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List of Street Maps in Roseville, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Abingdon Road
2Acacia Lane
3Addison Avenue
4Alexander Parade
5Alison Street
6Alston Way
7Amarna Parade
8Archbold Road
9Archer Street
10Arrunga Avenue
11Ashley Street
12Babbage Road
13Bancroft Avenue
14Bancroft Lane
15Barambah Lane
16Barambah Road
17Barcoo Street
18Belgium Avenue
19Betty Street
20Blue Gum Avenue
21Bluegum Place
22Boundary Street
23Braemar Place
24Bromborough Road
25Carnarvon Road
26Clanville Road
27Clermiston Avenue
28Clive Street
29Corona Avenue
30Cranbrook Avenue
31Darling Street
32Dudley Avenue
33Dulwich Road
34Duntroon Avenue
35Earl Street
36Eastern Valley Way
37Echo Street
38Ferncourt Avenue
39Findlay Avenue
40Gerald Avenue
41Glen Road
42Glencroft Road
43Golfers Lane
44Gregory Street
45Haig Street
46Hill Street
47Hillside Street
48Kelburn Road
49Kimo Street
50King Edward Street
51Kings Avenue
52Larkin Lane
53Larkin Street
54Links Avenue
55Longford Street
56Lord Street
57Lowana Avenue
58Luxor Parade
59Maclaurin Parade
60Macquarie Street
61Malvern Avenue
62Margaret Street
63Marjorie Street
64Martin Lane
65Mcleod Avenue
66Melnotte Avenue
67Merlin Street
68Moore Street
69Niblick Avenue
70Nola Lane
71Nola Road
72Oliver Lane
73Oliver Road
74Ontario Avenue
75Oroya Parade
76Pacific Highway
77Paradise Avenue
78Park Avenue
79Penshurst Street
80Pockley Avenue
81Preston Place
82Rawhiti Street
83Recreation Avenue
84Roseville Avenue
85Roseville Lane
86Roslyn Avenue
87Scott Crescent
88Shirley Road
89Sixth Mile Lane
90Skinner Parade
91Spearman Street
92The Grove
93Thomas Avenue
94Toongarah Road
95Trafalgar Avenue
96Valley View Close
97Victoria Street
98Wandella Avenue
99West Parade
100William Street
101Wyvern Avenue