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List of Street Maps in Kellyville, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Abernathy Court
2Acres Road
3Active Place
4Alessandra Drive
5Alford Road
6Alistair Place
7Allison Place
8Amy Hawkins Circuit
9Annabelle Crescent
10Armine Way
11Arnold Avenue
12Arnold Janssen Drive
13Aruma Avenue
14Ashburton Court
15Atlantic Place
16Atlas Way
17Austen Place
18Avignon Place
19Avril Court
20Balfour Drive
21Ballymena Way
22Balmoral Road
23Barry Road
24Beaumont Drive
25Ben Place
26Benalla Avenue
27Benson Road
28Bentley Avenue
29Berrimilla Way
30Bindaree Place
31Bindon Place
32Blackthorn Place
33Bligh Place
34Blue Bell Circuit
35Blue Cow Avenue
36Blundell Circuit
37Borrowdale Way
38Boston Way
39Botanical Drive
40Bottle Brush Avenue
41Bowness Court
42Brady Place
43Braekell Place
44Braemar Avenue
45Brampton Drive
46Brandon Grove
47Briana Court
48Bridget Place
49Broadleaf Crescent
50Broughton Court
51Bruce Place
52Buckeridge Place
53Buckley Street
54Buffalo Way
55Buller Circuit
56Burns Road
57Bushview Drive
58Cameo Place
59Capizzi Place
60Carberry Court
61Carlisle Crescent
62Carmelo Court
63Carnival Way
64Casablanca Avenue
65Cassidy Place
66Castlefern Court
67Catalina Place
68Cathay Place
69Cattai Creek Drive
70Cayden Avenue
71Celia Road
72Chalet Road
73Chateau Close
74Christine Court
75Cigolini Place
76Clovelly Circuit
77Cobblers Close
78Comet Circuit
79Commercial Road
80Connaught Circuit
81Connelly Way
82Coral Crescent
83Cormack Circuit
84Cradle Avenue
85Craigmore Drive
86Cressy Avenue
87Crestview Avenue
88Crosby Avenue
89Crystal Place
90Cunningham Parade
91Curtis Road
92Cuthbert Avenue
93Daintree Place
94Damper Avenue
95Delphinium Place
96Delphinium Way
97Diana Avenue
98Diggins Street
99Drummond Road
100Drysdale Circuit
101Dunbar Place
102Duncraig Drive
103Dunross Place
104Dutton Road
105Elgin Way
106Elias Way
107Ellerstone Court
108Emery Road
109Emily Clarke Drive
110Emlyn Place
111Erinleigh Court
112Eugenes Glen
113Evergreen Way
114Exbury Road
115Fairway Drive
116Falkirk Court
117Farmer Circuit
118Fenwick Close
119Ferncreek Court
120Fernleaf Crescent
121Fintry Court
122Fitzroy Place
123Flannan Court
124Flint Place
125Forest Crescent
126Fortune Grove
127Fox Place
128Foxall Road
129Frasca Place
130Fraser Avenue
131Friendship Avenue
132Fulton Place
133Gainsford Drive
134Galvin Avenue
135Gambier Avenue
136Ganges Way
137Garnet Place
138Geewan Avenue
139Georgia Terrace
140Glasshouse Road
141Glenhaven Road
142Glenrowan Avenue
143Glory Way
144Golden Grove Avenue
145Gould Avenue
146Green Road
147Greenwich Place
148Greenwood Road
149Gretta Place
150Greyfriar Place
151Guardian Avenue
152Gum Nut Close
153Gumleaf Way
154Gungarten Close
155Gurner Place
156Hadlow Close
157Halcyon Avenue
158Hamilton Way
159Hamish Court
160Hannah Avenue
161Harley Place
162Harper Place
163Hart Place
164Hawick Court
165Hayes Avenue
166Heath Road
167Hebe Place
168Herald Place
169Hermitage Avenue
170Hester Way
171Hezlett Road
172Highfield Place
173Highgate Circuit
174Hillas Avenue
175Hillview Road
176Honeymyrtle Road
177Honeysuckle Place
178Horizons Place
179Hotham Avenue
180Housman Avenue
181Hutchison Avenue
182Ikara Avenue
183Indigo Avenue
184Iwan Place
185Jack Mcnamee Place
186Jackson Place
