List of States in Australia

List of Street Maps in Campsie, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Adam Street
2Albert Street
3Alma Avenue
4Amy Lane
5Amy Street
6Anglo Road
7Anzac Square
8Assets Street
9Beamish Lane
10Beamish Street
11Beaumont Street
12Bellombi Street
13Bexley Road
14Brighton Avenue
15Browning Street
16Burns Street
17Butler Avenue
18Byron Street
19Campsie Street
20Canterbury Road
21Carrington Square
22Carrington Street
23Charlotte Street
24Claremont Street
25Clissold Lane
26Clissold Parade
27Cowper Street
28Cross Street
29Dewar Street
30Dispensary Lane
31Dryden Street
32Duke Street
33East Parade
34Eighth Avenue
35Eileen Lane
36Elizabeth Lane
37Elizabeth Street
38Evaline Street
39Fifth Avenue
40First Avenue
41Fitzroy Street
42Fletcher Street
43Fourth Avenue
44Francis Street
45Frederick Street
46Gordon Street
47Gould Street
48Harcourt Avenue
49Harold Street
50Harp Street
51Hill Lane
52Hill Street
53Lilian Lane
54Lilian Street
55Lincoln Street
56Lindsay Street
57Loch Lane
58Loch Street
59Loftus Street
60London Lane
61London Street
62Marlowe Street
63Mckenzie Street
64Mckern Street
65Messiter Street
66Moore Lane
67Moore Street
68Nicholas Avenue
69Ninth Avenue
70North Parade
71Nowra Lane
72Nowra Street
73Orissa Street
74Oswald Lane
75Oswald Street
76Palmer Street
77Park Street
78Perry Lane
79Perry Street
80Redman Street
81Robertson Street
82Rudd Parade
83Scahill Street
84Second Avenue
85Seventh Avenue
86Shakespeare Street
87Shelley Street
88Shirley Lane
89Sixth Avenue
90South Parade
91Stanley Street
92Sunbeam Lane
93Tennyson Street
94Third Avenue
95Thorncraft Parade
96Troy Lane
97Troy Street
98Tudor Street
99Una Lane
100Una Street
101Unara Lane
102Unara Street
103Vicliffe Avenue
104Viking Street
105Wade Street
106Wairoa Street
107Wilfred Avenue
108Wilfred Lane
109Williams Parade