List of States in Australia

List of Street Maps in Granville, New South Wales

#Street Name
1A'beckett Street
2Albert Street
3Alfred Street
4Alma Street
5Archibald Street
6Arthur Street
7Bennalong Street
8Berry Street
9Blane Street
10Blaxcell Street
11Bold Street
12Boomerang Street
13Boundary Street
14Bridge Street
15Brunswick Street
16Carlton Street
17Carrington Street
18Celia Street
19Charles Street
20Church Street
21Clarke Street
22Clyde Street
23Cowper Street
24Crown Street
25Daniel Street
26Darcy Street
27Dean Street
28Deniehy Street
29Denison Street
30Diamond Avenue
31Duke Street
32East Street
33Elizabeth Street
34Enid Avenue
35Factory Street
36Farnell Street
37Fifth Street
38First Street
39Florrie Street
40Fourth Street
41Garrard Street
42George Street
43Glen Street
44Good Street
45Gray Street
46Great Western Highway
47Gregory Street
48Grimwood Street
49Halsall Street
50Hamilton Street
51Harbord Street
52Harris Street
53Hartington Street
54Heath Street
55Hewlett Street
56High Street
57Hutchinson Street
58Illalong Street
59Inkerman Street
60James Ruse Drive
61Jamieson Street
62John Street
63Junction Street
64Kay Street
65Kemp Street
66Kendall Street
67Lena Street
68Little Street
69Louis Street
70Lumley Street
72Margaret Street
73Marsden Street
74Marsh Street
75Martha Street
76Mary Street
77Maud Street
78Meehan Street
79Membrey Street
80Memorial Drive
81Milton Street
82Mimosa Street
83Mort Street
84Myrtle Street
85Neilson Street
86New York Street
87O'neill Street
88Onslow Street
89Parker Street
90Parramatta Road
91Pitt Street
92Prince Street
93Queen Street
94Railway Parade
95Railway Street
96Railway Terrace
97Randle Street
98Raymond Street
99Redfern Street
100Rossiter Street
101Rowell Street
102Russell Street
103Second Street
104Seventh Street
105Sheridan Street
106Sixth Street
107Smith Street
108South Street
109Spring Garden Lane
110Spring Garden Street
111Stuart Street
112Sutherland Street
113Tennyson Street
114The Avenue
115The Trongate
116Third Street
117Thomas Street
118Tiara Place
119Tottenham Street
120Union Street
121Victoria Street
122Wallace Street
123Walter Street
124Waratah Street
125Wentworth Street
126Western Motorway
127William Street
128Woodville Road