List of States

List of Street Names with maps in North Tazewell, Virginia

#Street Name
12nd Avenue
22nd Street
3Adira Road
4Adria Road
5Adventure Road
6Altizer Circle
7Altizer Street
8Angles Hollow Road
9Apex Drive
10Austin Street
11Axle Street
12Back Lane
13Baldwin Avenue
14Baptist Valley Road
15Barbarosa Road
16Barber Shop Lane
17Barn Avenue
18Barnette Avenue
19Beaver Hollow Road
20Beverly Hills Drive
21Blacks Chapel Road
22Blacksburg Street
23Bland Street
24Blankenship Drive
25Blue Rock Avenue
26Branch Street
27Broadway Street
28Brookfield Lane
29Brothers Street
30Browns Chapel Road
31Buckhorn Street
32Burkett Drive
33Burton Lane
34Camden Drive
35Camelot Court
36Carter Hill Road
37Case Lane
38Cavalier Road
39Cavitts Creek Road
40 Cecil Drive
41Center Street
42Chickasaw Street
43Christopher Lane
44Circle Drive
45Citizens Drive
46Clean Street
47Clenden Lane
48Clinch Avenue
49Cobblestone Street
50Cochran Lane
51Cody Street
52Concord Drive
53Copper Lane
54Coral Drive
55Coronado Road
56Corvette Drive
57Courtney Lane
58Covington Road
59Cox Street
60Creek Side Road
61Cross Street
62Daileys Chapel Road
63Daily Chapel Road
64Dallas Road
65Danver Avenue
66Danville Road
67Dark Hollow Road
68Davis Lane
69Dawn Avenue
70Deer Run
71Dewberry Road
72Dexter Street
73Dial Rock Road
74Dickenson Lane
75Doe Lane
76Dolphin Lane
77Dover Lane
78Dry For Road
80 Dunford Avenue
81East River Drive
83Empire Drive
84England Circle
85Fairview Street
86Faith Street
87Falcon Lane
88Faulkner Road
89Fifth Street
90Firehouse Lane
91Fleet Drive
92Foxborough Street
93Fredricksburg Lane
94Freebird Lane
95Freeewill Road
96Freemont Road
97Freestone Lane
98Gamebird Avenue
99Garfield Lane
100George Avenue
101Glen Avenue
102Glover Drive
103Goose Creek Road
104Graham Road
105Gravel Hill Road
106Griffits Drive
107Hale Drive
108Hallmark Street
109Halls Hill Drive
110Harmon Street
111Harrison Road
112Hart Street
113Hash Hollow Road
114Hawkins Road
115Healing Springs Road
116Henry Street
117High Knob Lane
118Hill Avenue
119Hillsbor Street
120Hodge Drive
121Hopkins Street
122Hubble Hill Road
123Hurst Street
124Hurt Road
125Idlewood Lane
126Indiana Road
127Industry Road
128Ireson Road
129Joshua Street
130King Street
131Lagrange Street
132Lanark Loop
133Lester Lane
134Liberty Road
135Lilac Street
136Line Road
137Little Acres Road
138Log Cabin Lane
140Long Mountain Road
141Lumbar Jack Road
142Lynn Hollow Road
143Market Street
144Mayflower Drive
145Mays Road
146Mccann Street
147Meadow Circle
148Memphis Lane
149Middle Street
150Miller Street
151Mobile Drive
152Montclair Circle Road
153Monterey Drive
154Moore Mountain Road
155Morning Star Lane
156Mount Vernon Lane
157Mundytown Road
158Murray Lane
159Mutter Road
160National Road
161New Haven Road
162Newport Lane
163Noel Street
164Northwood Road
165Oak Ridge Road
166Oak Road
167Oakland Lane
168Oakview Drive
169Oakwood Drive
170Odessa Lane
171Old Place Lane
172Palm Drive
173Paramount Drive
174Paris Street
175Park Street
176Parsons Drive
177Patton Road
178Peaceful Hollow Road
179Pinehurst Street
180Poskas Drive
181Powderhouse Road
182Racine Avenue
183Radio Road
184Rasnake Road
185Rasnaker Road
186Raywood Drive
187Red Fern Lane
188Redskins Road
189Ridgecrest Drive
190Riveria Drive
191Rocky Dell Road - Jefferson National Forest
192Roma Road
193Rosehill Road
194Royal Oak Road - Jefferson National Forest
196Rutherford Road
197Salina Road
198Sayers Street
199Schoolhouse Road
200Scranton Avenue
201Sesame Street
202Shewey Street
203Shirley Street
204Shrader Lane
205Silver Spur Road
206Slaughter Street
207Smyth Avenue
208Sparks Hollow Road
209Spearmint Lane
210Squaw Drive
211State Route 1303
212State Route 1307
213State Route 1317
214State Route 1401
215State Route 1403
216State Route 1404
217State Route 1405
218State Route 1410
219State Route 151
220State Route 600
221State Route 631
222State Route 635
223State Route 636
224State Route 645
225State Route 649
226State Route 650
227State Route 651
228State Route 653
229State Route 656
230State Route 678
231State Route 680
232State Route 715
233State Route 732
234State Route 733
235State Route 745
236State Route 754
237State Route 756
238State Route 762
239State Route 764
240State Route 781
241State Route F-727
242State Rte 1402
243Sumac Lane
244Summerset Lane
245T R Barret Road
246Tagalong Lane
247Tanglewood Road
248Tanhglewood Avenue
249Tester Street
250Texas Street
251Tiptop Road
252Tradewinds Drive
253Trailer Drive
254Tranquil Road
255Trestle Road
256Truman Drive
257Tye Lane
258Valleyview Road
259Van Buren Drive
260Vanguard Avenue
261Vanhoozer Road
262Velvet Drive
263Venice Lane
264Ventura Road
265Vilacha Road
266Vista Street
267Walker Street
268Walter Street
269Watts Street
270Waushopper Road
271White Pine Road
272Whitehouse Street
273Wilson Street
275Windsor Drive
276Windsor Street
277Witt Lane
278Witten Mill Road
279Wittens Mill Road
280Woodstone Avenue
281Wrong Street
282Yorkshire Road