List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Devon, Alberta
#Street Name
160 Highway
2Athabasca Acres
3Athabasca Avenue
4Athabasca Drive
5Banff Court East
6Banff Court South
7Banff Court West
8Beaver Crescent
9Berland Crescent
10Birchwood Drive
11Blackstone Crescent
12Bow Crescent
13Brazeau Drive
14Chungo Crescent
15Chungo Drive
16Clearwater Crescent
17Columbia Avenue East
18Columbia Avenue West
19Derrick Drive
20Devonian Crescent
21Elbow Drive
22Erie Street
23Erie Street South
24Exploration Drive
25Fairfax Close
26Fairfax Drive
27Gold Eye Drive
28Haven Avenue
29Haven Crescent
30Highwood Bay
31Highwood Boulevard
32Highwood Close
33Highwood Crescent
34Highwood Drive
35Highwood Green
36Huron Avenue
37Huron Street
38Huron Street South
39Imperial Court
40Imperial Crescent
41Jasper Court East
42Jasper Court South
43Jasper Court West
44Kananaskis Bay
45Kananaskis Close
46Kananaskis Court
47Kananaskis Drive
48Kananaskis Green
49Kananaskis Place
50Kananaskis Way
51Kawartha Street
52Kootenay Avenue
53Maligne Drive
54Michigan Key
55Michigan Street
56Miquelon Avenue
57Moraine Street
58Muskoka Street
59North Ram Crescent
60Oakland Boulevard
61Oakland Close
62Oakland Court
63Oakland Crescent
64Oakland Drive
65Oakland Place
66Oil Patch Drive
67Ontario Crescent
68Ontario Street
69Peace River Drive
70Pembina Street
71Pidgeon Street
72Pipestone Crescent
73Pipestone Drive
74Primrose Street
75Range Road 262
76Range Road 263a
77Range Road 264
78Ravine Close
79Ravine Court
80Ravine Drive
81Rideau Street
82River Drive
83River Valley Road
84Saskatchewan Avenue East
85Saskatchewan Avenue West
86Simonette Crescent
87South Ram Crescent
88St. Clair Street
89St. Lawrence Avenue
90Superior Street
91Sylvan Street
92Thompson Crescent
93Tool Push Avenue
94Township Road 505
95Township Road 510
96Wapiti Drive
97Well Head Street
98Wild Hay Drive
99Wilson Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)