List of States in Australia

List of Street Maps in Kardinya, Western Australia

#Street Name
1Ainslie Court
2Aleppo Drive
3Alsop Place
4Andrews Way
5Anglesey Drive
6Atwell Court
7Barblett Way
8Barclay Road
9Battye Road
10Bayliss Road
11Bellairs Road
12Berkshire Place
13Bersica Court
14Blythe Row
15Borell Place
16Bowman Court
17Brophy Street
18Buckingham Crescent
19Bunning Place
20Burney Court
21Callaway Crescent
22Cameron Way
23Canary Place
24Capper Place
25Christensen Street
26Clews Street
27Clifton Court
28Colebatch Hill
29Copperwaite Road
30Crossland Way
31Currie Place
32Cusack Way
33Dalston Crescent
34Davies Crescent
35Day Street
36Diamond Place
37Dixon Place
38Dixon Street
39Dorward Court
40Duggan Court
41Ellis Road
42Exley Close
43Farrington Street
44Fielder Court
45Forest Walkway
46Foxcroft Court
47Gairdner Drive
48Garden Mews
49Garland Court
50Garling Street
51Gilbertson Road
52Gillett Drive
53Green Court
54Hadley Garden
55Hall Place
56Hamersley Way
57Hanrahan Loop
58Harvey Crescent
59Hawker Close
60Hoad Court
61Hodgson Place
62Hotchin Way
63Hutchings Way
64Jaggs Way
65James Road
66Jarman Close
67Jull Court
68Kardinya Road
69Kidson Street
70Kingston Place
71Kirk Road
72Le Souef Drive
73Limb Way
74Loris Way
75Mannion Way
76Maritime Avenue
77Mayne Close
78Mcbeth Way
79Mckleery Street
80Mcmahon Way
81Meadow Close
82Moir Road
83Monterey Court
84Moore Garden
85Morrow Mews
86Moseley Hill
87Mounsey Street
88Munns Place
89Nicol Close
90North Lake Road
91Ochiltree Way
92Oliver Court
93Park Cove
94Park Lane
95Parkinson Lane
96Passey Place
97Petterson Avenue
98Philmore Crescent
99Piercy Court
100Piercy Way
101Pine Grove
102Pinewood Avenue
103Pinnock Close
104Prescott Drive
105Prider Court
106Purcell Grove
107Ralston Road
108Ranford Loop
109Reid Street
110Riley Road
111Robertson Road
112Ross Road
113Rushton Court
114Sanders Loop
115Saw Road
116Sexton Court
117Shann Grove
118Slater Court
119Somerset Ridge
120Somerville Boulevard
121South Street
122Stagg Court
123Stamos Court
124Stampel Garden
125Stanbury Place
126Steffanoni Place
127Stevens Place
128Stewart Way
129Stileman Heights
130Stone Court
131Sullivan Way
132Sweeny Street
133Tamworth Way
134Tangney Court
135Tanner Place
136Tate Place
137The Mews
138Thomas Way
139Thrum Way
140Tintal Place
141Townshend Way
142Townsing Road
143Tyers Way
144Underwood Grove
145Walker Court
146Waring Way
147Weatherburn Way
148Weaver Court
149Weston Way
150Whelan Road
151Williamson Road
152Wilsmore Grove
153Windelya Road
154Winterfold Road
155Wood Court
156Woolnough Heights