187James Mileham Drive
188Janamba Avenue
189Janan Close
190Janssen Drive
191Java Place
192Jerilderie Avenue
193John Albert Close
194Jonquil Parade
195Jordan Place
196Jorja Place
197Julian Close
198Julie Court
199Jupiter Road
200Karinya Place
201Kendall Place
202Kinaldy Crescent
203Kinarra Avenue
204Kingdom Place
205Kinnard Way
206Kinsella Court
207Kirkcaldy Circuit
208Kirkcaldy Court
209Kirkton Place
210Koala Place
211Kristy Court
212Lamont Close
213Landy Place
214Langford Smith Close
215Langholm Court
216Larcom Road
217Lavender Avenue
218Layton Way
219Lees Place
220Leonards Way
221Liberty Way
222Lightwood Way
223Lilly Pilly Court
224Lilly Pilly Place
225Linford Place
226Lochton Place
227Loree Terrace
228Lowan Place
229Lucas Circuit
230Luwasa Place
231Lycett Avenue
232Macks Glen
233Macquarie Avenue
234Madison Place
235Maeve Avenue
236Malonga Avenue
237Mansfield Way
238Mardi Court
239Marella Avenue
240Marjorie Place
241Marmion Way
242Marsden Avenue
243Martens Circuit
244Matilda Grove
245Mawarra Crescent
246Mayda Place
247Mayfair Avenue
248Meadow Place
249Mediati Avenue
250Melinda Close
251Memorial Avenue
252Meredith Avenue
253Millcroft Way
254Minerva Crescent
255Moffatt Way
256Molise Avenue
257Monaco Avenue
258Monet Court
259Morgan Place
260Mundurra Place
261Mungerie Road
262Neiwand Avenue
263Northwood Place
264O'grady Place
265O'sullivan Place
266Oak Tree Grove
267Old Windsor Road
268Olivia Close
269Orleans Way
270Paperbark Crescent
271Paramount Crescent
272Park Ridge Court
273Patterson Avenue
274Patya Court
275Pennybright Place
276Perisher Road
277Perkins Drive
278Perseus Circuit
279Philippa Court
280Phoenix Avenue
281Poole Road
282Praha Place
283President Road
284Princess Avenue
285Proteus Place
286Pryce Court
287Pyrenees Way
288Queensbury Avenue
289Radcliffe Place
290Radisson Place
291Ramillies Way
292Rathmore Court
293Redden Drive
294Redgum Close
295Rhodes Place
296Rialto Place
297River Oak Circuit
298Rodwell Place
299Rolla Way
300Rooke Court
301Rosebery Road
302Roseville Close
303Ross Place
304Ruby Court
305Sally Place
306Samantha Riley Drive
307Sanctuary Drive
308Sarah Jane Avenue
309Sentinel Avenue
310Seymour Way
311Sheila Place
312Shelly Crescent
313Sirrius Close
314Skye Court
315Smalls Creek Way
316Softwood Avenue
317Sorrento Court
318Spring Road
319St Pauls Avenue
320Stafford Way
321Starlight Place
322Strachan Court
323Stratheden Avenue
324Strathfillan Way
325Stringer Road
326Success Avenue
327Sunrise Place
328Supply Court
329Sussex Road
330Swann Place
331Tallowood Grove
332Tamara Place
333Tamarin Court
334Tamborine Road
335Tanners Way
336Taringa Avenue
337Tarrilli Place
338Teatree Place
339Tellicherry Circuit
340Terrie Place
341The Parkway
342Tibbett Place
343Tom Scanlon Close
344Townsend Circuit
345Tremain Avenue
346Trinity Avenue
347Tuscan Avenue
348Valenti Crescent
349Valleyview Place
350Vantage Crescent
351Vernonia Avenue
352Victoria Road
353Vivaldi Place
354Wedge Place
355Wellgate Avenue
356Wellington Avenue
357Wenden Avenue
358White Gum Place
359Wildflower Place
360Wildrose Street
361Wilkins Avenue
362Willaroo Avenue
363Wilson Avenue
364Windsor Road
365Winter Avenue
366Withers Road
367Womboyne Avenue
368Woodside Avenue
369Woodstream Crescent
370Wrights Road
371York Road
372Zanith Way