List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Canmore, Alberta
#Street Name
11 Avenue
21 Highway
31 Street
410 Avenue
510 Street
6100 Grassi Place
7100 Larch Place
81000 Larch Place
9101 Street
1011 Avenue
1111 Street
121100 Larch Place
1312 Avenue
1412 Street
1513 Street
1614 Street
1715 Street
1816 Street
1917 Street
202 Avenue
212 Street
22200 Grassi Place
23200 Larch Place
243 Avenue
253 Street
26300 Larch Place
274 Avenue
284 Street
29400 Larch Place
305 Avenue
315 Street
32500 Larch Place
336 Avenue
346 Street
35600 Larch Place
367 Avenue
377 Street
38700 Larch Place
39742 Highway
408 Avenue
418 Street
42800 Larch Place
439 Avenue
449 Street
45900 Larch Place
46Alpine Meadows
47Armstrong Place
48Ashley Close
49Aspen Glen
50Benchlands Terrace
51Benchlands Trail
52Birchwood Place
53Blackrock Crescent
54Blue Grouse Ridge
55Boulder Crescent
56Bow Meadows Crescent
57Bow Valley Trail
58Bridge Road
59Caffaro Court
60Cairns Landing
61Canyon Close
62Canyon Place
63Canyon Road
65Casale Place
66Charles Carey
67China Close
68Cougar Court
69Cougar Creek Drive
70Cougar Point Road
71Coyote Way
72Crossbow Place
73Deer Place
74Dyrgas Gate
75Eagle Avenue
76Eagle Heights
77Eagle Landing
78Eagle Point
79Eagle Terrace Road
80Elk Run Boulevard
81Elk Street
82Evergreen Circle
83Fairholm Drive
84Fairholme Drive
85Fitzgerald Rise
86Fox Street
87George Biggy Sr Road
88Glacier Drive
89Grassi Place
90Grizzly Crescent
91Grotto Close
92Grotto Place
93Grotto Road
94Grotto Terrace
95Grotto Way
96Harvie Heights Road
97Hoodoo Crescent
98Hospital Place
99Hubman Landing
100Industrial Place
101Juniper Ridge
102Kamenka Green
103Kananaskis Way
104Kodiak Road
105Krizan Bay
106Lady Macdonald Crescent
107Lady Macdonald Drive
108Larch Avenue
109Larch Close
110Larch Crescent
111Larch Place
112Lawrence Grassi Ridge
113Lincoln Park
114Little Ravine Road
115Lynx Street
116Macdonald Place
117Mallard Alley
118Mcneill Drive
119Miskow Close
120Montane Road
121Moraine Road
123Mountain Avenue
124Mountain Street
125Mt. Peechee Place
126Mt. Rundle Place
127Muskrat Street
128Old Canmore Road
129Olympic Drive
131Palliser Trail
132Patrician Street
133Peaks Drive
134Pigeon Mountain Access
135Pinewood Crescent
136Pioneer Road
137Policeman's Creek Drive
138Prendergast Place
139Prospect Close
140Prospect Court
141Prospect Heights
142Prospect Rise
143Railway Avenue
144Ray Mcbride Street
145Ridge Road
146Riva Heights
147River Road
148Riverstone Road
149Riverview Place
150Rummel Place
151Rundle Crescent
152Rundle Drive
153Rundle Plant Lane
154Rundle Point
155Rundleview Drive
156Sandstone Terrace
157Settler Way
158Shellian Lane
159Sidney Street
160Silvertip Close
161Silvertip Heights
162Silvertip Point
163Silvertip Ridge
164Silvertip Road
165Silvertip Trail
166Spray Lakes Road
167Spray Lakes Road
168Spring Creek Crescent
169Spring Creek Drive
170Squirrel Crescent
171St. Barbara's Terrace
172Stewart Creek Drive
173Stewart Creek Landing
174Stonecreek Place
175Stonecreek Road
176Terrace Place
177Three Sisters Boulevard
178Three Sisters Drive
179Three Sisters Parkway
180Three Sisters Parkway
181Transcanada Highway
182Transcanada Highway
183Trapper Rise
184Van Horne
185Walker Road
186Wapiti Close
187William Street
188Willow Point
189Wilson Way
190Woodside Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)