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List of Street Maps in Somerville, Victoria

#Street Name
1Alfred Street
2Almondbush Street
3Angelina Way
4Anne Close
5Applewood Ridge
6Arduina Street
7Arleon Court
8Austin Road
9Banbury Court
10Barakee Drive
11Bayvista Ridge
12Bembridge Road
13Benjamin Court
14Bernard Court
15Black Wattle Place
16Blackscamp Road
17Blackwood Ridge
18Bluebell Gld
19Briar Close
20Bruce Drive
21Brunning Court
22Brushwood Close
23Buckingham Close
24Bungower Road
25Bushbury Court
26Bushy Court
27Callum Avenue
28Cameron Court
29Carla Court
30Carnaby Court
31Carrup Place
32Cassandra Close
33Cherry Close
34Chesterfield Road
35Cindy Court
36Clairmont Close
37Clarendon Drive
38Clarinda Street
39Clarke Close
40Colchester Court
41Compass Court
42Conway Court
43Coolart Road
44Crofters Hill Way
45Dandenong-hastings Road
46David Close
47Deanswood Drive
48Deborah Court
49Diane Court
50Domino Court
51Dora Court
52Drovers Lane
53Dudley Court
54Durham Court
55Edward Street
56Elaine Court
57Eliza Place
58Eramosa Road
59Essex Court
60Fay Court
61Fiona Court
62Forest Drive
63Foxwood Place
64Frankston-flinders Road
65Gardenia Court
66George Street
67Glenbervie Drive
68Gomms Road
69Graf Road
70Grant Road
71Guelph Street
72Harrow Avenue
73Hayley Avenue
74Heatherlee Close
75Henry Street
76Heyington Court
77Industrial Drive
78Inverness Court
79Janine Court
80John Court
81Jones Road
82Jordan Street
83Kelly Court
84Kemp Crescent
85Kent Place
86Kevin Court
87Kimtara Court
88Kinlora Drive
89Knightsbridge Court
90Koala Court
91Kumala Drive
92Lady Beverley Circuit
93Lancaster Court
94Lawrence Street
95Leicester Court
96Leonard Drive
97Leonina Court
98Lower Somerville Road
99Lumeah Road
100Lyn Court
101Madeleine Court
102Majestic Drive
103Manna Gum Place
104Manuka Street
105Margaret Close
106Mary Court
107Maya Court
108Meadow View Road
109Medlow Lane
110Melrose Terrace
111Michael Way
112Mimi Court
113Miriam Court
114Montrose Avenue
115New Street
116Ninalee Way
117Norfolk Close
118North Road
119Nottingham Avenue
120O'neills Road
121Oak Court
122Oakbank Place
123One Chain Road
124Orchard Court
125Owen Court
126Palagia Court
127Pamela Court
128Park Lane
129Pembroke Drive
130Penton Court
131Peppermint Place
132Petalnina Close
133Peter Kent Drive
134Pikes Road
135Pottery Road
136Radnor Ridge
137Raglin Close
138Raymond Street
139Rex Court
140Ridge View Court
141Robert Street
142Rochester Road
143Ronald Court
144Rose Court
145Roslyn Street
146Ruby Joy Drive
147Sandown Court
148Sandra Court
149Scott Grove
150Seaton Court
151Sherbrooke Mews
152Simcock Street
153Sinclair Street
154Smokey Court
155Snow Gum Place
156Soderlund Place
157Solwood Court
158Somerville Crescent
159South Boundary Road
160Speedwell Street
161Stanley Street
162Station Street
163Stefan Court
164Stephens Place
165Stratford Close
166Stronsay Lane
167Sullivan Drive
168Surrey Court
169Sussex Court
170Swamp Gum Place
171Sweet Wattle Place
172Sydney Street
173Tador Drive
174Tanya Court
175Tea Tree Place
176The Close
177The Green
178The Heights
179The Knoll
180The Mews
181The Outlook
182The Ridge
183The Rise
184The Terrace
185Todd Grove
186Treehaven Place
187Two Bays Drive
188Tyabb-tooradin Road
189Unthank Court
190Vanessa Court
191Vista Court
192Watford Court
193Wattle Gully Close
194Wattle Place
195Webbs Lane
196Western Port Highway
197Westminster Court
198Whitneys Road
199Willowdene Close
200Wiltshire Drive
201Woodlands Drive
202Woodmason Avenue
203Woodside Close
204Wyldwood Close
205Yaringa Road
206Yemaya Court
207Zsi Zsi Court