List of States in Australia

List of Street Maps in Balga, Western Australia

#Street Name
1Albourne Place
2Albourne Way
3Aldwick Place
4Ambleside Close
5Arnold Place
6Ashcroft Way
7Ashness Close
8Attra Place
9Balga Avenue
10Balney Place
11Balney Street
12Bard Place
13Barlow Way
14Barrows Way
15Beach Road
16Bepton Way
17Bersted Street
18Birchley Crescent
19Birchley Square
20Blackham Way
21Brede Place
22Burdham Way
23Burford Street
24Byworth Place
25Camberwell Road
26Cartmell Way
27Cartwright Road
28Chailey Place
29Chilgrove Way
30Chisholm Way
31Climping Street
32Compton Street
33Coniston Way
34Coolham Way
35Cott Lane
36Culloton Crescent
37Curlington Crescent
38Dallington Crescent
39Danehill Place
40Danehill Way
41Denby Street
42Derrington Crescent
43Dewar Place
44Digby Court
45Dounley Street
46Duggan Court
47Durford Street
48Earls Place
49Earnley Way
50Elstead Way
51Elward Place
52Elward Way
53Emsworth Way
54Etchingham Road
55Favell Way
56Felpham Street
57Fenwick Street
58Fernhurst Crescent
59Fieldgate Square
60Finchley Crescent
61Fitzroy Place
62Fletching Street
63Framfield Way
64Frant Way
65Ganfield Way
66Garnett Place
67Garrick Way
68Grinstead Way
69Hames Court
70Hartley Way
71Hawkshead Way
72Heathcroft Road
73Hemsey Street
74Hepburn Way
75Hewett Way
76Heyshott Road
77Honister Close
78Hornsey Way
79Kane Place
80Keeble Way
81Keemore Drive
82Keemore Way
83Kentmere Place
84Kenwick Way
85Kilmurray Way
86Kingsfold Street
87Kinley Place
88Kirkstone Place
89Lancing Way
90Lavant Way
91Ledbury Street
92Lindway Street
93Linthorne Way
94Logue Court
95Louden Street
96Loughton Way
97Loxwood Road
98Maitland Road
99Markham Way
100Mentone Road
101Mercer Way
102Mildmay Street
103Millgate Road
104Mirrabooka Avenue
105Modena Place
106Muswell Street
107Newbury Street
108Newick Street
109Newport Way
110Olney Court
111Peddie Place
112Pedler Place
113Penrith Place
114Playden Way
115Preston Way
116Princess Road
117Princess Way
118Redcliffe Avenue
119Reid Highway
120Rochester Circuit
121Rogate Street
122Selhurst Way
123Selsey Way
124Selsfield Place
125Skelwith Close
126Skiddaw Place
127Sneddon Place
128St Kilda Road
129Stedham Way
130Tangmere Way
131Tarner Court
132Thorney Way
133Ticehurst Way
134Tolson Street
135Tratton Street
136Treen Street
137Ullswater Place
138Wadhurst Street
139Walderton Avenue
140Wallington Road
141Wanneroo Road
142Wardlow Way
143Wasdale Court
144Whitehaven Crescent
145Wick Lane
146Wilmington Crescent
147Wisborough Crescent
148Wittering Crescent
149Wythburn Avenue