List of States in Australia

List of Street Maps in Campbelltown, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Adelaide Avenue
2Alam Place
3Albury Avenue
4Allman Street
5Anzac Lane
6Appin Road
7Apsley Place
8Art Gallery Road
9Asher Place
10Austin Avenue
11Badgally Road
12Banks Street
13Barwon Place
14Beverley Road
15Bilgola Street
16Blaxland Road
17Bolger Street
18Bradbury Avenue
19Brisbane Road
20Broughton Street
21Browne Street
22Browning Avenue
23Bugden Place
24Bundarra Road
25Burns Road
26Byron Avenue
27Camden Road
28Canberra Crescent
29Carberry Lane
30Carcoola Street
31Chamberlain Street
32Clarice Crescent
33Clyde Place
34College Road
35Colo Place
36Colonial Street
37Condamine Street
38Coogan Place
39Coolah Avenue
40Coraki Avenue
41Cordeaux Street
42Cuthel Place
43Dan Street
44Darwin Road
45Dennis Street
46Dumaresq Street
47Eaglemont Crescent
48Eggleton Street
49Farnsworth Avenue
50Farrow Road
51Fisher Place
52Frost Road
53Geary Street
54Genty Street
55George Street
56Georges River Road
57Gilchrist Drive
58Goldsmith Avenue
59Grandview Drive
60Gwydir Place
61Hammond Place
62Hannaford Street
63Hastings Place
64Hepher Road
65High Street
66Hilltop Crescent
67Hobart Avenue
68Hoddle Avenue
69Howe Street
70Hume Highway
71Hume Street
72Hunter Street
73Hurley Street
74Innes Street
75Iolanthe Street
76Johnson Road
77Karuah Street
78Kellicar Road
79Kendall Street
80Kialba Road
81King Street
82Lachlan Place
83Langdon Avenue
84Lawson Street
85Lilian Street
86Lindesay Street
87Lithgow Street
88Loddon Crescent
89Lytton Place
90Mackellar Place
91Macquarie Avenue
92Manning Street
93Marlow Place
94Mclean Road
95Meehan Place
96Megalong Crescent
97Menangle Road
98Mereil Street
99Milgate Lane
100Mill Road
101Mitchell Street
102Moore Street
103Moore-oxley Bypass
104Murray Street
105Narellan Road
106Nepean Street
107Old Menangle Road
108Oxley Street
109Paterson Street
110Patrick Street
111Perth Avenue
112Phillip Street
113Pope Place
114Queen Street
115Radnor Place
116Railway Street
117Randolph Street
118Raymond Avenue
119Reddall Street
120Richard Avenue
121Richmond Crescent
122Robinson Street
123Rogers Place
124Ronald Street
125Rosalind Crescent
126Rose Street
127Ruse Place
128Russell Street
129Ruzac Street
130Scott Street
131Seddon Place
132Shakespeare Street
133Sheather Place
134Shelley Street
135Short Street
136St Johns Road
137Stewart Street
138Sturt Street
139Therry Road
140Thomas Street
141Tindall Street
142Tyler Street
143Valinda Crescent
144Valley Road
145Waminda Avenue
146Warby Street
147Watsford Road
148Yennora Street