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List of Street Maps in Rooty Hill, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Abraham Street
2Acacia Street
3Acropolis Avenue
4Adelaide Street
5Albert Parade
6Alice Street
7Alma Place
8Alverna Street
9American Mall
10Artornish Place
11Assisi Place
12Assunta Street
13Bainbridge Crescent
14Barker Street
15Beaconsfield Road
16Beames Avenue
17Beatrice Street
18Bentley Street
19Beryl Place
20Besant Place
21Bethel Close
22Blenheim Avenue
23Bovis Place
24Boxer Place
25Brussels Crescent
26Budapest Street
27Burns Close
28Caladenia Street
29Catherine Crescent
30Celeste Court
31Chandler Street
32Charlotte Road
33Chios Place
34Chubb Place
35Clement Street
36Clorinda Street
37Cordelia Crescent
38Crichton Street
39Curry Street
40Davis Place
41Depot Street
42Derby Street
43Devon Street
44Dino Close
45Doctor Lawson Place
46Driscoll Avenue
47Duke Street
48Dunkley Court
49Dunsmore Street
50Eastern Road
51Eaton Street
52Eleanor Crescent
53Elizabeth Street
54Emery Street
55Erica Place
56Evans Road
57Fava Place
58Fedotow Place
59Francis Road
60Fred Allen Place
61Fur Place
62Gardner Street
63Gosha Close
64Great Western Highway
65Guy Place
66Hamrun Circuit
67Hartington Street
68Helen Place
69Heseltine Place
70Hilsden Street
71Jay Place
72Jenna Close
73Jenny Place
74John Street
75Kalunga Lane
76Kellogg Road
77Kimberley Street
78Kit Place
79Kovacs Street
80Kyra Place
81Labrador Street
82Le Merton Place
83Learmonth Street
84Leighton Street
85Leopold Street
86Lister Place
87Loloma Place
88Luella Place
89Luke Place
90Malta Place
91Manda Place
92Maranatha Street
93Mary Street
94Mavis Street
95Mcdonald Place
96Mcfall Place
97Mcvey Place
98Melville Road
99Moody Street
100Napier Street
101Nicolaidis Crescent
102Nigel Place
103North Parade
104Opal Place
105Orcam Lane
106Orion Street
107Peke Place
108Perkins Street
109Phillip Parkway
110Pimelea Place
111Pippen Place
112Polaris Place
113Premier Lane
114Pryce Place
115Radalj Close
116Railway Street
117Railway View Parade
118Regan Place
119Rex Place
120Rooty Hill Road
121Rositano Place
122Rupertswood Road
123Sharon Place
124Shaw Place
125Sherbrooke Street
126Short Street
127Sol Place
128Spencer Street
129St Agnes Avenue
130Star Lane
131Station Street
132Tallinn Grove
133Thea Place
134Tiffany Place
135Tillford Grove
136Tracy Street
137Trees Way
138Victoria Road
139Waratah Street
140Warrell Court
141Watt Street
142Wattle Place
143Westcombe Place
144Westminster Street
145Weston Lane
146White Place
147Willeroo Avenue
148Willis Street
149Wodrow Place
150Wolseley Street
151Woodstock Avenue