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List of Street Maps in Port Kembla, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Administration Road
2Allan Street
3Allans Creek Road
4Annealing Road
5Bagot Place
6Bardia Parkway
7Bass Street
8Batteries Road
9Bland Street
10Blast Furnace Road
11Bos Road
12Brody Street
13Caster Park Road
14Caster Road
15Central Lab Road
16Charles Street
17Christy Drive
18Church Street
19Coal Prep Road
20Coal Stock Road
21Cog Road
22Coil Despatch Road
23Coke Ovens Road
24Commercial Road
25Cowper Street
26Darcy Road
27Donaldson Street
28Dovers Drive
29Electrolytic Street
30Emily Road
31Farrer Road
32Fifth Avenue
33First Avenue
34Fitzwilliam Street
35Five Islands Road
36Flinders Street
37Foreshore Road
38Forster Street
39Gallipoli Street
40General Office Road
41Gloucester Boulevard
42Griffiths Avenue
43Harbour Road
44Harris Street
45Hill Street
46Hixson Street
47Holman Street
48Horne Street
49Hot Strip Road
50Illawarra Road
51Illawarra Street
52Iron Ore Road
53Ironmaking Road
54Jenkins Street
55Jubilee Road
56Keira Street
57Kembla Road
58Kembla Street
59King Street
60Ladle Road
61Lawarra Street
62Loop Road
63Machine Shop Road
64Marne Street
65Matthews Crescent
66Mcgowen Street
67Metserv Road
68Military Lane
69Military Road
70Mortlock Avenue
71Morton Way
72Northcliffe Drive
73O'donnell Street
74Old Port Road
75Olympic Boulevard
76Overpass Road
77Packaging Road
78Parker Street
79Parkes Street
80Pattern Shop Road
81Perth Road
82Prep Line Road
83Products Berth Road
84Quarry Street
85Reservoir Street
86Robertson Street
87Screenhouse Road
88Second Avenue
89Services Road
90Shellharbour Road
91Sinter Plant Road
92Sixth Avenue
93Somme Street
94Spooner Street
95Springhill Road
96Stockpile Road
97Storey Street
98Surfside Drive
99Suvla Street
100Third Avenue
101Tin Mill Park Road
102Tobruk Avenue
103Tom Thumb Road
104Training Shops Road
105Underpass Road
106View Street
107Visitor Road
108Warehouse Road
109Washery Road
110Wattle Street
111Wentworth Lane
112Wentworth Road
113William Street