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List of Street Maps in South Penrith, New South Wales

#Street Name
1Alkoomie Avenue
2Ascot Place
3Aspen Street
4Aston Avenue
5Aston Lane
6Ballah Court
7Ballah Lane
8Banderra Road
9Banool Avenue
10Banool Lane
11Barnett Lane
12Barnett Street
13Baronesa Lane
14Baronesa Road
15Baxter Street
16Bayley Road
17Becket Court
18Berridale Avenue
19Berridale Lane
20Bickley Road
21Bilwara Crescent
22Birmingham Road
23Blackford Crescent
24Blue Gum Avenue
25Bowes Avenue
26Braemar Drive
27Brockamin Drive
28Bronsgrove Close
29Burgess Road
30Butler Crescent
31Butler Lane
32Cara Court
33Carinda Drive
34Carinda Lane
35Charkers Street
36Chesterfield Road
37Chipping Place
38Christie Street
39Christine Street
40Claremont Place
41Coallee Place
42Coolibah Lane
43Coolibah Place
44Copain Place
45Corbin Avenue
46Crowle Road
47Dallas Avenue
48Damien Avenue
49Darri Avenue
50Deeside Close
51Deeside Lane
52Denintend Place
53Diana Place
54Duraba Place
55Dwyer Place
56Easterbrook Place
57Evan Street
58Exley Place
59Ferox Court
60Fisher Avenue
61Flavel Street
62Fletcher Street
63Flora Avenue
64Fragar Road
65Friedmann Place
66Gadara Drive
67Gamenya Avenue
68Gandell Crescent
69Gandell Lane
70Gemini Close
71Gilda Avenue
72Girra Avenue
73Gladswood Avenue
74Glenmore Lane
75Glenmore Place
76Gloria Place
77Grandview Street
78Grassmere Avenue
79Greenhills Avenue
80Greenway Drive
81Hanbury Close
82Hilliger Road
83Hillview Avenue
84Hingerty Place
85Hobby Close
86Hobby Lane
87Hoyle Place
88Inverness Road
89Irene Street
90Jamison Road
91Jason Avenue
92Jason Lane
93Joanna Street
94Keith Street
95Kennedy Drive
96Kilkenny Road
97Kinmont Road
98Kiparra Crescent
99Knighton Place
100Korimul Crescent
101Korimul Lane
102Lindridge Street
103Lindsay Crescent
104Longdon Close
105Longdon Lane
106Loombah Avenue
107Lorne Avenue
108Lowanna Drive
110Malabine Lane
111Malabine Place
112Maldon Street
113Mamble Place
114Maxwell Street
115Mazepa Avenue
116Miller Street
117Miranda Street
118Mitchell Street
119Moolana Parade
120Mosely Avenue
121Nardu Lane
122Nardu Place
123Narooma Avenue
124Nash Street
125Nerang Circuit
126Northend Avenue
127Nova Place
128Obadiah Place
129Oberon Crescent
130Opal Close
131Pankle Street
132Parkview Avenue
133Parsons Avenue
134Payne Street
135Pebworth Place
136Penrose Crescent
137Perritt Place
138Pindari Drive
139Powys Close
140Price Street
141Racecourse Place
142Racecourse Road
143Ridge Street
144Robyn Avenue
145Samuel Foster Drive
146Sandra Place
147Shandlin Place
148Sheba Crescent
149Shelsley Place
150Single Lane
151Single Road
152Slavin Street
153Smith Street
154Southstone Close
155Stevenson Street
156Stockwood Street
157Stoke Crescent
158Sunset Avenue
159Taloma Lane
160Taloma Street
161Tamina Place
162Tania Avenue
163The Northern Road
164Timaru Grove
165Timgalen Avenue
166Tingha Avenue
167Tree Tops Avenue
168Trent Street
169Triton Place
170Tukara Road
171Tuscany Grove
172Upton Street
173Uren Street
174Victory Street
175Walcha Lane
176Walcha Place
177Wardell Drive
178Western Motorway
179Westmont Drive
180Womberra Place
181York Road