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List of Street Maps in Rosemeadow, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Agrippa Street
2Alexis Place
3Alonso Close
4Anthony Drive
5Antonio Close
6Appin Road
7Archibald Crescent
8Ariel Place
9Balthasar Close
10Banquo Place
11Bardolph Avenue
12Berkley Way
13Bernardo Street
14Bianca Place
15Blunt Place
16Brutus Way
17Caliban Place
18Calpurnia Way
19Canidius Street
20Capulet Place
21Cassius Way
22Cawdor Place
23Ceres Place
24Charmian Place
25Cicero Way
26Claudius Place
27Cleopatra Drive
28Colevile Place
29Copperfield Drive
30Cordelia Street
31Demetrius Road
32Desdemona Street
33Donalbain Circuit
34Dorcas Place
35Edmund Place
36Emilia Close
37Englorie Park Drive
38Eros Place
39Exton Way
40Fabian Place
41Falstaff Place
42Ferdinand Place
43Fitzgibbon Lane
44Fitzwater Way
45Fortinbras Close
46Francisco Crescent
47Gadshill Place
48Gallus Place
49Glendower Street
50Greco Place
51Gregory Street
52Hamlet Crescent
53Horatio Street
54Hotspur Close
55Iago Place
56Iras Place
57Jessica Place
58Juliet Close
59Julius Road
60Langley Way
61Lear Place
62Leontes Close
63Lorenzo Crescent
64Lucius Place
65Lysander Avenue
66Macduff Way
67Malcolm Way
68Malvolio Street
69Marcellus Place
70Mcbeth Way
71Menus Place
72Miranda Place
73Montague Place
74Mowbray Way
75Octavia Avenue
76Olivia Close
77Ophelia Street
78Orsino Place
79Oswald Crescent
80Othello Avenue
81Philo Close
82Pindarus Way
83Polonius Street
84Portia Close
85Prospero Close
86Pyramus Circuit
87Regan Street
88Reynaldo Place
89Roderigo Close
90Romeo Crescent
91Sampson Place
92Scarus Place
93Sebastian Avenue
94Seyton Place
95Siward Place
96Stephano Place
97Thane Close
98Theseus Circuit
99Thisbe Place
100Thomas Rose Drive
101Titania Place
102Valentine Place
103Vernon Close
104Viola Place
105Westminster Way
106Willoughby Way