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List of Street Names with maps in New Kent, Virginia

#Street Name
1Allforgod Lane
2Bassett Farm Road
3Bayberry Lane
4Beaver Place
5Big Buck Court
6Buck Hunt Lane
7Buckden Drive
8Cattail Road
9Cherry Lane
10Chesapeake Circle
11Chestnut Hills Road
12Clark Road
13Cooks Mill Road
14Cosby Mill Road
15Couch Lane
16Courthouse Circle
17Criss Cross Road
18Crumps Mill Road
19Cumberland Estates Road
20Cumberland Road
21Deer Run Road
22Deer Trace Lane
23Deerlake Drive
24Deerpath Drive
25Devils 3 Jump Drive
26Dickerson Road
27Dusty Lane
28Eckels Lane
29Egypt Road
30Emmaus Church Road
31Essex Hills Road
32Greenwood Boulevard
33Griffith Circle
34Groves Road
35Gum Ball Lane
36Hampstead Lane
37Hicks Road
38Hilton Woods Drive
39Hingham Drive
40 Historical Path Road
41Hopewell Acres Lane
42Hopewell Road
43Huntsman Trail
44Interstate 64
46Legacy Lane
47Lilly Point Road
48Lock Lane
49Longbow Lane
50Macon Lane
51Marie Road
52Marl Springs Drive
53Mccormick Road
54Mclaughlin Lane
55Mollie Schools Lane
56Monroe Drive
57Mount Airy Road
58Mount Prospect Road
59New Kent Highway
60New Town Road
61North Courthouse Road
62Oak Rise Road
63Old Church Road
64Old Dirt Road
65Old Quarter Lane
66Old River Road
67Old Towne Lane
68Olivet Church Road
69Orchard Road
70Ordinary Lane
71Pamunkey Drive
72Parsley Road
73Patterson Road
74Pine Fork Road
75Poindexter Road
76Pontefract Drive
77Putneys Mill Road
78Ridgewood Drive
79Rockahock Bar Road
80 Rockahock Road
81Rumleys Lane
82Saint Peters Lane
83Sedbergh Drive
84Shewsbury Drive
85Shooter Run Road
86South R 604
87State Route 1301
88State Route 1302
89State Route 604
90State Route 605
91State Route 607
92State Route 608
93State Route 610
94State Route 612
95State Route 612
96State Route 614
97State Route 617
98State Route 618
99State Route 637
100State Route 638
101State Route 642
102State Route 644
103State Route 648
104State Route 653
105State Route 679
106Steel Trap Road
107Sycamore Road
108Talleysville Road
109Tunstall Road
110Tunstall Station Road
111Turkey Hill Lane
112Union Camp Road
113Virginia 106
114Virginia 155
115Virginia 249
116Virginia 33
117Virginia 606
118Virginia 609
119Virginia 619
120Waterloo Road
121Wensleydale Drive
122Whitehouse Road
123Wild Fox Lane
124Windamere Drive