview Ln
212Milam St
213Mildred Dr
214Mildred St
215Millers Point Rd
216Milwaukee Ave
217Mollnar Ave
218Montier Rd
219Morris Ave
220Mulberry Dr
221N Ann St
222N Benavides St
223N Blackburn Ave
224N Center St
225N Colorado St
226N Commerce St
227N Guadalupe St
228N Juanita St
229N Maxwell Ln
230N Nueces St
231N Ocean Dr
232N San Antonio St
233N Trinity St
234N Virginia St
235N Vivian Stevens St
236Neill Rd
237Newlin St
238Oak Dr
239Oak Grove Dr
240Oakglen Dr
241Oleander Ave
242Oleander Dr
243Omaha Ave
244Oren St
245Orleans Ave
246Palm Dr
247Park Pl
248Park Plaza
249Park Rd
250Parker St
251Parkview Dr
252Parrish Rd
253Patterson St
254Pecan St
255Peikert Ln
256Perkert St
258Pinta Rd
259Port St
260Porter Rd
261Powderhorn Ln
262Powderkeg Ln
263Purple Sage Dr
264Pvt Rd Dr
265Ramsey Rd
266Randle Rd
267Randle St
268Record Rd
269Red Snapper Dr
270Redfish Ln
271Ridgecrest Dr
272Rigby Rd
273Rodeo Dr
274Roemer Rd
275Rokyta Ln
276Rosenbaum Rd
277Royal Rd
278Royale Dr
279S Ann St
280S Benavides St
281S Colorado St
282S Commerce St
283S Guadalupe St
284S Juanita St
285S Lavaca St
286S Nueces St
287S Ocean Dr
288S San Antonio St
289S Trinity St
290S Virginia St
291Sailfish Landing
292Sally St
293Saluria Pl
294Sam Faubion Dr
295San Bernardo St
296Sanchez Ave
297Sand Dollar Dr
298Sandcastle Dr
299Sandcrab Blvd
300Sandpiper Dr
301Santa Rosa St
302Schedler St
303Schlebach Rd
304School Rd
305Schooley St
306Sea Shell Dr
307Seadrift St
308Seakist Rd
309Seascape Dr
310Shofner Dr
311Short St
312Sikes Rd
313Smith Rd
314Snapper Landing
315Sonneman Rd
316Springfield Ave
317Springwood Ln
318Spyglass Hill St
319St Joseph Ave
320Stanley Lester St
321Suncrest Dr
322Sunnydale Dr
323Susy St
324Sweetwater Rd
325Tangerine Cir
326Tanner Ln
327Terry St
328Texana Dr
329Tilley St
330Timberline Dr
331Tiney Browning Blvd
332Tommy Dr
333Trailwood Dr
334Travis St
335Trinity Shores Dr
336U.s. 87
337Vail Dr
338Vfw Rd
339Villa Del Mar
340Village Rd
341Virginia Pl
342Vivian Stevens
343W Alice Wilkens St
344W Ash Ave
345W Austin St
346W Boathouse Rd
347W Center St
348W Chestnut St
349W Cypress St
350W Dolphin Ave
351W George St
352W Kruse Ave
353W Leona St
354W Live Oak St
355W Mahan St
356W Main St
357W Martin Luther King Jr Dr
358W Martin Luther King Jr St
359W Meadowlark Dr
360W Railroad St
361W South St
362W Wilson St
363Walnut St
364Warehouse Rd
365Warsaw Landing
366Washington Ave
367Waterfront Alley
368Wedgewood Dr
369Wedig St
370Westerlund Grade Rd
371Westmont Ln
372Westwood Dr
373Whatley Rd
374White Ave
375White Marlin Dr
376William St
377Willowbend Dr
378Willowick Dr
379Wilson Ln
380Wilson Ln Pr
381Woods Rd